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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two more Bainimarama appointees revealed as conspirators in the 1987 coup

Who Was Who in the 1987 Coups?
 Excerpts from Fiji: Coups in Paradise by Victor Lal
Part Two

Filipe Bole (right), now Bainimarama’s Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, Youth and Sports, Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, was another conspirator from 1987 coups:

Besides Kubuabola, according to Victor Lal, ‘The other crucial intermediary between the Taukei Movement and the military, Rev. Rakivi, was to provide his house in suburban Suva as a centre for overall planning. Thus it was there that Rabuka met the other conspirators on Easter Monday, nine days after the defeat of the Alliance Party. In his book, Rabuka: No Other Way, by two journalists, Stan Ritova and Eddie Dean, Rabuka claims that it was at Rakivi’s home that he first learnt of the Taueki group’s plan for massive ‘demonstrations and the possibility of widespread arson and possibly murder’.

According to Ritova and Dean Rabuka (his words in italics) went to, ‘…what he understood was an ordinary ‘grog’ party at the Rev. Rakivi’s home, in suburban Suva. It was early evening, and he just walked in, as he normally would, throwing his ‘sevusevu’ [gift] of yagona towards the bowl where the ‘grog’ was being mixed. ‘I saw all these people sitting down, and realised it was some kind of a meeting. Some of the people greeted me, although I could not see everyone clearly, because it was fairly dark in the lounge room. Nobody asked me to leave.’ When his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he discovered the gathering was ‘quite a formidable group’ He says it included Ratu Finau Mara, the son of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara; Ratu George Kadavulevu, son of the Paramount of Chief of Fiji, Ratu George Cakobau; Ratu Inoke Kubuabola; Ratu Keni Viuyasawa, the brother of Brigadier Nailatikau; Mr Filipe Bole, formerly a Minister in the Mara government; Ratu Jo Ritova, of Labasa; Ratu Jale Ratu; ‘Big Dan’ Veitata and the host Tomasi Rakivi…Another leading light at this meeting was Apisai Tora.’

 Bole, along with Finau Mara and others in the Fijian Association meetings resolved that the 1970 Constitution of Fiji should be changed to guarantee that Fijians always led Fiji, and agreed to organise protest marches through the capital, Suva, and other centres, and to submit a petition to the Governor-General [Ratu Penaia Ganilau] against the Bavadra government. In complicity with the Great Council of Chiefs, this group subsequently set out to manipulate and mobilize the Fijians to destabilize the Coalition government.

When the coup occurred, Ratu Finau Mara was in the corridor of the Parliament, making sure the passage was clear for a back-up team of soldiers with combat gear and assault rifles to join Rabuka and his other treasonist soldiers. Ratu Finau, a lawyer in the Crown Law Office was not alone; another lawyer colleague of his was to emerge from the shadows; yes Isikeli Mataitoga.

The Role of Isikeli Mataitoga, now Bainimarama’s diplomat in Moscow

 After the 2006 coup, Mataitoga became a High Court judge in Bainimarama’s coup regime. He is seen here representing Fiji on the international stage and meeting Russia's president, Dimitry Medvedev!

During the 1987 coups, Mataitoga was Rabuka’s chief press officer, appearing on television in full military regalia, justifying the racist coups. He forgot that he was a State prosecutor in the DPP’s office at the time. No, he chose to become, by association, persecutor of Indo-Fijians, whom Rabuka described as pagans who should be converted to Christianity, and that Indo-Fijians will never ever rule Fiji. A former British High Commissioner at the time of the coup claimed that Rabuka had placed Mataitoga into the staff at Government House,  and used him to listen on Ratu Penaia’s meetings and conversations with the British and other foreign diplomats.

Captain X

Editor’s Note: Rabuka , and his team of 10 soldiers, led by one Captain X, entered Parliament on 14 May 1987. Who was Captain X? He was Isireli Dugu of Ono Island in Lau, and his second in command was Savenaca Draunidalo, the ex-husband of Adi Kuini Bavadra. Draunidalo died in a fishing accident in December 2007, when his outboard boat capsized and hit him.

Editor's note: Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, the Foreign Minister, was named in part one of Victor Lal's excerpt one on Coups on Paradise for Coupfourpointfive, which ran on Sunday.

Part Three coming up


Joe said...

What is the point in digging old graves. Everyone is given a chance to reform and repent for what they did in the past. Rambo is showing remorse and is apologetic, whats wrong with that? So what if Bole and Kubuabola were allegedly involved in a past coup? If so, I am sure they have realised their mistakes and have now reformed. Perhaps the Methodists need to reform big time as per teachings in the Holy Bible. Some of us do grow up.

Anonymous said...

These parasites should be eradicated once and for all. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Story is correct?
Say posting of Isikeli Mataitoga to Moscow is ample punishment - or as a fellow blogger often says -"karma".

Anonymous said...

If we should move on, than why has the illegal State cut Rabuka's pension, taken his car etc etc while sleeping in bed with his co-conspirators like Bole and Kubuabola etc. These people are responsible for the massive discloation of the Indo-Fijians and the destruction they brought on Fiji and yet they have not apologised to the Indo-Fijian community nd others whose lives were turned up[side down. Neither have the Mara-Ganilau family. What is offensive is that these conspirators are today running aorund with Bainimarama - and yet the Indo-Fijians have not said a word against them. Compared to the racism of 1987, Qarase's policies are peanuts - anway is was none other than Bainimarama who refused to re-install Mahen after the failed 2000 coup and made Qarase his interim PM. When Qarase refused to two the land, and instead agreed to have Bainimarama charged with the murder of his own soldiers, he carried out the coup - and unlike Rabuak, this time is using the name of Indo-Fijians for his own selfish ends.

Anonymous said...

Failed politicians doing anything for a $$$$$.

Older AND wiser said...

Joe - Bole and Kubuabola were not 'allegedly' involved in the 1987 coup, they WERE involved.

As for your assertion that they've realised their mistakes and reformed - how so? By participating in another coup?

'Some of us do grow up..."? It seems to me that whilst most of us DO grow up others, like Bole and Kubuabola, merely get older.

Anonymous said...


Joejoe you crip. Don't you see the irony of it? Kubu and Bole can jump into Satan's bed for a few dollars more. If they had really changed like Rumbo is trying to do, they would not be supporting another coup. It goes to show the characters of the two dopes and you...even if Choudary carries out another coup, the two crips can jump on board jest for a few dolas more. They jest can't earn any paisa on their own...like Joe sucking up to the current illegal regime.

Unknown said...

Joe ...you dig old graves because you fear they are not quite dead yet... the issue is they still benefit from this beaviour and have not exactly been forthcoming about thweir own invlolvement. These are the people that cause this grief but never seem to be held accountable.I agree with the other comments this military regime seeks to dig up rubbish whenever it suits them , but apparently it is unfair for others to do it. garbage.

Joe said...

I take all critisisms on board. I am not sucking up to the current regime, but what is the alternative? Bring LQ back? Hope not. IMHO, the best we can do is support this govt to achieve its objectives. I agree that there are much better people than Kubu and Bole, in Fiji, but our neighbours have shut them down with their foreign policies. As for Chaudhary, he is the only one I have respect for regardless, because he stayed back and fought. Others already had overseas visas and permanent residency status. God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ Joe.
Not for you too decide who does or doesn't come back - people decide this themselves - called an democratic election.
As for your comment regarding Chaudhry - only reason he stayed was because apart from India - no other self respecting country would (will) accept him.

Joe - your one of these military 'ghost writers' - suggest
you put in for a transfer?

Anonymous said...

Why are some people scared of the past and they say forget the past-You cannot as long these men are around!! The public needs to know all the secrets, so they themselves can decide who to nominate as leaders.

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