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Monday, May 17, 2010

Samisoni tackles critics and claims of racism

From the responses to my letter to TRS in Coupfourpointfive, April 2010, roughly 13% have attacked my arguments. Or more accurately, they have attacked me.

The majority of these attacks are artificial ones that originate from the military media cell’s paid cadre of ghostwriters. We can ignore these outright since they neither deliver, nor even try to deliver, valid arguments to the debate. Propaganda is their sole aim, and so all that is needed is simply to allow them sufficient time and latitude to collapse under the weight of their own falsehood and illogic.
The only points I will touch on are the comments alleging racism. Those must surely be among the most pointless charges imaginable in post-2006 Fiji!!

Practically everything happening in Fiji’s political landscape these days is “racist”!

The majority of the political reforms currently being undertaken by the Regime are basically non-indigenous bigotry and paternalism dressed up as emancipation ideology. Moreover, most of the support that the Regime has for its reform program and its coup is simply “payback” racism dressed up as high-sounding rhetoric and pseudo-academia (witness the continuous stream of racist diatribe from TRS that has never attracted a single charge of “racism” from the military media cell ghost-writers).

So forget the Regime’s PR sweet-talk of bringing about a “non racial society”. Because their policies are not only racially targeted, they also have (and seek) racially lopsided support, and will likewise deliver racially disparate outcomes. Their much-ballyhooed “Non Racial Society” will be nothing but a pipedream against the reality of its warped and dishonest genesis. I am simply flabbergasted that supposedly serious academics like Steve Ratuva could refer to this kind of PREMEDITATED dishonesty as a “revolution”.

Despite the PER media censorship, members of the Fiji public are still quite astutely informed. They are smarter than the coup designers and supporters, and will easily be able to expose and debunk the failed autocratic Marxist “dinosaur” ideology, and self-serving decree making, that characterizes the illegal Fiji Regime. This will happen long before the Charter empirically fails and collapses under the weight of its own dishonesty and naiveté.

In summary, if Fiji really wants to progress into the “new order”, then the leadership challenge is not to destroy everything else in a nihilistic, bloody-minded pursuit of it. Rather, it is to effect change while reinforcing our universal human values that recognize our ability to be innovative in the face of diversity. This value-chain supply management is being guided by market preferences and demand. Additionally, is being informed by expert testimony and advice, that is grounded in cultural literacy and positive re-enforcements that will win the “hearts and minds” of the people. Guns, decrees, toy ideologies, force/rape tactics and lies will only achieve sustained decline and demoralization with further alienation of all our diverse peoples. As noted by Albert Einstein “Force always attracts men of low morality”.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL Member for Lami Open (deposed 2006).


Regime rhetoric said...

Brilliant stuff. It is interesting how certain groups play the 'racist' card and are always the 'victim'. Well done Mere for exposing them for the trash that they are.
Compare this with the cut and paste rhetoric of the facist lord Haw Haw military glee club blog!!! No wonder the military junta has absolutely no credibility internationally.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka had a weakness in that he was consistent at being inconsistent.

Voreqe also has a weakness in that he is loyal at being disloyal.

Both weakness however are glued together by a common adhesive - utter selfishness.

Fruit cake said...

This notion of a" paid cadre of ghost writers" acting on behalf of the military is just the latest in a long line of bizarre claims from the bread queen of Lami. Keep taking the tablets, Mere.

Anonymous said...

@fruitcake...the ghost writers are certainly active on croz's site....they get very passionate and personal and are always quick to dismiss events and incidents and waffle about 'the big picture' or 'the future' or the 'way forward'... as if they are gong to play any role or have any influence on this illegal military regime.

Fiji First said...

@fruitcake, sorry but you're naivety is showing...the cadre of ghost writers certainly exist and they do gravitate to the pro-military blogs such as the afore mentioned. Tis no imagination. I'm sure Coupfourpointfive and other blogs get 'visitations' from them from time to time.

Anonymous said...

@ Fruit cake - Ummmm...the name is so telling and so, so fitting...

Anonymous said...

OMG - if you are an example of the type of politician that was in power before the latest coup then all I can say is, thank god for Frank.

By your twisted logic on racism, the world should be labelling all the policys that have lifted African Americans from slavery to a closer to an equal level with white America as racist. Even your comment about "payback racism" indicates that there must have been a racist agenda to start with for there to be "payback" now.

Anonymous said...

Mere, This is from an INDIAN!!

your comments are very interesting and I have read the last article also. It does not mean that I have to agree with all you say, but at least there is openness to issues and some different perspectives when explored.

I do not know how racist you are as some commentors had put it in their response, because I did not follow you politically when you were in Govt. But I do enjoy your reasonings and comments, which I would have responded to if there was democracy in sight.

I can say one thing though, this is the first time I have read from a SDL member that this bunch is more "racist" then ever before.

And only a politician like you can see this for once which took 3 + years to hear this from someone of standing.

But dumb people cannot see this like Chaudhry who joined in for his own glory and he does not speak for the Indians. He was given the mandate by the Indians to be in "cabinet" and not in "interim cabinet". Yet he keeps harping that he has the mandate to make statements on Indian's behalf!!

And to those Fijians who keep turning everything that happens and puts that as "racist" of the Indians, you are as bad as Chaudhry and the regime.

Do you see all names of senior regime people are getting exposed here now as to "who's who" in this regime to who they were in 1987 coup? Can you see any Indian names in there?

And it is Fijians like Mere who were in Govt in 2006. So stop directing everything as racist against Indians. This is a Fijian fight as always as to who should have the hands in the "bank".

Navosavakadua said...

The allegation of racism against the Qarase Government is an example of race politics at its worst.
The 2006 Qarase Government was the most inclusive government our nation has ever had. Ministers from the two major political parties shared power very evenly. Fiji Labour Party ministers held major portfolios of vital importance to the FLP's electoral support base.

We now have a government with one token Indo-Fijian minister and he holds his job at the pleasure of a military council which includes one token Indo-Fijian.

Talk about a race free Fiji is just talk. There is no action to back it up.

This is where I disagree with Dr Samisoni. Bainimarama has punished leaders elected by the Fijian people and insulted the Great Council of Chiefs but he has not touched Fijian land, the FAB or Provincial Councils.

To keep Aiyaz on side all Frank has to do is give him a platform to air his opinions, announce decrees and strut in front of the controlled media. This puffed up light weight comes so cheap that Frank must be really straining himself not to laugh in his face. No doubt Frank tells all his military colleagues not to worry about Aiyaz. Window dressing has never come so cheap.

Anonymous said...

@ Fruit cake.

Let me assure you - military regime are many things - but one thing experience has taught is their not stupid.

Be under no illusion they know & recognise the power & influence of the Internet.

Their active alright - but then so are we - join us? Excercise your freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

Fruit keke should learn the two times table.

Anonymous said...

Mere Samisoni makes every issue a racial issue because she looks from that perspective ONLY. She is such narrow minded. Race is a issue if we make it one. people like Mere meets the same fate as Pauline Hanson of Australia.

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