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Thursday, May 13, 2010

FIAC to restore lost FNPF dreams?

These are the faces of Fiji's National Provident Fund. Who will bring them justice? Who will repay the $327 million that's been siphoned off, thanks to incompetence and thieving? 
And who will protect the rest of it?

Voreqe Bainimarama says people should have faith in the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption because it will be identifying and bringing to justice people who have lined their own pockets, but can we believe him?

His self-appointed government has been one of the ones bleeding the fund dry.

Bainimarama says people fear the anti-corruption unit because they're afraid of being exposed.

He added (generously, he thinks) that corrupt people exist in places like Government and  churches. Did he mention the military?

The junta leader says (almost as though it's a sign of faith) that the government has trimmed the number of ministers from 35 to 11 because the numbers' weren't justified.

Is that all he's going to do to show transparency?

More, so much  more, is needed, starting with an open inquiry and ending with the culprits going to jail and paying the money back.


Anonymous said...

To be fair on Bainimarama this fiasco with FNPF was no fault of his or his somewhat imbecilic government.

However I do believe we ought to get behind him and bring to justice all those thieving mongrels.

Some of these rogues are sitting somewhere across the world enjoying their ill gotten gains at the expense of hard and honest working citizens.

Anonymous said...

Just to be fair, the Natadola Project cost $190m from when it started in 2004 to the end of 2006. Piggy bainimarama's board then spent another 190m from 2006 to 2008. Quite alot of snouts in the trough. What hasn't come out is the mismanagement, wastage and corruption of the FNPF Board and Management post 2007 todate. The claim that Natadola is valued at a measly 84m after 380m was spent on it is as Chodo says, farcical. The road alone cost $80m. We FNPF members want to know who did the valuation?? can the report be made public. Exactly what comprise the $327m written off last week??? The silence is deafening from FNPF. Or are they waiting for idiot Frank to clear the press statement before Aiyaz licks his chops yet again to be in front of the cameras?? Does FNPF even come under the arze's portfolio??