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Monday, May 24, 2010

Regime revokes pension decree

Fiji's illegal government has done a u-turn and revoked the decree that allowed it to stop pensions paid to its critics.

The Fiji Sun is reporting that the regime has lifted the Regulation of Pensions and Retirement Allowances Decree, which was introduced last December.

The newspaper is reporting that Frank Bainimarama has pomised to reinstate the pensions tomorrow.

The first coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka was one of those affected by the decree.


Anonymous said...

They knew damn well that it was unlawfull in the first place. May be Vore is now eyeing a pension package as Commander, PM, and Ministers et al.

Anonymous said...

I think it is all to please IIMF - to get that one billion dollar loan

Anonymous said...

My my - am I sensing need of an intermediary?

Anonymous said...

We must not forget that the illegal President also needs to top up his income as well as Bole and others in the regime - so whatever way than to restore the pension etc - these thugs are just simply playing with peoples lives and monies - that is what happens when we live under illegality - with the judiciairy no different -stacked by Sri Lankan judicial offiers who had been numb to the suffering of the Tamils in their own countries

Anonymous said...

Vore will have 5 or 6 different pension packages (different posts he holds) just like his leave pay culculated way way back when the skinny kid enrolled in the mataivalu ni matasawa.

Anonymous said...

Vore will need all the money he can get - lawyers don't come cheap - even in Viti.