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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

News outlets who've flagged the fight for press freedom

The following editorial in the Fiji SUN speaks volumes about certain media outlets in Fiji who seem to have forgotten their role in the fight for the restoration of democracy, press freedom and human rights in Fiji. But we must not give up hope nor must we, like the Fiji SUN, raise our hands, and clap on behalf of the illegal regime in Fiji. Viva, press freedom!

One sided, UNESCO 5/3/2010, Fiji Sun Editorial

Today is World Press Freedom Day. In Brisbane at UNESCO’s main global event marking the day there will be lots of huff, puff and one-sided noise about Fiji.

It will be one sided because the Australian organisers have loaded the programme with people who are anti.

They have featured critics of our Government, but not any of the many people who have a very different point of view.

What a difference this is to the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) conference in Port Vila last year. A panel discussion during PINA featured various viewpoints, including from our own Ministry of Information on behalf of the Government.

While The Fiji Times representatives staged a walkout when the Ministry of Information representative spoke the rest of the participants in PINA stayed put and listened.

They understood that the Australian way is not the only way.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)supposedly promotes pluralism of viewpoints. It's a pity UNESCO then did not insist their Australian organisers showed similar balance to what PINA’s organisers did.

The failure to do this undermines the credibility of the events in Brisbane.


Anonymous said...

yes where are the cheerleaders for amilitary regime that arbitrarily arrests, intimidates, sacks, censors, gives plum government jobs and feels entitiled to rule as long as they wish... where are these supporters when you need them....lets see how much support there is when the rule of law eventually catches up and they stand accused of complicity, illegal oaths etc . I bet their recollections of these events won't be so clear then. Tick tock.

Radiolucas said...

"The Australian way is not the only way".

Right. So freedom of the press, democracy, free elections and an independent judiciary are all part of "the Australian Way"?

How flattering for Australia.

How terribly sad for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lomas should hang his head in shame. It it the Fiji Sun which has become a one-sided newspaper - more appropriately - couppaper - a propaganda outlet for the illegal regime in Fiji - all for a few dollars of Government advertisement to pay for Lomas' salary in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Different points of view?

What other points of view can there
be that can justify a group of armed self serving criminals who forcibly overthrew a democratically elected goverment?

Anonymous said...

You hear the same rubbish form other 'misunderstood' regimes like zimbabwe, gambia, burma, north korea, madagascar...all who are very quick to claim solidarity with their neigbours, until they disagree then they are pawns of the west...blah blah blah...an not surpsrisingly they all find support from China , cuba, venezuala, libya etc ....see a theme yet...nothing to do with constitutional reform , it is all to do with military power and finding a convenient cause to cling to it, indefinately. And insinuating the military into every facet of government, public service , judiciary etc. really quite sinister. So please don't moan about the lack of reportingof potholes being fix by this illegal regime in some out of the way village andf them being so terrible grateful... it is hardly a rade off with a government that you may vote out or a militray and police that are actually accountable to someone.

Anonymous said...

@ Radiolucas.

Don't understand those inane comments?

Please correct if wrong? But it reads like you a support whats going on?

If so please publish & enlighten us with what part of an incompetent self serving millitary cabal forcibly overthrowing a democratically elected goverment you agree with?

Anonymous said...

Radio Luka.

So what exactly is your point.

Radiolucas said...

@ 11:39am and 3:15pm

I think you may have misunderstood the commentary - it was really "tongue in cheek".

The sun's editor saw fit to draw the conclusion that becuse UNESCO did NOT include the pro-coup cheerleaders at the World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO must somehow be Pawns in Australia's regional agenda.

The editor also seems to be suggesting that the concept of a free media must be somehow attributed not to good governance or human rights, but to a "misunderstanding" of a dictatorship - so that the concepts of a "freedom of the press, democracy, free elections and an independent judiciary" should not be applied to Fiji.

Of course, this is all such garbage and I doubt very much whether the editor truly believes what he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Point being reading what sections of regimes actions & policies you find ageeable?

Radiolucas said...

Uh.....Nil? What is there to be disagreeable over?