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Saturday, June 5, 2010

FLP tells Bainimarama: Stop deluding yourself with the lackey Provinces

Following his recent visits to the Provincial Councils, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has been left with the distinct impression that the people want his administration to continue in office, deferring general elections well beyond 2014. 
Nay, the feedback is even more positive. People are very happy with what his government is doing and have told him to defer elections in 2014. 

Well, certainly, more than three years of the Bainimarama administration has left Fiji with an unprecedented record of national performance.

Let’s see: 

• a 20% devaluation of the dollar has sent food prices sky rocketing with inflation running close to a record 10%; prices of almost all other goods and services have escalated 

• poverty levels are at a record high of 45% of the population, expected to rise to 60% or so by year 2014 
• State treasury is almost depleted and it is scrounging around for loans to carry out urgent infrastructure development with the State’s debt levels and contingent liabilities already running at 70% of the GDP 

• The IMF questions the administration’s ability to repay its loans at a time when it is seeking to borrow $1b from the Fund 

• liquidity in the banking system is so high ( a sure sign of low investor confidence!) that the RBF has been forced to mop up by raising to 10% the level of Statutory Reserve Deposit for banks – the second increase within a month 

• FNPF has certainly boosted people’s confidence in the future sustainability of their pension funds by writing down some $328 million of their hard earned moneys; the fact that many are now worried sick as to whether, between the scandalous write-downs and huge lendings to a cash-strapped  government, they will have a liveable pension in their old age is another story! 

• Other key State institutions are in serious financial difficulties 

- FSC is insolvent and is running on borrowed money and government guarantees; it has borrowed more than $100m so far this year and can hardly meet its loan repayment to the Exim Bank of India; half the cane sent to the sugar mills are going to waste due to chronic mill malfunctioning 

- FEA is also virtually insolvent, unable to meet its loan repayments; as a result people are now paying as much as 93% more for electricity 

- Air Pacific is facing stiff competition on its international routes, registering losses at about $36m for the past financial year
- Post Fiji is another financial liability and is up for sale; 

Public Emergency Regulations - in force for the past 15 months has been the [m]ost oppressive and draconian the people of Fiji have ever experienced – the State is sailing blissfully through in the knowledge that it can’t be criticised, opposed or condemned as a result of the censorship imposed on the Media; it cannot be legally challenged because of a compromised judiciary; draconian criminal and media laws ensure the subjects of the Commodore dare not step out of line.
Yes, all is truly well and happy within the State of Fiji. 

The Commodore can now give legitimacy to the people’s call to further defer elections by confidently putting it to a national referendum.-Source Fiji Labour Party website


Anonymous said...

The Labour party should be cheering for this, after all they supported Vore before and after the coup. Now take your medicine and live with it Choudarry

Anonymous said...

The FLP is part of the problem - not part of the solution. The FLP and many indo Fijians stupidly supported this coup and the murderous junta. Now is time to pay the piper for a very very stupid decision. Too late to try and change your tune now Chaudry - you and what you stand for are two faced and cannot be trusted in Fiji - ever again.

Anonymous said...

Like in the UK (Conservative-Liberal Coalition), if only Mahend had entered Cabinet as Deputy Prime Minister or Finance Minister (Qarase had offered him the two posts to choose from) in a multi-party Cabinet, we might not have had the 2006 coup. But no, instead, Mahend sent his general Lick Ram inside to spoil the workings of the Government, to bring it down in conspiracy with the military, the Shameem sisters, the two Epelis and countless and faceless others. We all know the FLP's role in the coup, with Jokapeci Koroi telling us in January 2006, that the FLP would welcome it. Thanks FLP for waking up to point out the mess in Fiji - you helped the monster to create one in the first place, even running to join the interim military government. Take your medicine and hopefully you will never recover to run the country again - three cheers to Qarase who went down in a coup, when trying to arrest and put on trial the dictator who had murdered those soldiers in cold blood in November 2000 at the army barracks

Anonymous said...

chodry the bastard

Anonymous said...

FLP are political prostitutes. They blamed Qarase and now blaming Vorege for bankrupting the country. They never take any blame.

Devaluation??? Isn't Voreqe saviour of foreign reserves? At least he has done one thing right because you did too many wrongs that called for the devaluation.

Isn't it Chaudhry who was making noise before the 2006 elections that the country was bankrupt and foreign reserves were as low as only one months imports ability?

Wasn't it then not SDL that got FNPF funds brought back to boost the reserve, but was not due to trading surplus but a ficticious boost, hence a continued spiralling down effect continued.

How can both be blamed for bankrupting the country when FLP said they need to run the Interim Govt for 5 years before there will be any elections. This takes us to 2012 and we have not reached there yet, so isn't Fiji's state due to Chaudhry's misgivings that IG must run for 5 years to start seeing any change? When he made those comments did he not understand that it was a regime run government? And we have not seen the change because his 5 years will be in 2012 so have to wait now according to his advice to the military.

Wasn't it not the country already had needed a gradual devaluation commenced from about 2003 onwards to balance the foreign reserves which never took place which was due to rising imports (construction)and falling exports (expiring lease).

Isn't it the now created foreign reserves as a result of devaluation that will pay that loan of $300m plus maturing in 2011or so and could only be raised by devaluation? Can you ever give credit where it is due?

If FLP had the mandate to represent the voters as they pride themselves always, then was it not their fault of running away from SDL government when Qarase invited to discuss the land lease in 2003 where he offered 75 years of lease and asked to discuss which ALTA policies they want to bring into NLTA so that the tenants can feel safer and not see NLTA with suspicious?

Although Chaudhry and FLP having the mandate to discuss these serious matters and resolve land issues with NLTB, they were running away from discussions, and not demonstrating "good governance".

Isn't this why there is much poverty for FLP not taking action when they were given the mandate to resolve national issues as the Government invited them for serious talks on this issue?

Isn't it him who said we do not need any grant from EU as Fiji is capable of restructuring from its own funds and will not waste their time waiting for EU money?

If in 2003 when SDL and Qarase invited Chaudhry to urgently discuss and finalise land issues so that the farmers can have a long term lease as this is what they always wanted as security of tenure to be able to reinvest, that Chaudhry sabotaged the talks which he is famous of "boycott".

Had Chaudhry met with SDL to finalise the 75 year lease to farmers, the country would have been triving by 2006, and cane fields full of canes and poverty on the way down.

So isn't FLP and SDL together who have helped wreck the countries bank balance and confidence that is the result we are seeing today, hence devaluation?

Wasn't it Chaudhry who in 2008 budget withhweld releasing funds as budgeted by allegedly 90% and that it why his time as Interim Finance Minister there was healthy cash position but was ficticious due to NOT Spending but only make budget look pretty so that he can take some credit for ficticious budget with a lock put in the till and key thrown down Nabukulau Creek, hence purportedly good year under chaudhry's term!

If FLP and its leader had not called for change of electoral system and that too by undemocratic means, there was possibility of having an early elections sooner. Now comingback to show how good and democratic he is, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

In November 2000, the man was temporarily insane as his life was threatened by the chasing CRW soldiers down cassava patch.

It was a war declared on the state. And off course there are sometimes during a battle some soldiers die in a friendly fire. That is the part of being a soldier.

As George Bush would say, offcourse it is a war and civilians will also die sometimes if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

So unless there is a path to return military to barracks, we will keep blaming them so will neversee a return in sight.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget that Chaudary knew he was living on borrowed times given his tax fraud with the stolen millions earmarked for cane farmers was going to be exposed very soon so he made a pact with the devil and was prepared to bring down the entire country to save his sorry ass.

So Chaudry made a pact with the devil and joined him to execute Fiji's 4th coup

Joe said...

FLP is making noises now because they can sense that their end has come, like NFP, SVT and SDL, the latest casualty. Racially polarised parties is a thing of the past. If you think that FLP is a true multiracial party, you are barking up the wrong tree. It is a clone of the old NFP, its power base being the unsuspecting indo fijian farmers. Can anyone recall the old dove and flower factions of the NFP?, ie Koya vs Irene Jai Narayan/Ramrakkha? What about Jai Ram Reddy vs S M Koya in the Lautoka indian communal seat, and Ratu Mara's speech pre election in which he said that the NFP is offering Fiji a south indian PM, Jai Ram Reddy.

What I am trying to say is that all political parties played the race card in all elections, so much so that Ratu Mara attempted to further subdivide the indos with his south indian comment. 2014 will see an end of the BS that has been going on since Adam was a boy.

Radiolucas said...

History has a good memory.

Anonymous said...

FLP and its supporters have finally seen the REALITY - Fiji has gone bankrupt under Military Rule.

I only hope that Frank and his Cabinet and all coup supporters get what's coming to them - Justice through the power of God.

sara'ssista said...

Croz and fellow travellers will have you believe you are too harsh... after all the self appointment so-called leader is gave out his phone number and should be afforded all the respect you get from someone that took over government by force , sacked the judiciary, then sacked some again arbitrarily, has unilaterally increased the military budget to obscene level for a small island nation with no obvious threats...yes even internally, has a 'hate hate' relationship with media that ask any tedious questions at all and don't trumpet his thrilling 'achievements' verbatim, easily overlooks the shady financial dealings of most everyone in his current and former illegal ministries...yes why is there no red carpet treatment... and this is the guy who only wants to go anywhere so he can beg for money to throw down the black whole with no independant oversight. Yeah sure... 'trust me'. on the basis of what???

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Add to that the recent rugby thrashing in Canberra of the hapless Fijians by the Wallabies ... now Bainijamas will have something new to blame for all that is wrong in FIji.

sara'ssista said...

@discombobulated ... quite right ... i am just waiting for him to come out and say the win was a 'win for racists..who try to keep the black man down'...which would be change from the 'they don't understand us' crap we keep hearing... or the do as i say not as i do.

Tadu said...

Talking about rugby -interesting article from Canberra about that match shows the kind of thinking (that Sara'ssita and Discombubulated talk about) and which Bainimarama continues to project(and which keeps on making us Fijians look like class fools) :

Memo to Fiji: God helps fit players

Before the Australia – Fiji Test at Canberra, won 49 -3 by the Wallabies, the former super star Rupeni Caucaunibuca claimed that his side’s religious beliefs would help to defeat the Wallabies. ‘The thing we believe in is someone will play with us on Saturday night and that is God,’ he told reporters.

There is a coaches’ saying of the fabled Notre Dame gridiron side: ‘Prayers work best when players are big.’

The evidence from Canberra is that there is a difference between big and fat. Caucaunibuca was billed at 112 kgs but this must have been with one foot on the scales.

He rumbled into tackles using his head as a sort of slow-motion battering ram. When he did get the ball in his hand he preferred to kick it rather than run with it. He was an over-sized shadow of one of rugby’s greatest ball runners.

Caucaunibuca, in fact, was a metaphor for the disappointing Fijian side... and the Fijian lineout was abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Many anti regime bolgs have died a somewhat painful death.

Now you lot at coup4.5 will slowly wither away like the rest of them.

It appears you lot seems to have lost the will to live.


Anonymous said...

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

blah blah bloody blah...!!!

Anonymous said...

Something in the air?

Delusion everywhere - accept FLP - hereditary - father son.

Crosby Walsh however is another matter. Just read his blog - man's in urgent need of therapy - talk about gross delusions of (uninformed) grandeur.

baboons with guns said...

Caucaunibuca is a bit like the Fiji military - bloated, overrated and totally useless.
@ anonymous saying some anti human rights abusing blogs have died a slow painful death - do you mean like the indo-Fijian sugar farmers since 5 Dec 2006 when the baboons with guns raped their own country???

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:00 PM.

Been at this (blogging) for many years - agree many blogs have withered - however you are incorrect in your assessment that we have lost the will to live - or fight. See unlike yourself a great many of us can see where Viti is headed - unfortunate consequences for all those involved.

In more simplistic terms - here's a question for you?

The IMF is currently considering lending somebody $1 billion - now if it was your own money - who would you entrust it to?
A sailor? Or a merchant banker?

Radiolucas said...

@ 7:44pm

I know this one! Can we also pick "Dictator"?

Dictators can probably count just as well as sailors can...

Anonymous said...

When a banker writes cheques to himself and his team of staff and takers away the objectives of the FHL interest free loan to buy businesses, then the banker is a con man, while the sailor called for good governance. But Banker thought he can go after sailor for his purported murder or friendly fire in the time of war, as oppose to supporting theose who had started the trouble in the first place.

I would choose real democracy without BOTH.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:43PM.

Easy - don't vote for eitheir - however don't deny others this same privilege.

Radiolucas said...

@ 10:43pm

A recurrent issue is that a lot of people in these like to accuse the Chaudhry/Qarase governments of various crimes etc but the fact is that despite the concerted attentions of various parties, including the circus of criminals in charge of the dictatorship now, they have not been found guilty of anything.

So why the animosity? Is it because everyone is so used to blaming the past governments for the slimy pile of reprobates we have now? Isn't it a little unfair to say that the Bainimarama Dictatorship was caused by Chaudhry / Qarase?

Despite what anyone says, the people of Fiji VOTED for them and they were bound to obey the laws of this land - something that the Bainimarama regime is not and will not be willing to do because they are traitors to the nation and murderers of the defenceless.

So focus on this everyone: all politicians are scumbags. We know and have accepted this, jsut like every other nation we know of. But at least they are held accountable by law and by election - our constitution, our laws, our newspapers and our people would never let them get away with what the Bainimarama Regime has done.

We should be angry, but at the right people.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.43pm - what a hogwash. SHAME!