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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The ironic vows of the junta to punish the greedy and selfish

Fiji's illegal government is burying its head in the sand over its role in the millions of dollars being written off by the National Provident Fund.

Voreqe Bainimarama today said his government will get rid of selfish and greedy people, who only want to benefit themselves.

In opening the two-day Kadavu Provincial Council meeting this morning in Suva, the junta leader said the government wants to eliminate waste of funds and the FICAC will be weeding people out.

Bainimarama singled out the Fiji National Provident Fund, which has had to write off $327 million worth of its assets, saying those responsible will be taken to task.

Strange, how he has deliberately overlooked the fact that the National Provident Fund lent the illegal military government of Fiji money for its worthless T-Bills and FDL Bonds.

He's also ignored how the Reverse Bank of Fiji has not published - as required under law - the activities of the fund since 2006. Remember those secret guerrilla loans?

Bainimarama says a lot of trust was placed in those responsible for safeguarding the funds and that they failed and must be punished. He doesn't have to look far does, he?-Source Fiji Village. Fiji Live. Illustration: Fiji Times 2009


Anonymous said...

Nuthin new there. Everytime he speaks flies cum buzzing from everywhere. He is jest full of rubbish, self righteous thief he is.

Anonymous said...

He's pointing fingers at others but three fingers are pointing back at him. How ironic! Me kilai ga ni cakava tiko e dua na ka! Hypocrite!!!

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