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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 years since George Speight Coup

Today is  the 10th anniversary of the George Speight coup when the government of Mahendra Chaudhry was overthrown.

At 10.45am that Friday morning, George Speight entered Parliament with six gunmen and took the Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, and some of his cabinet hostage.

Chaudhry, the first Indo-Fijian prime minister, and his MPs were celebrating one year in government.

George Speight, Fiji's second coup leader, is now in jail in Suva, the only coup leader to have been brought to justice.

His original sentence of death for treason was reduced to life imprisonment.


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Speight but at least he didn't pass any decree's stating what woman could & couldn't wear in the Village - or authorise public flogginds like this idiot Banimarama has just done. Once dismissed Muslim influence on him as far fetched - now not too sure? This is warped sharia ideology by another name.

Anonymous said...

We must not forget that despite the sickening spectacle of the 2000 coup, Chaudhry went on to become a multi-millionaire when he used his ousting to collect millions from India to allegedly pocket the monies and never seems to have learnt his lesson that coups dont solve Fiji's problems - remember he became Finance Minister in Bainimarama's interim illegal regime - he had no regard for how Qarase was going to feel - so 'Dont Cry for Chaudhry' but please cry aaginst the coup culture in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Speight was like Rambo a mere pawn in the overall scheme of things. But he had to pay the price because the coup failed. The same people behind Rambo's coup were behind Speight...for the same reason...lust for power, money and status. Poor Choudary had to be the man in the middle bot times. No wonder he joinned Baini this time around.

Joe said...

How come we dont hear the phrase "SUPPORT THE CAUSE NOT THE ACTION" now. Perhaps it is a multiple choice question. Choose one or more of the following:
1)Frank is the saviour
2)Frank is the saviour
3)Frank is the saviour
4)Frank is the saviour
5)Frank is the saviour
6)Frank is the saviour
7)Frank is the saviour
8)Frank is the saviour
9)Frank is the saviour
10)Frank is the saviour
11)All of the above

The 11 commandments for you Methodists ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Chodori has no other place to go to except India and if does the Indians will demand their 2 millions back. Caught between a rock and etc like a snake.

Anonymous said...

Stop criticizing the Village bylaws!
In future all Fijians women will wear the budgas or whatever that woman clothing is, and all men will wear a beard and a bomb strapped to their chest ready to blow anyone up anytime.

Anonymous said...

George Speight is forgiven because he is paying his debt back to society and all the victims of 2000 can be satisfied with that.

In contrast, no one will be ever be satisfied with the traitor,Bainimarama and his cohorts who were entrusted with a military institution to defend our our basic human rights,personal freedoms and the right to democracy and equal justice.

Bainimarama,Naivalurua,Teleni,Driti,Mara,Leweni,Kean,Kurusiga,Mason Smith ,Tikoduadua and others like Mahen, Vayeshnoi,Khaiyum,Shameen, Gates,Ah Koy, Bole all know that they are committing crimes against the people and they try to justify their actions with their extremely skewed and misguided views of the world.

Lest we forget,all the victims of their horrible crimes whose voices were brutally silenced for the sake of their so called "new order".

These victims include our betrayed representatives such as the late President,Ratu Mara who was deceived out of office in 2000,the elected people's government of 2006,the heads of our constitutional offices including the Judiciary and the many usurped civil servants who had given up their entire working lives to faithfully serve the nation.

Of significant importance are those innocent civilians whose lives were brutally taken away by this traitorous military regime.Murder victims,Nimilote, Verebasaga,Sakiusa Rabaka, Malasebe,Whippy, Baleiloa and the CRW soldiers - Selesitano Kalounivale,Jone Davui,Epineri Bainimoli,Lagani Rokowaqa,Iowane Waseroma for whom their military murderers were either sentenced and released from jail by Voreqe without serving any of their term or continue to walk free wearing the uniform.

Lest we also forget the many civilians who were and continue to be tortured because of their opposition to this tyrannical and fraudulent rebel military leadership.

Moreover,we must not forget the citizens of Fiji who have had to live and suffer under this evil regime since 2006.They too have had their constitutional rights, freedoms,opportunities and democratic voices extinguished by Voreqe for the last seven years with no end in sight.

We must never ever lose focus of all the evil criminal methods and intent for which the traitor Bainimarama and his treasonous cohorts have utilized in the past and present to be in the position they are today.

Let us not be swayed by all the sweet talk and soothsaying because we must continue to fight for justice on behalf of their silenced victims who no longer have a voice.

Justice must first be served on Bainimarma before entertaining any sort of ridiculous charter or reconciliation process.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:13.

What I don't comprehend is that right now certain people in other places are seriously considering lending him - of all people - 2 billion FJ $?

Forget the merchant banker?
Give it to the sailor?

How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Whenever and whereever human rights abuses are not resolved, history has always shown that it comes back tobite the politicians who pay the heavy price. Quoted by Amnesty International in 2001 after Presidents apology to the victims of 2000 coup/refugee camp victims.

Ever since 2000 after refugees filed Chandrika Prasad case, they never got a single grain of rice from the Government.

They never got compensated. We maintain that until those who had to sleep in tents for months under the democratic 1997 constitution are paid compensation for all the cows and dalo that got fed to the parliament are compensated for the politic mischief making, Fiji will remain cursed and whoever comes into power will not do well.

10 years on we see that curse still very effective and current.

Disaster comes - we find money; we find money for write off bad debts; we find money to overspend then the budget due to unforeseen circumstances; BUT when we cannot find money for the Muaniweni victims, Fiji will not come out of the woods.

Remember the Thomas Baker's grandchildren were being hunted to seek apologies for the mistakes of their forefathers and the village has not at all progressed to date as was reported around 2001/2003;

That was due to Christain beliefs that the curse will go on for up to 7 generations. So why should Fiji progress without addressing human rights abuse to those victims where the muteerneering soldiers and human shields made most of it from their farms for 56 days - feeding 1000 people 3 meals per day.

And we are harping about abuses of 2007? and no one talks about 2000 except what $2m chaudhry stole.

And what the State stole and made them suffer for months on wet and hard floor with no food to give but State was quick to help themselves to their crops and animals to feed their loyal citizens from Tailevu and bona fide military officers on duty from the CRW unit.

WE ARE STILL WAITING !!! PAY UP NOW or curse will become genetic, as you see no politician who did not take interest in their compensation is in office today, as no hansard report can be extracted to show that there was a vote taken for compensating those victims but only media attentions.

This was a national issue and that is why it will not only be affected like the Thomas Baker incident where only one village is affected.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:09.

Suggest when another culture takes you in and nurtures you and your bretheren for over a century - disrespectful to start complaing about compensation & maltreatment.

Anonymous said...

May be what George did was wrong but he deserves a second chance and what he did was for his people as he speaks