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Monday, June 14, 2010

Government review of 2010 budget a result of poor preparation

The Fiji government is currently in the process of undertaking an internal review of its 2010 Budget.

The government claims this is a normal process adopted for prudent and transparent financial management of national finances.

In a government release, it has been indicated that such reviews become imperative, in particular when extraneous and unforeseen events occur.

It has been highlighted that the 2010 Budget did not take into account the devastation left by cyclones Tomas and Mick.

“These natural disasters required the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure, additional agriculture assistance and the provision of additional allocations to the health and education sectors,” the statement said.

It is being estimated that the additional finds required for such purposed will be at least $30 million.

Another $5 million is being estimated as cost for the biosecurity breach which necessitated the Termite Eradication Porgramme.

The review of the 2010 Budget will also enable government to assess the rate of implementation of its capital works programme.

Following the review, the government is expected to consider any necessary measures to be put in place to ensure improved utilization and prudent management of national finances and resources.

Editor's Note: What this really means is that the budget was poorly prepared and based on unrealistic revenue assumptions. The explanation on natural disasters makes no mention of the aid that has been arriving in cash and kind. As usual, it's one big cover-up for the regime's incompetence. Presumably we'll now have a "mini-budget" or similar in an attempt to paper over the fiscal cracks while the efforts to extract cash from the FNPF will be redoubled.


Anonymous said...

Budget under review (pressure) because of "extraneous & unforeseen events - Termites - Cyclones etc".

What a load of claptrap - estimate they've collectively blown close to a billion $ in aid. Not matter how good you are with figures - nobody(self proclaimed saviours included)can have that size deficit and hope to balance the books.

Other things aside - stark reality is Viti can no longer afford this incompetent regime.

Say chances of regime obtaining requested IMF funds very slim indeed.

Anonymous said...

They will get it. The masters rule the world. They finance the revolutions including Fiji. They own the banks including Fiji's reserve bank. What they want they get to get Fiji into line with the one world order. Puppets still dance to the music in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Can you please name what country or countries have contributed anywhere close to one billion dollars in aid to Fiji????

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:29.

Calculate exchange rate Fiji dollar against above currencies?
Multiply amount by number of years aid has been suspended?

Anonymous said...

Anything donated to Fiji in the name of aids/charity through Red Cross for one, very popular during Tomas and others. They own charity. Every branches everywhere in the world. Its where they hide best. That and religion. Who could accuse them of doing evil when everyone knows they are charity.