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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interim govt disapproves of illegal squatting

When it comes to rightful ownership of Fiji’s government, the illegal regime does not consider that it has stolen the people’s rights through the 2006 coup.

And yet it has the shameful temerity to warn squatters, who have no where to go because the illegal regime has pushed the nation on the verge of bankruptcy, with people having no choice to squat out with their families, to quit squatting.

Below, we hear from one of the illegal Government squatters, Neumi Leweni.

Fiji’s permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni has stressed government strongly disapproves illegal occupation or squatting.

Leweni said the large number of people illegally occupying state land has become a serious concern to government who will now implement measures to discourage illegal occupation of land.

“The Ministry is now meeting with other stakeholders in government to identify measures to reduce squatting,” he said.

Leweni stated for years, squatters have been exploiting loopholes in the government machinery. “As a result, the nation has lost out on revenue which could have been generated for these lands."-Source Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


Anonymous said...

Squatters everywhere should tell this dickhead to shut up as he and Voreqe are the biggest squatters - Illegal Government.

Stand firm and unite people of Fiji and get rid of the Military once and for all so democracy is restored.

mark manning said...

Disenfranchising the poor and kicking them in the guts while they are already at their lowest, will only serve to turn more people against this bunch of murderous, greedy, self opinionated thieves and despots that are Frank Bainimarama's Regime.
When the day finally comes to incarcerate them, I hope that they are treated with exactly the same disdain with which they are treating these people who through no fault of their own, are virtually homeless and unemployed with no hope for the future in sight.

mark manning said...

One should ask though, is this greedy grab by Frank and Co. for more cash from land currently occupied by many of Fiji's poor, because of the successful efforts by many bloggers and Democracy supporters, in their lobbying the various organisations such as the E.U. U.N. and Governments of Australia and New Zealand as well as other Pacific Island Nations and the I.M.F. ?
Frank Bainimarama and Co. must now be well aware that during this World Financial Crisis, not one Country is willing or able to support his desperate bid to borrow money.
Frank and Co. know too well, that prison is on the horizon and as reality is setting in, they must be ready to abandon ship, though there is now nowhere to hide, especially given the increased profile of the International Criminal Court and it's far reaching powers.
Frank's dwindling support is likened to a shriveling penis in the cold.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Acts like a barfi. Looks like a gulab jamun. What is it ? Leweni-noni's brain.

Anonymous said...

I was somewhat pleased at the time Lewenski was transferred to Lands a far cry from bandmaster to landmaster. I was of the delusion that I won't be hearing any more nonsense monotonous statement from the ahh droppy lapdog. But alas he is still in the limelight uttering all the garbage he had been doing all along. He is somewhat addicted to the limelight and now wanting revenue from crown land to make up for the shortfall in govt revenue.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Discombulated Bubu, Leweni doesnt have a brain, otherwise he would have been out of the junta.
Wait till the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

The right to shelter is a basic human right and the State cannot evict anyone. It is obligated to look for alternative housing to move squatters to. That is why we pay tax, to look after the less affluent of society.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much $$$ Lewenski and his coup-loving family rake in between themselves from the taxpayers coffers?