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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fiji Sun becomes regime's media policeman against NZ journalists

The shamlessly pro-regime newspaper, the Fiji Sun, is now advising the illegal Fiji government to lodge a complaint to the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority against two highly respected New Zealand journalists, Michael Field and Barbara Dreaver (both on Fiji’s prohibited lists), for their reporting of the outbreak of typhoid in Fiji. 

We say to the Fiji Sun that instead of sucking up to the regime, and acting as media policemen, the paper should fight the regime’s obnoxious media decree which has censored the true extent of the outbreak of the typhoid.

The Fiji Sun Editorial
The Government might want to consider lodging complaints with the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority and New Zealand Press Council over misrepresentations about the Navosa typhoid outbreak.

Reports by Michael Field (for the major Fairfax New Zealand group of newspapers) and Barbara Dreaver (for Television New Zealand) have without doubt hurt our tourism industry.

Mr Field and Ms Dreaver like to portray themselves as experienced reporters on Pacific Islands affairs. Experienced maybe. Always accurate? Maybe not.

Mr Field suggested tourists were under threat. TVNZ suggested Navosa was somehow part of the Coral Coast tourism area.

The facts are there is a typhoid outbreak and the Government through the Ministry of Health have been very open and clear in their warnings about this. But to link something happening in interior Navosa to the tourism areas is misrepresenting the facts.

Both Mr Field and Ms Dreaver have previously been found at fault by the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority in other complaints from the Pacific Islands.

Maybe it’s time for more. We must fight back against negative reporting like this which threatens to damage an industry as important to our nation as tourism.


Radiolucas said...

The Sun has never been a particularly good newspaper so I am not surprised at all.

Regime slum dwellers said...

The Sun is barely above lord haw haw's facist blog and just below a snakes butt - and that drags along the ground.

Anonymous said...

Cut them some slack.
For those who read - 'Suns'is a never ending source of imformation gathered under a difficult situation - media outlet of choice for the regime.

Why not? People are still employed - wages paid - least their not threatened with closure or sell off - what do you want them too do? Close shop - send eveybody home for a principle?

Anybody heard if they've had any luck locating a local buyer for their overseas owned rival yet?

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:03pm

Neither. How about the Sun does it's job and report on news, rather than being a pipe-organ for the regime's propaganda. The fact that the Regime chooses to censor the typhoid outbreak is far more of a worry than any misrepresentation of the extent of the outbreak - a problem, i might add, that would not exist if the media in Fiji was free to publish the truth - that way the overseas media wouldn't make so many mistakes because WE would be allowed to hear about it first from our newspapers.

It is a catch 22 situation for any dictatorship: they want to control all the media all of the time but can only ever control half of the media half of the time.

The real problem that the Sun/Government has is that they are responding to a report published by overseas new broadcasters publishing news that we are not allowed to read about - talk about stupid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is quite one thing to struggle and report under military censorship but another to publish front page photos of Frank and Aiyaz and others every day, and to call on the regime to report Field and Deaver to press complaints commission - we know the Fiji SUN is getting all State job advertisments and Morris Hedstrom and some other shops have been forced to give away the paper free becuase the regime is putting out its propaganda through Lord Lomas Haw Haw and the gang. Who owns Fiji SUN? Its CJ Patel, whose own accountant in chairman of FNFP - one Sri Lankan chap - so cut out the crap that the paper is making out the best out of a difficult situation

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:12.

Never underestimate the collective intelligence of your intended audience.

You somehow infer that Taukei are incapable of identifying bs when they see & read it? Not gifted with your sense of perception?
You obviously see it - what makes you think others can't?