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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Democracy movement urges IMF not to engage with illegal government

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement of Australia has written to the director of the IMF about its concern with recent claims by Fiji’s illegal Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, that his government is about to complete negotiations for the loan of about FJD$1 billion from the IMF.

The loan is intended to finance wholesale reforms within the Civil Service, Public Enterprises, Fiji National Provident Fund, Land and Agriculture.

In its letter, the president of the movement reminds the IMF that the government that claims to be negotiating with it was declared illegal by the Fiji Court of Appeal on the 9th of April, 2009.

Usaia Waqatairewa says Bainimarama and his cronies’ illegal power grab in a military coup in 2006 were based on unproven claims of wide scale corruption and mismanagement of the economy by the Lasenia Qarase led Coalition Government. The Coalition elected in May 2006 was in fact the first real opportunity to give the minority Indian Community a genuine opportunity in governing as required under Fiji’s Constitution.

The letter is as follows:

"More than three years on, the Bainimarama led Dictatorship are the ones that have totally mismanaged the economy and caused social havoc among Fiji’s suffering population. There has been wholesale sacking in the Public Service while military spending now makes up the largest expenditure n the Annual Budget. This year the Military’s budgeted allocation is again set to increase by 40%. Of this increase, 42% is allocated as salary for military personnel.4 This is in contrast to the salary cut imposed on the civil service straight after the 2006 coup and no wage increase since.

Figures don’t lie and the government itself has admitted that for the first time in Fiji’s modern history that Fiji’s poverty level is well on the way to exceed 50% of the population if it continues with current trend. 5 Ill thought out decisions such as the sacking of the entire judiciary and magistrates and the appointment of cronies while not following Judicial Service Commission procedures, decrees to control the media and a proposed decree to permanently block future judicial redress by previous overseas parties to the money loosing Natadole Integrated Tourism Project are examples that have contributed to the continued drop in investment level and investor confidence.

The number of overseas investments approved from 2006-08 dropped from 441, to 398 to 245.6 The value of the investments approved dropped from $1,015 millions to $495 millions to $405 millions. There is no data on actual investment implemented.7 At the same time, the Fiji economy continues on a steady decline. Following a huge drop of 6.6% in 2007 and the barely zero growth in 2008, GDP is again predicted for a huge decline of 2.5% in 2009.

In dollar terms, the people of Fiji have lost $800 million in national income because of the above failures with an equivalent loss of $200 million of tax revenue and potential expenditure to the Government.9 I am highlighting these major points and red flags to highlight that it would be irresponsible and absurd on your part to allow this illegal government the loan they are requesting. The state of Fiji’s economy since the illegal regime forced themselves into government speaks volume of the people managing it and we the people of Fiji have not given any of them our endorsement, in a general election, to manage our national economy nor negotiate this huge loan on our behalf.

I have no doubt at all that the IMF and the World Bank are well equipped to identify a bad deal when presented with one. While not trying to lecture, I would like to highlight that a basic loan assessment would take into consideration the level of expertise and background of those proposing the loan. I do not think that people of questionable background such as the illegal Finance Minister/Prime Minister (failed to matriculate and a high school dropout), an Attorney General with limited practical court time and a Finance Permanent Secretary with a shady background qualifies as a group of expertise who could be entrusted with $500 million US Dollars.

Therefore, we demand that the proposed widespread reform be put on hold and be left to an elected government because the whole reform process currently underway seriously lack our input as the silent majority.

As a citizen of Fiji and the head of a Movement that represents the Citizens of Fiji who want the restoration of democracy and freedom, I demand to know what kind of collateral is being proposed as security for this loan? We are very concerned because it will be the people of Fiji and their children and grand children who will end up paying in the years to come.

Finally, I wish to firstly, appeal that you please refrain from dealing with this tin pot dictatorship as it does not represent our people. Secondly, to refrain from accepting arguably the biggest national debt ever to be proposed in Fiji’s modern history because it is being proposed by an illegal government that does not represent those who will be paying back this loan if approved?
Please note that the silent uninformed majority of the people of Fiji have not been consulted nor are they aware of this proposed loan."

The letter is signed Usaia P. Waqatairewa ASA, BBus(CSturt), PGD(Macq)
National President - Australia


Joe said...

Ha ha ha!!!! Still harping on about race politics? Minority Indian Community??? Given a genuine chance to govern?? Were Bavadra and Chaudhary govts not genuine? Get your facts right Usaia. I am surprised you live in Aust with such mentality. How many followers do you have, excluding Mark Manning, the nurse from Sydney? Havent you heard that all Heads of respective provinces in Fiji are offering The Tabua to Frank as a mark of forgiveness and apology for opposing him blindly? Wake up son, and give up, for the good of Fiji and its people

Anonymous said...

For all Croz W’s bluster and pomposity, its amusing to note how poorly he is scoring by his own measures… the Page View counter shows around just 8100 page views a month on his site. Over on Coup Four and a Half they are doing 23,000 a month.
Democracy rules.

Unknown said...

I think there is a history of new democratic and legally constituted elected governments declining to honour debts incurred by previous 'regimes', maybe those noises should be made now.......

Anonymous said...

@ Joe,

please learn to differentiate. Provinces are the creation of provincial governments and Vanua are the creation of the Taukei.

How many Vanuas have presented tabuas?

By the where do not deflect from the main theme of this letter.

What is you view of the proposed $1 billion loan.

I personally think that given the academic and professional ability of the clowns in government it would be grossly irresponsible for IMF to grant this loan.

Concerned Citizen

Radiolucas said...

@ Joe

With respect, what is your point? That the FDFM does not have support?

More support than your main man with the gun I would say.

Mark Manning is a better Nurse than Frank would ever be (I am sure you know his nickname is the Nurse because of his pretty white uniform, the same one he threw away when he put on the green camo).

Which people are offering Tabua to Frank?

Perhaps the same people who have been getting money from Frank from the back door - which, because of the way the idiot is running the government, seems to be the only way to get basic works funding in Fiji - this is what Frank and his band of criminals are doing, reducing our people to the level of corrupt and greedy sell-outs - doing whatever they can to survive because he has destroyed the country and denied us our freedoms.

You and your ilk always talk about "moving forward" and the "good of the people" - catchcries of the scoundrels of this world - you mean no such good intentions, only greed.

The IMF loan is not "progress".

The IMF need to know that they are making a loan to an illegitimate government and Fiji as a nation should not be burdened with such a debt that will only be used to line the military's greedy pockets.

Anonymous said...

Blogger #1 Joe, grow up tamana,Vore is giving the tabua presenters with bags of lollies, chocolate, and garam beans.
These "supporter" buying,Tuwa, doesnt change the fact that the future generations will sell their balls to pay for the misdeeds of you supid champion.
Yadra jiko Tamana, kakua grog valevu malua sa miss the real issues. Mode Jo !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Emotions aside, this $b IMF loan needs both close scrutiny and wide discussion.

Expert views are needed to enlighten us and above all, give us some kind of clear idea about what we really are letting ourselves into.

But, we the lay people, the common majority also have our own responsibility, to ourselves and to our children and those coming after them to do our own research on the issue so we can be strengthened by our knowledge. Otherwise, our grumbling will be just empty pathetic whinning based simply on emotions. Knowledge (used prudently and responsibly) is power!!!

So,we need to do our homework, do our own research on the REAL impact of IMF/World Bank loans especially to so called 'Third World'/developing countries!!!

We should look to GREECE and to HISTORY for direction!

After the 'global' financial meltdowns of the last century, a lot of developing countries struggled to service their debts. Those fortunate and blessed with abundant natural resources were able to pull themselves out of their debt hole and recover but still with extremely high social cost. Those not so fortunate are still struggling...their populace still paying the price...mired in abject poverty with no light yet still in their endless tunnel!

Fiji was fortunate, its economy THEN was robust enough to withstand the shock of the meltdown. Taking out such an exponential loan NOW with a sick and ailing economy is SIMPLY SUICIDE! It is RECKLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE (but I stand to be corrected - experts?). If and that is a humogous IF the IMF and World Bank were operating under the tenets they were originally set up at Bretton Woods post WWII, there might be room for optimism. They ARE NOT!

KNOWING THAT, Do we, the current generation have any right to sell the future (hopes, dreams, life) of our children their children and their ...like this? DO WE?

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s $1billion loan from IMF depends on compliance on UN convention on human trafficking: U.S.

Fiji’s chances of getting a $1billion loan from the International Monetary Fund may depend on steps it takes over United Nations conventions on human trafficking.

United States deputy chief of mission Richard Pruett said Fiji was listed as a Tier 3 nation in the US report on human trafficking and as policy the US government could not support governments listed in that tier.

“Well Fiji has applied for a standby credit agreement with the IMF of no less than $1billion. The United States is the most prominent member of the IMF's board,” he said.

“So long as Fiji is at Tier 3, our law requires us not just to vote against the loan but to actively oppose it. $1billion is a lot of money. But trafficking in persons is an important issue.”

Mr Pruett made the comments at the start of the two-day Fiji Police Human Trafficking Action Program.

Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni acknowledged that much was needed to be done to effectively combat human trafficking in Fiji.

He said all parties involved in combating trafficking must interact with each other.

“Trafficking is a problem that we can only hope to solve by a multi-disciplinary and co-ordinated approach,” Commodore Teleni said.

“It will require a combination of extended research, legislative measures, improved policing and prosecution practices and judicial awareness”

According to Mr Pruett, Fiji and the US Embassy made substantial progress in combating human trafficking in the past two years.

He said Fiji President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, showed strong support to combat the issue.

“There has been much more public awareness on the issue,” said Mr Pruett.

Currently, the US funds two projects in Fiji but Mr Pruett believes that there is a need to do more.

“The problem is particularly urgent now as the global financial crisis drives people to greater desperation,” he added.

Mr Pruett said Fiji could remove itself from the Tier 3 status by strengthening effective law enforcement and collaboration on anti trafficking efforts.


Anonymous said...

Now is the Time.

Anybody vaguely interested in Viti's destiny be you Taukei Indian
or anybody else? Please lobby your local US embassy pointing out the folly of giving these thugs the one billion Fiji $ they requested from the IMF - so they can continue to oppress both democracy and the Fijian people.

Far as I'm concerned it's a pretty clear cut decision - ask yourself this? Who would personally give money to invest too - a thieving sailor - or a reputable merchant banker?

Anonymous said...

@ Joe.

Figure your eitheir a recipient of Bainimarama's thieving - or a total nut case?

You speak of 'heads of provinces'.

Don't recall Ro Teimumu - Ratu Naiqama or Ratu Joni giving Tabua's? You obviously don't understand Tabua's or there functions ?

Keep your friends close - your enemies closer & always get your facts straight. Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish are you talking about. Those chiefs and their Tabuas are just as fake as you and Baini. Those chiefs are merely doing it to get government assistance and they will do it to Choudary if he comes back to power.

Anonymous said...

At the very least Usaia is living by principles he believes in and doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

Joe you are dreamking, what objective your illegal regime have, to shut people from speaking, political parties cannot meet, theyhave guns, power, money but still scared, than scared of what....(C4 comment edited)

Joe said...

All of you can bark as much as you like. Nothing will stop this train.

Unknown said...

@Joe that's what the last coup plotters said ... and look what has happened.

NadroKid said...


All trains were made by man and all trains will end up on the scrap heap one day (even the bullet train).

Some Chiefs presented tabua to Rabuka and Speight and some Chiefs are presenting tabua to Frank. What does this tell us. Have to disagree with you and agree with Radiolucas and others here about motives and lack of principles.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointed to see you all so fixated on Jo who is but trying to DISTRACT us all from the real issue of what the long term CONSEQUENCES of this IMF $b loan.

Ignore him and let's talk about some real issues guys...Letting our emotions get the better of us will get us no where. You are just playing right into his hands by letting him rile you up like he had planned and done successfully so! DO NOT EMPOWER HIM WITH YOUR ATTENTION - IGNORE HIM and soon enough, he will get bored like a hyperactive spoiled little boy he is...

Let's have some constructive discussion hey?

Joe said...

Sit back and relax fellas, I will have the last laugh, I assure you that.
Ok, as the last poster said, lets talk about real issues here. May I start by saying that Usaia is a guest of the Australian tax payers.

Joe said...

Illegal govt my a**e. this govt is mandated by the then head of state Ratu Iloilo and thereafter decreed legal after the abrogation of the 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ Joe.
Obviously not familiar with the terms 'every dog has its day - trainwreck?'

Anonymous said...

Do something positive all you people and pray to the Living God that IMF will not make the wrong decision.
Please also pray for forgiveness for Joe.
..... Amen

Anonymous said...

that head of state lost his legitimacy the moment he purported to abrogate the constitution

lets talk about the loan Joe, you obviously have not spoken on it because it is way beyond your league I presume

Anonymous said...

@5.42pm... Yes, Jo is still goose-stepping the real issue here. He has failed to utter a single word on the proposed $b loan.

And Jo, no, the issue is not Usaia. The issue is FIJI'S ABILITY TO SERVICE SUCH A COLOSSAL LOAN AND THE CONSEQUENCES WHEN WE FAIL...and we will given the state of our economy. Unless oil is discovered offshore or on land or more veins of precious metal are discovered somewhere...I dont see our economy coping...

Why does your junta insist on living beyond its means? Why does it keep indulging in self-serving, selfish and destructive behaviour? Why is it always rushing into 'grand schemes' ...

OK. So you may have the last laugh but it will be a laugh without mirth...

Anonymous said...

@ Joe - congrats on unexpected appointment as ATO's new spokesperson

Who the current AUS goverment & taxpayers choose to support is not your business or concern (suggest get back to your trains).

However - should you persist in these matters suggest perusal taxation file M. Chaudhry MP?
Current policy regarding non taxation of overseas dividents and asetts accrued by PR Fijian citizens?

Anonymous said...

Has no one figured out yet that Joe is The Max. Read between the lines and note the similarity in the phrases. I bet my sugar harvest on it.