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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ganilau borrowed more than originally thought from Fiji bank

It was originally thought Epeli Ganilau borrowed just $220, 000 from the collapsed National Bank of Fiji.

In actual fact, a special Coupfourpointfive investigation has found that Ganilau borrowed $631,594.

Read Victor Lal's story on the site - two down from this one.

Send us your comments, too, on what you think Fiji can do to protect itself from financial abuse.


Anonymous said...

Gosh! It now makes sense - this crook man must have signed Russell Hunter's deportation order, which he claimed he was doing to protect Fiji's national security, not out of love for Fiji but to protect his trail of thieving - deport this crook and swindler to his village in Qeleni and never allow him near any bank in Fiji

Anonymous said...

all very well but how about starting the list of borrowers with those who borrowed the most and then working down the list?.

i'm sure we'll get to the current bunch in govt soon enough, unless thats the sole slant of these pieces?.

i'm sure most people would rather know who the top 10 or 20 borrowers were.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has definitely got the leadership it deserves. Subservient and docile, the taxpayers watch how their hard earned dollars are stolen and squandered. This regime has just warmed up in their efforts to rip the guts out of the economy. giving Frank whale teeth, he will take it as a confirmation that Fijians accept to be bled.

Anonymous said...

Every person who is actively supporting this illegal regime seems to have a dark motive, to hide various skeletons in their cupboards.
More digging is needed on all of them.

Anonymous said...

No wonder, the present regime had put Victor Lal alongside Russell Hunter on its prohibited list of persons not wanted in Fiji. Of course, at the instigation of the $2million thief, Frank's then Minister of Finance Mahendra Chaudhry and Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Fiji's Minister of Defence and Immigration. They were supported by the then direcctor of Fiji's Inhuman Rights Commission Shaista Shameem, whose own sister Naz had tried to eventually bring Ganilau to justice over the NBF scandal. I hope the regime's coup-paper Fiji Sun will re-run these disclosures for all to see in Fiji. When will we know of those who borrowed on beofre of the RFMF Officers Mess - the very people now responsible for the mess in Fiji. God help our Viti from the current crop of coup thieves

FijiGirl said...

"Borrowed"? Excuse me? Please define "borrowed". Surely the term "borrowed" implies that the money will be repaid, when we know that, from this particular "gentleman", such an idea is far from certain.

Anonymous said...

"conned" is the right term but VL seems to be gentle in his usage of the term - this man and his family conned the NBF into parting away with the depositors monies

Anonymous said...

No matter which way you look at it - all rank amateurs compared to the Cobra Chaudhry.