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Monday, May 24, 2010

'Demons' from 1987 coup helping to make Fiji a nation afraid to let its people judge the truth

Opinion piece by Dr Mere Samisoni
Victor Lal's investigative journalism should lead, eventually, to a Truth Commission on coups for Fiji.

I support Lal's investigative journalism because what I see now is the "demons" from the 1987 coup are deeply embedded in the events of December 5th 2006 with all the benefits of holding high office being given to them. The motives are clear, and they are settled in there for the long haul beyond 2014. 

To this extent, the Judiciary, which should be independent and remember they are NOT elected - are dictating terms from a legal perspective. How is this possible when the basis for their existence the 1997/1998 Amendment Fiji Constitution, for the separation of powers, has been abrogated and they exist at the whim and fancy (biased bigotry) of those past elite "demons". 

My doctoral dissertation statistically proved that race/ethnicity (plus 185 others) is a success factor and is strategy for good governance in the 21st century market information economy for Fiji, the Region and the World. This will align our human values and sacred aspirations to cultural literacy so our diversity is managed as value chains to trade in Services. 

In complete contrast, however, without mixed methods research and statistical analysis, the present regime wants to have a race free society. The important question is why??? They do not define the difference between race the market differentiator and race the stereotype. Why? In this confusion and ambiguity, who benefits from this ignorance??? 

When all we need is good role models to understand each other’s differences and show respect for those differences and spaces through cultural literacy. We need to get to know each other more and respect our strengths NOT fear our weaknesses. 

So, unless these "demons" are exposed to tell stories in public Court or Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Fiji will be "to and fro" in coup culture, since 1987 with the same main players as mentioned by Lal. Moreover, Fiji will not be able to come to terms with the wrongs committed to all victims since. This stunted growth is allowing the people who have no right to be in power call the "shots".

The "worms" and their "demonic forces" will drive the market inefficiencies, down deeper and further into the woodwork, so our diverse cultures and multi ethnic society cannot innovate out of this terrible wrong against the people of Fiji in order to evolve out of the deep mistrust that behooves us. 

Fiji's "hearts and minds" is out of balance and right over wrong needs to be spirituality 
entered NOW, so that the wisdom of the majority can call the shots, away from the "infected demonic elite few" through the majesty of democratic elections in 2010. 

The vision of the legal Multi-Party Cabinet should be allowed to continue its important role of nation building through education NOT rape, NOT force, NOT lies and certainly NOT bigotry. Even Sitiveni Rabuka realizes this know with his public apologies.  

May I summarise by quoting J F Kennedy 35th President of USA 'A Nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth in an open market is a Nation afraid of its people'.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni legally elected SDL member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006)”.


Anonymous said...

Indeed they are the same same old players...deeep deeep down in coup coup Viti. They started from the chiefly oligarchy of the colonial era to the post independance chiefly elites. In the center is the now disgraced Unroyal Viti Mataivalu. The rot will continue until the people of sleepy Viti wake and kick there asses out.

Anonymous said...

Only Chodary out of the 3 ex pms deserve to be paid coz he was elected. Rambo and Qarase don't deserve the pension coz they got to the position via the maimuri door.

Anonymous said...

Blogger 2, you are siding with the devil, with your comments.
Dont curse you family.
Out of thy mouth comes thy own judgement.

Anonymous said...

Give us a break.

Chaudhry's got more than enough money already.