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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bainimarama fans scoff at Gillard elevation

 Voreqe Bainimarama supporters have been quick to see hypocrisy in the appointment of Julia Gillard as the new Labor Party leader and the Prime Minister of Australia. 

Postings on Bainimarama's Facebook today showed hardcore followers scathing of the decision to replace Kevin Rudd with Gillard. 

Aggrieved supporters said Gillard was voted in an MP not PM.

They also said Australia has been harsh with its criticism of  the Bainimarama regime and the coups, but it, too, is commiting the same crime.

A sample of the comments:

1) It's a joke, not politics. Just like when G.W Bush was installed as President by his wealthy supreme court judge mates despite losing the election. Democracy? Cruel joke is what it is. I wish Australia had a Military commander with half the heart and patriotism as Frank.  

2) They can't even get their politics right and they wana teach us how to run our country.  

3) So what sanctions could we place on them?  

4) The change was done with no guns, but roses. Smooth transition! I dont suppose anything will change in their policy towards our current administration. For what its worth, Jillian Gillard is a lawyer by profession. C'mon Fiji. Lets press on! 

5) Sooooooooooo. Australia is no exception to coup after all!

6) Clean up your own back yard Australia before barging with ours. 

7) They should keep their head in there own business and leave Fiji business to us Fijians.


Anonymous said...

Yes but still Australia has a PM who comes from a party which won the general election. Unlike in Fiji, where the regime is made up of failed politcians, coup supporters, and military personnel, not to mention many who bled the NBF into oblivion by stealing thousands from the bank

Radiolucas said...

Yeah, except for the fact that Gillard WAS voted in as an MP.

Unlike our glorious leader who would be far too lamu to ever let freedom of election get in his way to power and the taxpayer's trough.

We don't have to look to Australia to fin hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Main diference being 'by law' she must shortly face 'electors' if she wishes to retain the position.

Regime supporters are grasping at straws if they believe the situations are similar.

mark manning said...

As much as i don't like what happened yesterday, i do feel robbed of a leader i personally voted for in 2007.
But it was the Labour Caucus who changed it's leadership, as is allowed under the Australian Political System of Government.
Frank Bainimarama took illegal control over an elected Government, a totally different scenario, and he did so because he was about to be arrested for Sedition and because he was about to be questioned over his alleged involvement in the murders of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers of the RFMF, in 2000.
The people in this article are trying to compare apples with pairs yet again, to try and justify their illegal rape of the Fiji constitution, there simply is no comparison to what is essentially a legal act to one which is High Treason against the State of Fiji and it's people.
At least i get to have my say again come the next election, but in fiji, there is no choice, you have a Criminal and despot, a Rogue Commander as your pretend leader.
No one voted for Frank Bainimarama, he doesn't even have the endorsement of the people or a legal cabinet.

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish these nin con pus are blabering about. What happened in Australia is democracy at work and they should learn from it. They don't need guns to bring about change; nor idiots like Bainimarama strutting around like a mini god...the piece of chicken shiiiit.

The cooments reflect their level of education...vuli va vo and they belong to the vale ni vo.

sara'ssista said...

only a complete nut would see the similarity with the bainaimarama militray regime and method od appointment of australia's new PM. Firstly, she didn't take over the government at the point of the gun, dismiss the judges, gaol and arrest anyone who questions her motives or threaten and intimidate the media for reporting what they see. There is no PR in australia and whatever the flaws in the system, the comparison is self-serving and laughable. Fiji is being run like an african military dictatorship, but with some sloppy public relations spin.

Anonymous said...

Io na ulukau! It's not about personality and the person who leads.Its about the processes and how democratic processes were done to get Kevin out and the new leader in in such a non-violent and democratic way. No where near the example here in Fiji. E dua mai loli ka dua mai lola!

Joe said...

"As much as i don't like what happened yesterday, i do feel robbed of a leader i personally voted for in 2007."
To: Sydney nurse Mark Manning, a huge chunk of the Fijian community felt the same under Qarase and his racist policies, the difference being, they were robbed of their rights as citizens of Fiji, do you get it? Richard Cranium????

ex Fiji tourist said...

mm,I didn't know that you lived in south brisbane as these are the only people who voted for or against krudd.

maybe you meant to say that you voted for some union hack and you can't remember his name.

Sad little roti boy said...

@joe the roti
Move on with your bitterness girl. Get over that you are not going to the Commonwealth Games in india and that Qarase or some Fijian gave you a kick in your bony ar....s.
As for thinking that the new Oz PM might support the failed junta - dream on richard!

Anonymous said...

Take a look under your nose?

Don't bag ambitious woman politicians - from anywhere.

Say if bets were open on who'd be Viti's next deputy PM under a democratically elected Goverment - certain Dr from Lami would be odds on.

Apart from the sidelined Merchant Banker - nobody has displayed more courage fortitude and open defiance than this Marama.

Old Village adage about tangling with these People? (especially the ones wearching scarfs).

Anonymous said...

Great forum as always here. All those 'licking up' to island boy dictator sounds like a bunch of 'kulina(s)' & not knowing the difference between 'Democratic Principles' v 'banana 'coup-republic cra**pp'!!

Joe said...

@sad little roti
Who gives a stuff about going to India for the c'wealth games or Oz support. It was actually Frank who kicked lazy arses. Get your facts right m8.

Anonymous said...

Call it whatever you wanna call it. Tit's a COUP

sara'ssista said...

good to see there is still open comment here without having to be tested for 'helpfulness' from that dotty old coup-apologist Crosbie Walsh who will take eery opportunity to defend this regime, now going on to defend the helpful size of this military. Given that countries in the region don't even need one, he is quick to note that it is per capita similar to austria and france, well they haven't a coup recently either, thanks Croz.

Anonymous said...

@ sara'ssista.

More things appear to change - more they stay the same.

In another time Prof Crosbie Walsh's traditional title would have been Beachcomber.(Vulangi oppurtunist - we handled them then - we'll handle them now).
Which begs the question?
Seems strange in this age of electronic communication and as the regimes newly appointed chief minister of propaganda (with own www)- why isn't this person the subject of a travel embargo?

Watch him squeal about his 'own democratic rights' should this be implemented?

Anonymous said...

The postings on Marama's face book are testimony of the superb intelligence of Marama's supporters. Keep going mates, you will definitely develop Fiji to the jewel of the Pacific.

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