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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kubuabola borrowed nearly $194,000 from Fiji's collapsed National Bank

Bainimarama’s Foreign Minister Inoke Kubuabola on NBF’s Debtors List: He borrowed $193,951 from the collapsed public bank. Who will guarantee IMF loan of $1billion – Kubuabola?
Part Four of a Special Report by VICTOR LAL

He is the public face abroad of the present post-2006 coup illegal Fiji government. 

He is presumably part of the negotiating team which is begging for one billion dollars in loan from the International Monetary Fund, with a promise to repay that loan in the foreseeable future. 

And yet, 15 years ago, in 1996, he was listed as one of the many coupists who had defaulted on their loans causing the National Bank of Fiji to spectacularly collapse, leaving its members in the red to the tune of over $200million. His name is Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, a serial coupist and a former side-kick of Sitiveni Rabuka, the father of the coup culture in Fiji.
As I disclosed in another previous instalment on ‘Who was who in the 1987 coups’, it was Kubuabola, a cousin of the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, who first termed the extreme Fijian violent nationalist organization as the Taukei Movement, and he was the direct link with Rabuka.
While contradicting Rabuka’s assertion that ‘there was no complicity beyond the essential military personnel who were involved in the pre-coup organisation’, Kubuabola told Islands Business (May 1988), that for more than six hours on April 19 he and Rabuka, later joined by Jone Veisamasama, ‘talked about different options’.

It was one April 19th that the groundwork for the coup was laid and according to Kubuabola, May 11 was the day his co-conspirators decided to proceed with its execution. He also claims that when it was learnt that Parliament would not sit on Friday they had to bring forward the coup to Thursday.'

According to Kubuabola: ‘By four [p.m.19 April] we spent some time in prayer and option and we asked Rabuka to prepare his side of things, you know, the military option. And all the things we were doing were the lead up. We asked Rabuka to prepare that side and when the time, when we reach a stage when he must step in, he must be ready to step in. We changed it [the coup] to Thursday on Wednesday night in my office at the Bible Society with Rabuka.’
Since the 1987 coups, Kubuabola has been a part of future coup regimes; he was appointed Minster for Information and Communications in the interim regime that Bainimarama, as army commander, had asked Qarase to form. The military strongman had refused to re-install Mahendra Chaudhry as Prime Minister after the George Speight coup. 

In an affidavit presented to the Fiji Court of Appeal in 2001, Bainimarama, as a witness in support of the Interim Qarase government, had claimed that he had abrogated the 1997 Constitution because he was satisfied that people engaged in the events of May 19 [Speight coup] were of the perception that the Constitution had watered down the interests of taukei Fijians. 

Whether or not those perceptions accorded with reality was not his principal consideration, he told the Appeals Court. He said the Constitution had rendered ineffective, previous provisions requiring positive discrimination in favour of native Fijians. The deposed Chaudhry government was seen as a threat to those policies.
In 2000, when I questioned certain aspects of the affirmative action programmes in one of my regular opinion piece, and called for the re-instatement of Chaudhry as Prime Minister (unaware that he himself was hiding $2million in a secret bank account in Australia that he had got from India for the poor Indo-Fijians), it was none other than Kubuabola, as Minister for Information and Communications, who took out a full page advertisement against me in the then State owned newspaper, the Daily Post. 

In it, he condemned me, and accused me of being a racist and against the economic progress of the poor taukei Fijians. “Victor Lal’s articles all have a simple, indeed, simplistic stance: restore Chaudhry and impose democracy as defined by Lal and his friends, he said. Kubuabola religiously defended the affirmative action policy for ‘poor Fijians’.
Responding, I wrote as follows: ‘It is sickening to see and hear the Minister for Information (Misinformation), Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, projecting himself as the saviour of all the races in Fiji when, in fact, it was he who, along with Rabuka and the late Rev Tomasi Raikivi, had planned the 1987 coups in the Fiji Bible Society building in Suva. He went on to lead the violent Taukei Movement, one of the darkest days in Fiji’s 20th century history as regards the rule of law and human rights (until Speight and his group out did them recently). 

When Kubuabola became the Leader of the Opposition for the STV, a party which was totally rejected at the polls by the ethnic Fijian people, he immediately began the process of destabilising the Chaudhry government, instead of preaching peace and reconciliation in Fiji. As Minister for Information, he should inform us through the news media of his role in the 1987 coups, and fearlessly face the brunt of the law for his treasonable actions, and then only the world and the peoples of Fiji can trust him.’
During the height of the parliamentary siege of May 2000, Jone Dakuvula, then with the CCF, had written about Kubuabola’s role leading up to Speight’s seizure of Parliament in a commentary titled ‘What should happen if Speight Gives Up: ‘I write here with some inside knowledge because I was once one of Ratu Inoke Kubuabola’s close advisers on the Opposition sides between June and September 1999. I was aware then that a shadowy Committee was formed in June last year to initiate a campaign of destabilization aimed at toppling the Government in the shortest time possible. Thereafter, we kept hearing rumours of postponement of dates. It all began when Ratu Inoke said to the SVT Management Board Meeting on May 27th 1999 (in which I was present) that they must be prepared to fight and to shed blood if need be to return political power to the indigenous Fijians.’
Dakuvula continued: ‘In June 1999, Apisai Tora joined this committee and later, some members of the rebel F.A.P. faction. I learnt in June last year that there was an understanding with the late Sakiusa Butadroka, that the members of the Fijian Nationalist Party would do the dirty work while the S.V.T. supports from behind and fronts the public campaigns in Parliament and outside. 

Most of the members of the destabilization committee I think were not members of Parliament but their activities last year were undertaken with the knowledge of Ratu Inoke Kubuabola. At the time, I was in the Opposition Office; he was receiving regular reports of these campaign activities. I do not know whether Ratu Inoke and his S.V.T. colleagues know of George Speight’s illegal Cabinet and their other actions in which they have shown their public support of the coup. That is why I believe MPs who supported the coup should leave Parliament.’

In October 2000, the Fiji Labour Party carried on its website excerpts from Dakuvula’s article in the Daily Post. The FLP noted: ‘The SVT was behind the destabilisation campaign to overthrow the People's Coalition Government, and the terrorist activity on and after 19 May. This is revealed in an article written by SVT member Jone Dakuvula in today's Daily Post. Dakuvula writes: “Speight’s coup is indeed a stepchild of the SVT.

I maintain the ideas gestated from the time when Ratu Inoke [Kubuabola] took over the leadership and began meeting Apisai Tora, Reverend Lasaro’s affected group in the VLV and the FAP members. There was a discussion group and network when I was still in the SVT Office. I heard accounts of what were being discussed. Ratu Inoke himself admitted to me that he was ‘frightened’ by the ideas that were being proposed then from the Nationalist Party supporters”.’
The FLP stated that ‘Dakuvula argues that the destabilisation was aimed at a violent overthrow of the elected government. On the 19th of May, Ratu Inoke went up into the Government Members office in the Parliament Complex and told the Labour Party Leader, Mrs Jokapeci Koroi, to clear out as they were taking over the Government. [SVT Senator Berenado Vuinibobo and Rotuma Island Council nominated Senator, Col. Paul Manueli were also with Inoke Kubuabola.]

Dakuvula also wrote that on 19 May, Ratu Inoke told Speight and his supporters that they "should consider themselves under his 'protection'.’
After the 2006 Bainimarama coup, Dakuvula resigned from the CCF as its director of programmes to join the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) in the preparation of the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.
Maybe those fighting for the restoration of democracy, free press, election, good governance and accountability in Fiji should point out to the International Monetary Fund that Bainimarama’s Foreign Minister and former SVT leader iss on the National Bank of Fiji’s Debtors List; in 1996 he was cited as owing $193,951 to the bank. 
It was not very long ago that Bainimarama had told the nation: ‘We have had unscrupulous leaders and politicians who have never thought of the nation of Fiji but only of themselves and their political ambitions. There also have been widespread instances of abuse, mismanagement and corruption.’ 

The National Bank of Fiji loans scandal never features in his crusade against corruption, a scandal his former representative to the UN and post Rabuka coup Finance Minister, Berendao Vunibobo, had described as ‘water under the bridge’ But  as I noted in the first instalment on Nazhat Shameem’s uphill fight against the ‘Corruptodiles’, police investigations into the NBF scandal revealed fraud, corruption, and gross abuse of office, obtaining money by false pretences and obtaining credit by fraud. 
Now, Bainimarama wants $1billion from the IMF? 

The IMF should ask Bainimarama the following: ‘Who is going to give surety on behalf of the people of Fiji to pay back that loan: Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.’ The IMF should order Bainimarama to recoup the NBF loans from his own sitting Cabinet Ministers first, to demonstrate to the international bank that he is serious in fighting corruption against his own ranks. The IMF should also call for a criminal investigation into the NBF loan fiasco.
Like Teleni, and Ganilau before him, it is only right and proper to ask Kubuabola if he re-paid $193,951 that he  obtained from the collapsed National Bank of Fiji, loans that had been reportedly set aside for ‘poor Fijians’.

Editor’s Note: We will continue to reveal debtors names, which includes those of high chiefs, politicians, Indo-Fijians, business houses, including individual supporters of the present illegal junta in Fiji.


Qaranirvalu said...

People of Fiji
This man Kubuabola is no cousin of Ratu Penaia he is not even a Taukei. He is a grandson of a Somoan colonial labourer who came to work in the sugar cane plantation in Taveuni during the colonial era. Look at him he looks like the Somoan pm, his grandfather stole and then sold alot of land in Taveuni. This man Inoke is as evil as his grandfather. Inoke Kubuabola is named after his grandfather. His grandfather Inoke Senior is the love child of the Taukei Kei Qaranivalu's wife Sereima and the Somoan colonial labourer. Inoke (grandfather) was then raised in Somosomo in the Qaranivalu house hold. As for being called the "Ratu" l dont know where that came from.

Joe said...

What I want to know is that, can Victor Lal's claims be substantiated? Can those implicated in the NBF saga accept or deny Victor's claims? If this is true, can FICAC act on it, and how far back in time are they/will they be authorised to investigate in the course of their job description?

With due respect to Victor and Coup 4.5, may I say that we know you are biased and so am I, but these allegations, if authentic, has to be given high priority in the cleanup campaign. My take on this is that the NBF issue should be thoroughly investigated and those that abused the system, made to pay back with interest back dated to the time of the demise of the NBF.

Anonymous said...

Who cares the NBF has gone bust and the tax payers have suffered.

Now come up with something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Epeli, Kubuabola, Filipe, Vunibobo, then Vore, is not the list firmiliar? Many others are yet to be mentioned.
Yes, birds of feathers stick together.
The moral of this, is, everyone who joins this junta, is either a failure, or a bad debt, not to mention other crimes.
Wait till the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

what ever Victor stated , that's true and Fijian's deserve baini who bashed Fijian race

Anonymous said...

Banking Pratices - Morgtages.

Seeing we're talking money matters. Note our esteemed leaders are so anxious for funds they've just approached some nonentity Malaysian outfit for an odd 40 or so million carry over.

Might we humbly and respectfully suggest that as a mark of confidence and godwill in what your attempting - each one of you -Bainimarama - Nailatikau - Ganilau & Teleni individually offer your own Tikinas' Land as guarantee?

Anonymous said...

Those Indo-Fijians who are cheering Frank should ask him how can they have this Kubuabola chap in his regime - thousands upon thousands of Indo-Fijians had to flee Kubuabola's Taukei Movement terror - he and other taukei movement leaders had threatened to lovo Rabuka's opponents - of course the list is genuine - it just reveals the dark forces running Fiji after every coup

Coup 4.5 said...

Some comments were lost as they were being processed to be posted, including the one on Lord Haw Haw and slum dwelling. Apologies! Please resend or post a new one-C4 Editor.

Radiolucas said...

Until there is transparency in Fiji and freedom of speech, anything that FICAC does or undertakes (even if it is good) will be marred by the fact that noone in their right mind believes what they are told about the government and it's action because it is the government that is telling us.

Anonymous said...

Thicker than water.

Blood Kai of Ganilau - what did you honestly expect?(in the genes).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kubuabola is a mole and very soon the loyal taukei soliders at the camp will overthrow Bainimarama & Khaiyum.

Naboro and George Speight eagerly await Khaiyum with all his girly looks.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:05.

Difficulty in bringing someone like Khaiyum to justice lies in apprehending him before he bolts? (animal cunning).

Unknown said...

@ Qaranivalu

Can you provide more details of Inoke Kubuabola's pedigree.

I have looked up the genealogical listing of the Tui Cakau clan and the Kubuabola's are not even mentioned. So where does he get the 'Ratu' handle he is using?

More information on this issue would be appreciated.


Qaranivalu said...

@Timoci,ni vosota kemuni, au vola tiko e cake ni o serema e a vaka bukete taki koya na kai samoa,e sega ni o sereima na yacana o Ulamila e marama ni Laucala.ni vosoti au.na yaca ni tikotiko se yavu ena lomani koro e somosomo o Qaranivalu e ra tou sa mai taura tu vaka tawa dodonu na kubuabola,o Ratu Malumu Levu nai taukei kei Qarani valu e tolu na watina,nai katolu ni watina o ulamila e lasa vata kei na dua na kai samoa au sa vaka macala taka toka i cake,sucu na matai ni kubuabola e sa sucu sara tu ga e lomani vale i Qaranivalu,o inoke kubuabola nai matai ni kubuabola,na kubuabola e yaca e qai bulia ga o tinana,e kilai levu tu na ka oqo vei ira na kai somosomo dina,e mani qai mai roko i cakaudrove o inoke vaka tale ga kina e tolu na luvena,e sa qai nodra tou cakacaka me ra tou volita e levu na qele ka veivei sau taka e levu records enai vola ni kawa kei na qele.this people are evil to the core.eratou volai tu ena VKB ni AI SOKULA O inoke e volai tu vakarua vua na ratu esa lailai vua e dua,Ratu Ratu inoke kubuabola what a joke.evil evil people,people of fiji beware.

Unknown said...

Vinaka na vakamacala na wekaqu. Ni kalougata tiko.

Anonymous said...

@ Timoci.

Inoke Kubuabola's traditional (official) duty within Taveuni (iTaukei) society is 'Lovo Maker' for the Tui Cakau (RtN).

And as somebody else has correctly pointed out - the term Ratu is both unwarranted and undeserved as its merely a creation of his own delusional imagination.