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Friday, May 21, 2010

Junta hits out over misleading coverage of village by-laws

The illegal government's latest attempt at controlling social order in Fiji has run into trouble.

Its spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, is having to 'correct' misleading media reports about the proposed new village bylaws and how much they will try to control village life.

Leweni (left) says contrary to some media reports the bylaws will not limit women's hair styles or dress.

He told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation today that people who are saying that's the case are deliberately misleading the public.

“There has been some misinterpretation or people have been sending some wrong messages across in relation to females in villages being disallowed to wear shorts or long pants or other issues relating to young women.

"I’d like to state here that there has not been any law to that effect and there have been people spreading rumors on these and discrediting government.”

Leweni told FBC those who are promoting the misconceptions are working against the government.

"I’d like to state here there is nothing of that sort - it's only people who are trying to discredit government or discredit the Fijian community and are trying to create these type of issues to bring about divisions in the villages or settlements.”

Other misconceptions

Another government official was also forced to clarify another misconception about the controversial village by-laws.

It was also originally suggested that flogging would be introduced but the The Indigenous Affairs Ministry has now told Fiji Village that there will be no flogging or public whipping of villagers.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, is quoted as asying the Ministry is concerned about the misinformation that has been publicised by one of the dailies, which also headlined the village by-laws as Jungle Laws.

Colonel Kurusiga conceded the by-laws had proposed caning but says the idea had since been dropped.

Scope of the new bylaws

The new by-laws are aimed at controlling social order in the villages and consultations - spearheaded by the Indigenous Affairs Ministry - are being held with provincial councils.

The new bylaws are not intended to cover serious crimes; it's believed these will still be handled by police. According to some reports tresspass, drug use, drunk and disorderly behaviour and larceny are the sort of offences that'll be dealt with at village level.

Reports have suggested that under the bylaws a villager found harbouring a prisoner for example will be dealt with accordingly. Dress codes will also result in women no longer being able to wear long and short pants or short dresses. Men will not be allowed to wear headgear unless approved by the turanga ni koro.

Men who plan to marry will also first have to build a house and maintain a plantation to avoid relying on relatives. Students will be required to be home by 6pm and parents will be responsible for supervising their studies from 7 to 8 pm.

The village headman will enforce the laws and have powers to appoint assistants to monitor criminal activities. Offenders will answer to the bose vakoro which will be chaired by respected elders.

According to the Fiji Times, the new bylaws are expected to come under the umbrella of the Constitution and will be introduced at the end of next month.

Footnote: The attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, told Radio New Zealand the proposals have not come to his office, but it was unlikely that public flogging would be acceptable. He said: "Village by laws were introduced way back in 1870 when we were colonised. So the colonial government put in place bylaws. And some of those bylaws in those days were actually quite oppressive. Obviously any suggestions of any bylaws would not be oppressive and we can only comment once we see what has been proposed.”

Picture: Proposed by-laws to take the fun out of village life?


Anonymous said...

I thought one of the reasons the dictator Frank and his sidekick Aiyaz and others got rid of the Great Council of Chiefs was becuase the body was backward and not appropriate for a multi-racial Fiji - now they are again reviving village laws etc - what is happening is manipulation by chiefs and others in villages who are pro-coup and preseting those made in china tabuas to the dictator and destroyer of the Fijian race

P'fika observer said...

Leweni doesn't say definitively that these laws about women's ahir styles and code of dress will NEVER be introduced - just that they're not law yet.

Fiji First said...

So we return to the ardhai ways of the past, do we? I don't buy this denial - early days yet. Besides, this government has proven itself as a liar too many times. Does anyone know how these bylaws will be incorporated into the Constitution?

Anonymous said...

Your continued silence continues to empower this regime to do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they feel like. You dont deserve any better I say...

Anonymous said...

Good , diamond cuts diamond-rest is history and will be history , next will be wearing leaves and etc

Anonymous said...

Is there nuthin better to do? These by laws bullshit is nuthin more than a control mechanism. People have rights and there is of course the law which da pulice & Eleni are to enforce.

If they want by laws it should be about time to sleep, wake up, start of work daily, finish work and may be throw in da amount of work to be done daily. Improve the quality of life.

Da problem with illegal governments is dat dey will always revert to the use of force to push their agendas through. The dope Leweni thinks anybody with a different opinion is against da government. People are not like him, Leweni believes in every word that comes out of Vore's foul mouth and expects others to do the same. Duh! Lewena...people are free to think and say what dey tink: unlike you.

Anonymous said...

Times they are a changing.

Interesting that two senior police officers (Daveta & Tudravu) have been charged with mutiny against regime(Teleni).(domino theory?).

Bit confused about Taliban decree's? So who exactly is going to enforce this new world order? Correct me if wrong but weren't all Ratu's given specific instructions (ordered) to sit under Mango Tree's and drink grog?

Anonymous said...

Along with guns rule ok theory - put this down as another unfortunate viral exposure to middle eastern social culture and traditions imported via Fiji's continued UN exposure.

Like if it doesn't work there - what on earth makes you think it would here?

Get your heads back around Viti? This is no longer Baghdad Lebanon or Sinai - we are iTaukei - and you are not the Taliban

Thankfully public beheadings and stonings weren't metioned.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10.28AM... Mutiny against WHO??? Give me a break!!! Could it be that the two good officers refused to be part of "Mr Auxilary's" shady dealings???

Now...what is that I hear about that baini officer (now ex???) from Nadi,her computer and her over ambitious hubby???....Mmmmmmm...something smells ROTTEN in the state of ...


Anonymous said...

Before initiating innocent villagers to this silly decree, Voreqe and Leweni can use it to conduct a valid research by implementing its draconian dress codes and related punishments to the female members of the military and also to the female members of their own families up until the next election.

And by the way when they have finished, please throw the results in the garbage bin.