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Friday, May 14, 2010

First coup leader continues farce of 'journey of confessions'

He's old, grey and sorry but few people are likely to feel for him. And that's the way it should be.

Fiji's first coup leader, Sitiveni Rabuka, shouldn't be expecting people to take his 'journey of cofessions' to heart - that's an act of penitience that benefits him, not the people of Fiji.

Today is the 23rd anniversary of the May 1987 coup and it's a day that should see Rabuka behind bars, not on the front pages of the news media offering a limp apology.

Rabuka was responsible for creating the coup culture and the country's economic and political woes that have since ensued. He begat George Speight and Voreqe Bainimarama.

Fiji Village reported yesterday that the former colonel was continuing his 'journey of confessions' and that the Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau was the latest to get his apology.

Ratu Epeli (as with the family of the deposed prime minister Timoci Bavadra) is reported to have  accepted the confession and is said to have told Rabuka it's time to move forward and build a better future for everyone.

That's all and good for Rabuka, but what of Fiji? Under the hands of another military son, the coffers are empty, citizens are oppressed and democracy is a thing of the past. Rabuka had a hand in this, thanks to his orignal coup de tat, and that's something he has yet to front up to.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that the most just and right place for Rabuka is in jail. The bastard started all the problem. He deserves no sympathy....the problem was and is that Fijians especially the chiefs especially Mara supported him to the hilt

Anonymous said...

Ratu Epeli Ganilau is accepting the apolopy because his late father Ratu Penaia Ganilau put a facade of opposition to the 1987 coups while in secret was egging on the coupist Rabuka to finish the job - remember Ratu Penaia became President and Ratu Mara his Prime Minister. As for the Bavadra family, its their prerogative. Anyway, this bullshit Fijian sadhu is going around apologising because he wants his pension back. Yes, he should be behind bars. All those accepting apologies from him, especially in the regime, are doing so because they are also part of the new coup culture - so we shouldnt be fooled nor shocked or surprised.

Fiji First said...

Something tells me that it's all for the ex colonel's own convenience, although we hope this heart is genuine.

Interesting that he wouldn't give an interview to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Is it a case of only talking when it suits?

See end of their story.....

23 years since Fiji's first coup
Friday, May 14, 2010

Fiji’s first coup leader Major General Sitiveni Rabuka.
Today marks the 23rd year since Fiji experienced its first coup.

On this day back in 1987, Major General Sitiveni Rabuka, then a Lieutenant Colonel with the RFMF, staged the first coup, overthrowing the Timoci Bavadra led government.

FBC reporter Roland Koroi with this look back:

“Back then Rabuka said he was conducting the coup to protect the interest of the indigenous Fijians.

The coup drew protests from India, Australia and New Zealand, and led to Fiji being expelled from the Commonwealth.

Rabuka was elected prime minister in 1992 and the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara was appointed president in 1994 under a much criticized 1990 constitution which guaranteed Fijian political supremacy.

History has it that many Indo Fijians fled the country following the coup and the economy suffered severe setbacks.

In 1997 the constitution was amended to give non-ethnic Fijians a more equal role in government although the presidency was reserved for ethnic Fijians.

The government was also readmitted to the Commonwealth, and in 1999 Mahendra Chaudhry, was elected prime minister, replacing Sitiveni Rabuka.

23 years on, Rabuka has finally admitted that his actions back in 1987 were wrong.

Last month Rabuka presented a whales tooth to the family of Timoci Bavadra as well as to the family of Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau who back in 1987 was deposed as the governor general.

It is understood that Rabuka had also shown interest in making his admittance to the Military but nothing has come to light so far.

Since that day 23 years ago, Fiji has had 4 coups.

When contacted at home, Major General Sitiveni Rabuka, Fiji’s first coup leader simply said no when an interview was requested."

Fair is Fair said...

My heart goes out to the family of Dr Bavadra....

It was a sad ending for a man who was robbed of his right to lead a government.

Sad that he passed on because of ill health and that his kin and forced to swallow the rubbish that Col Rabuka is forcing on them.

They seem to me to be simple gracious people, put on the spot by the former coup leader and his own selfish agenda.

Don't give him back his pension....compensation should instead be made to Dr Bavadra's family.

Let Rabuka eat cassava.

Lost Fiji said...

Sympthathy for the family of Bavadra but not the other pretenders Rabuka has been at pains to apologise to.

The bavadra family were robbed of a husband, father and grandfather and a prime minister.

Rabuka and Mara just couldn't stand to see 'their fiji' slip away from them, could they....

Anonymous said...

The Bavadra Coalition would've run into problems, as it went.

There was a strong feeling against it, because it was an Indian coalition so the opposition would've made life difficult in parliament.

But there's no doubt that it should've been allowed to run the course of justice and have its day in court as they say.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka's now sowing what he reaped when his daughter beaten into a coma last November by her husband, now CEO of LTA who's having it off with the corrupt spokeswoman from Works. The land has eyes. For what he did to Fiji, he is now repenting because of the effect on his own family. As long as it wasn't happening to him, it was all right. Now the shoe's on the other foot.

Fiji Always said...

Reading this blog this morning has inspired me to trawl the internet for info on the coups and it's a fascinating story.

I've even taken the opportunity to look back at Fiji's history and found the interesting players to be Rabuka, Mara and Bainimarama.

Rabuka emerges as the most charismatic, Mara the greediest and Bainimarama the most dangerous,

Anonymous said...

He meant to do a good thing but he was overtaken by opportunists who saw their chance.

Anonymous said...

a@10.44 .... Bhaini is a thug.... Ably assisted by the evil disciple, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

And just as interim PM Mara made sure the 1990 constitution gave Rabuka amnesty from treason charges, the attempted murder charges laid against Aseri Radrodro for almost killing his wife Sala Rabuka, have mysteriously been withdrawn by Police. And the traitor Bainimarama does the same for himself and his murdering army. What goes around comes around. The land has eyes.

Anonymous said...

But those coups didn't bring the nation of Fiji to this near breakdown like we have today!

Anonymous said...

Radrodro or whatever his name is should go to prison or be shot. The wife as a human being deserves that...after all she did not take any part in the coup.

Anonymous said...

If you do the crime, you must also do the time. Every action has rewards and consequences.

For the past twenty years, SLR has been enjoying his illgotten rewards/gains. He must now accept the consequences and take responsibility for his actions. If he doesnt, then he is telling us that he saw no wrong in what he did. That then reduces his pathetic efforts of the last few months to self-serving empty shams.

The only way MR SLR CAN restore his shattered honour and perhaps bring some peace into his heart is for him to accept responsibility. He needs to stop hiding behind the self-serving immunity provisions he put in place while in power. The repercussions of his actions still shackles the country 23 years after his misadventure and will continue to do so until and unless he does right by the country. After all, he destroyed so much more than just the good Doctor's family - bless them.

Mr SLR is a very intelligent man, I would like to believe he is also a very brave man. It takes alot of courage to admit you were wrong, it takes even more to accept and take responsibility.

And I dont mean the farce and charade of the past months.

After that, all those worms still hiding in the woodworks and those openingly flaunting and wallowing in it will understand that it is time ...

Our beloved Fiji will be freed at last...

Fiji First said...

He is an intelligent man but he has probably decided that it costs too much for him to confess to everything.

The apologies have all had qualifiers anyway.

One thing in his favour - unlike Bainimarama he was elected by the people, voted for by the people.

This current military leader is loathe to allow elections because he lacks the courage to be tested at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

if the guy was really sorry and penitent, he should man up and tell exactly who all were the people behind the coup.

but we all know it wont happen.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

... oh phew .. enough.

Rabuka, Speight, Pyjamas and everyone associated have combined to hurt the whole country and generations to come because of their selfish actions.

It doesn't help us but it is satisfying to know that karma will ultimately take care of these wannabe utopian quants.

Anonymous said...

@ discombulated.
My karma ran over my dogma.
Quants edible?
Agree - enough - immediate problem
is Bainimarama & clique.

Anonymous said...

@7.45pm the immediate problem is intrinsically tied to the origin and unless that (the original) is put right, we will continue to be ...going round and round the village...

True Babasiga said...

Isa Rabuka now riding around in this low vehicle one FP something.

Now he knows what oit is like to steal the rights of people to rule their country through democratic means.

maybe he should try his Free Mason witchecrafts to get him back in power. After all his apologies ring hollow as the thousands of people who have left Fiji because of him and the rubbish he started in Fiji still has a lot of families separated today.

Now mate you know what its like to shit and eat your shit. Your self esteem gone, you begging for your pension which wasnt yours to haver as you acquired it through your illegal overthrow of a democratic government.

What a sad day for you. No money, your kids all a sad state, you wanting to deny you fathered margaret Wise's kid, your daughter Sala sleeps around under the Rewa bridge and gets caught later by seriel con artist Aseri Radrodro who beats her to a pulp. Then your namesake and adopted son is becoming more gay than he was at QVS everyday....your grandkids are fucking up everywhere...latest that one stole at QVS and was punched up. Now he is a bum around....isa...