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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fiji's 'best prime minister' debate hails Qarase as No 1

He may have dipped out on the government pension but he can certainly bank on support, if debate is to be believed.

The SDL leader and former prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, and his time in government is under discussion on the Matavuvale blog tonight and he's emerging as a respected leader, perhaps even Fiji's best prime minister, according to some comments.

The discussion "PM Laisenia Qarase - Fiji's Best Prime Minister Yet?" was initiated by Tui Savu, who posted the following comments.

"There has been much said about the Qoliqoli and Reconciliation Bill and claims of it being racist and immoral, yet these (2006) coup perpetrators commit and continue to commit the very same act and even worse without any lawful authorisation.

"Some I’ve spoken to who’s been involved in Fiji’s political situation since 1970 said that certain segments of the community feared PM Qarase because they could not buy him.

"I remember asking him during the Brisbane Meeting in 2009, why he didn’t follow former PM Rabuka’s stance during the State Funeral for the late Tui Cakau and defer to the President of the Senate to speak on behalf of the nation because Rabuka saw himself as a commoner and not as PM of Fiji an he answered he ‘didn’t know, but thought it the right thing to do.’

"I commended him because it was a courageous and bold move and said that protocol dictated the PM speaks on behalf of the Nation and his speech was so moving and touched the depths of our emotions. I then said to PM Qarase, ‘that’s when you eclipsed Rabuka.’

"I stand to be corrected, but it is my belief that history will place PM Qarase possibly one, if not the best, PM Fiji’s had in the past 30 years since Independence. What do you say?"

It's a pretty big call but some of the replies so far have supported the suggestion:

If the coup did not took place in 2006, all indigenous will be millionaires in their own country.

Usaia Pita Waqatairewa:
After Hurricane Tomas hit, the government visited Vanuabalavu and gave each family ration packs consisting of 2 kg flour, 2 tin fish, 1 kg dhal and 1 packet tea. Nothing has been forth coming ever since.
It has to take the effort of philanthropist Mere Samisoni to fly in regularly to her relos in Lomaloma arranging tarpaulin and rations for those villages.
Qarase has been doing the same for his people of Mavana and what has kept them going was the reserve funds he had kept for them through the Mavana Holdings two co-op shops in Mavana and Lomaloma.
Now that is the kind of Prime Minister that we want who still toils for his people free of charge!

Joe Bardy: Based on achievements I rated Rt Mara ahead of Mr Qarase. On popularity amongst the indigenous Fijian I would agree with you TSavu Mr Qarase is No. 1.

Unise Vuniwai: I would lift my hands up for this man if ever he was to be Fiji's PM again.-Matavuvale

Pictures: Qarase and his nemesis, Bainimarama and the moment of truth in 2006.


Joe said...

The BIGGEST BS ever.

Fiji PM Qarase said...

Qarase is a statesman and a gentleman - a true leader of his nation.
Bainmarama is just a dirty gun toting criminal and a coward - a man who has destroyed his nation's future.

Anonymous said...

I say Chodary is da best...nah nah he is behind Bavadra...if only they were given the chance.Chodary could be the best if he can humble himself and not take on his arrogant son to be a civil servant.

Puhlease 4.5 said...

Why are you guys running this crap? Putting the likes of Tui Savu and Pita Waqatairewa up to defend Laisenia Qarase is a bit like putting up Joseph Goebels and Heinrich Himmler as character references for Adolph Hitler. As well known supporters of the SDL, they would say that wouldn't they? I don't agree with Qarase being deprived of his pension either. But it's the credibility of Coup 4.5 that's at stake here. We're not idiots but in this instance, we're being treated as such.

A cava na ka oqo? said...

This is ridiculous and an insult to the intelligence of every Fiji citizen. Ratu Mara is head and shoulders above everyone else. He wasn't perfect but he was a damn sight better than all of those who followed put together. These guys are Qarase lackeys and it's great shame you gave them any oxygen at all

Anonymous said...

The people are the best judge of a popular Prime Minister which is indicative of their votes through the polls.

The match ups so far.....
..Qarase 2 vs Chaudary 0..and still...the undefeated champion of the people.

As for the traitor Voreqe.....??? Well, after so much hot air on his behalf, he and his posse are still too scared to jump into the polling ring...cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

He is the greatest of them all, however I wouldn't want him to be back as PM because it would mean him having to clean up the heavy mess the current IG had made in Fiji. I think LQ needs the peace and rest he deserves and because I care about his health, I'd suggest he retires from politics and concentrate on helping our Vanua Balavu folks till his last breath.

Anonymous said...

People grow out of their old shell, NOT joe, blogger one.

If LQ is not No 1, at least he is legal in his rating.

The No1 BS is now trying to explain his illegal actions to the Vanuas by attending every Tikina and Provincial meetings. He is still playing his old out of date broken records.

Joe, if it is BS, call for elections ASAP, then you will see who is No 1. Moce Jo!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly don't know why PM Qarase doesn't tell everybody too get lost
- emigrate to a cushy UN? Bankers job? Speaking circuit overseas?

Joe said...

Dream on son. LQ No 1??? Go bury your head in sand. Remember what LQ said before 2006 takeover?? He said "God intervenes in mysterious ways", and the whole world is privy to God's will. Amen.
FYI the election is in 2014. Lq will probably be behind bars by then, and rightly so. The reason why LQ's corrupt practices are not publicised is because it has yet to come before the courts. Relax luvena and watch.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha @ Joe, With such damning evidence that FICAC seem to claim they have LQ he should be behind bars right now, but he is not, the case will be postponed once again because the illegal regime can't afford to have another case go LQ's way.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is the biggest coward... he shits in front of the military. Lamu..

Doesn't even have the courage to squek a single word out against PM Bainimarama.

At least Chaudhary was brave enough to defy George Speight and his mob while in captivity (and in a heaps more precarious situation).

Do not know why Fijians are backing someone who is obviously so racist. Or is it that the bulk of Fijians are hardcore racists?