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Friday, May 21, 2010

Family's anguish still fresh 10 years after Speight coup

The wife of the police constable shot dead during the May 2000 coup has told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that it seemed like yesterday when it happened.

Filipo Seavula was on duty when he was shot dead by George Speight's gunmen the night of Sunday May the 28th.

Akeneta Seavula told FBC that her husband’s loss was unbearable, and the last 10 years has been a time of sadness, struggles but also joy. "I thank the Lord for giving me strenghth, courage and hope to carry on as a mother and fathr to bring up my children. My family's sad that he has gone from our side. These ten years we have had a lot of struggles along with my children, money-wise and the discipline of my children."


Anonymous said...

So..........PLEASE: Sakhur Rangit, the Champion Shaistas of human rights: their little closeted protoge that's developing that Oh so awful pudge", a QEII Park trawler CrosbieWalsh or two; (sprinkled with some medcine to ensure moderation of overly incisive, gut wrenching, knowledgeable, impartial and logical journalism such that no one could possibly cope with its outcome.....Could ANYONE OF THEM, please comment on the latest proclamations from the land of the bewildered Franks, Telenis, Khaiuuuuuums, Shaisatas, Prydes (btw: his hair is looking so beutious lately ain't it?), or even something from the pig ignorant.
Perhaps they might even like to explain why all the "Indo" Fijians Frank and his disciples purported to represent (cynically using it as a divide and rule, take the attention off our motive campaign) - are leaving or separately trying to, IN DROVES.

We all know what the easiest solution might be - trouble is, we are all more civilised.

That doesn't mean however that Autralia, New Zealand, and one or two neighbouring PI nations should rest on their laurels.
NZ has been pathetic since a McDuffer came by, Australia not too much better (though Mr MP responsible is of higher intellectual - and even BASIC response capability). Several other PI states have not shown anything pragmatic, but then they're often doing things tough themselves. So (OZ/NZ) either consider now the short term, OR START TO GET REAL and consider the long term effect.
Foreign Policy? its bicum "Fawn Polsy"
I really hope John Key has some gated community set out for his retirement. Or maybe I don't!. No actually I don't.
Just as no one will shed too many tears if the cohorts in this 2006 coup get necked

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8;16.

Sorry - there are no 'Mr. MP (AUS) of higher intellectual quality' currently available.

Specificly anointed Pacific -'looking after our own backpadock'
commitment' - secretariat appointee Duncan Kerr MP SC was AWAL (resigned) months before anybody even realised? (was publicly informed).

With RAMSI (5 year commitment)currently costing in excess of one billion AUS and rising - possibility of another failed (rogue) Chevez clone state in own back paddock is an option fraught with danger?
Position remains 'vacant'.

Current stocks of people with 'higher intelectual quality' won't be available for some time -occupied in square off with multi national mining recourse conglomerates - most of whom are AUS? That plus unpopular PM & elections.

Think AUSTRADE Pacific 'free home insulation'diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

1 out of 3 isn't justice - ridiculous. iTaukei can count.

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