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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says he is not the same person on NBF List

In our last posting we noted that there was one Lekh Ram on the collapsed National Bank of Fiji's Debtors List who borrowed $23,000 from the Sigatoka branch. We invited Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, the short-lived Cabinet Minister in Bainimarama’s post-2006 coup government, to inform us if he was the same person as the one stated on the NBF List.

Vayeshnoi has responded by informing us that he never borrowed a single cent from the NBF and nightier he had any account with the collapsed bank.

We accept and appreciate his swift response, for it is not our intention to malign him or others but to expose those on the list.
In the absence of any concrete records, co-operation from individuals like Vayeshnoi is the only way to bring sense to the debtors list, which saw the taxpayers losing $387million.

We will continue to reveal debtors names, which includes those of high chiefs, politicians, Indo-Fijians, business houses, including individual supporters of the present illegal junta in Fiji. If you or your family have paid back the NBF loans, please provide Victor Lal with evidence. He can be reached at vloxford@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Exposing people in the current situation within Fiji is a double-edged sword. What makes Victor Lal the figure sitting atop the Old Bailey with the delicately balanced Scales of Justice, one is led to wonder?

If human rights are your concern (and you have led us to believe that they are?) and national duty and responsiblity is your motive then you had better be prepared to accept some hefty consequences and the liability that stems therefrom.

Anonymous said...

Other Banking - Financial Matters.

Hidden away in the FS was a short announcement that Viti's self proclaimed saviour and his AG would be making a trip to the United Arab Emerates in search of an Arab League treasure chest reportedly containing 1 billion US $'s.

Obvious concern is that why are people with a 'non banking' background negotiating contracts of this magnitude? Another is that of Khaiyum's own dubious character?
(undisclosed commissions kickbacks - off shore nest egg).

Anonymous said...

I dont believe this man. Since the NBF files are missing, he knows quite well, that he could deny it - maybe he should inform us of who Lekh Ram from Sigatoka is, and on what strength he had borrowed that money. Again, it just demonstrates that we need a Commission of Inquiry into the collapsed bank and to ask those who defaulted to pay back - many seem to be back in business under different names and guises

Anonymous said...

The son of a son of an IDIOT these moderators are.

Anonymous said...

If VL is sitting atop on the rooftop of the Old Bailey, so what - at least from there he is pointing and identifying to us all those who brought down the NBF and are still carrying on as if they are not responsible, for many are now with the present regime, either preaching or persecuting us in the guise of ending corruption.

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming coup 4.5 and VL. The truth hurts for those who simply thought they had gotten away scot free..

The stench from the NBF pandora box has been floating about the country for far too long, it'll never go away until the people get their answers as to who were responsible for burying the bank.

Yes, it is time to pry the damn box open and yank the jokers out on by one.

Shooting the messengers will not hide the fact that these jokers robbed the national bank blind and tried to cover their tracks.