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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet the new associate professor in law: Shaista Shameem

In case you missed the recent University of Fiji’s Academic Calendar for 2010, it is worth noting that Shaista Shameem, the former director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, the 2006  coup apologist, and champion of inhuman rights in Fiji has been appointed as associate professor at the University of Fiji’s School of Law.

The vision of the School of Law is to develop into a leading and prestigious Law School in the Asia- Pacific region with a diverse range of strengths providing affordable, high quality, relevant, and socially responsible legal education to the community. Among the values of the University of Fiji law programme are that it will:

• Be contemporary and at the same time futuristic, rooted in Fiji but well exposed to regional and international developments, taking full account of increasing globalization;

• Vigorously promote accountability, trust, ethics and moral values in professional legal practice;

• Promote and uphold the rule of law.

Fiji, get prepared to laws of the jungle from her, especially when the Chancellor of the UoF is none other that unconstitutionalist Ratu Josefa Iloilo and the honorary dean of the School of Law is Justice Devendra Pathik, who had not only ruled in favour of Bainimarama in the Fiji High Court, but was seen applying holi powder to the dictator’s forehead shortly before delivering the anti-Qarase judgment along with Anthony Gates and John Bryne, who had just come out of the hair dresser’s after a makeover of black over his white hair.

So don’t be surprised for more black justice in coupland!


Discombobulated Bubu said...

Woilei - truesup ? God help us.

Jim Anthony said...

What a joke. The university of Fiji has no credibility at all. Next the coup dancing girl queen crosbie walsh will be appointed professor of journalism!!!

Keep The Faith said...


Get your kids outta that wanna-be University y'all!

It is standard knowledge that for those aspiring to be academic professors, you must be EXTENSIVELY published, peer reviewed etc on the subject matter -- she fails on this aspect and being an ACTIVE supporter of an illegal coup should immediately strike Shyster right out but nooooooo not for the Uni of Fiji -- I shudder to think about the slanted views of the Law she would be imparting!

It's a bloody con man!

Anonymous said...

Beware of Operation Kadivuka. The curse of the Vore is now eating Fiji, rotting slowly.
All the Kadivukas are now filtering into other organisations to corrupt them, just like their namesake, the tree-eating ant, they will corrupt the whole nations, {both the ants, and the likes of Shaistas.}

Anonymous said...

I notice the University of Fiji's School of Law strives to promote ethics and moral values in professional legal practice. Where was the ethics of this woman if we are to accept the authenticity of the e-mail exchanges between this woman and your anti-regime blogger Victor Lal in his article that you published in April 2009 on your site titled Was there conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice against Qarase, and the article by Lal ran as follows against Gates, Pathik and Bryne. Lal disclosed the e-mail which Shaista wanted him to do so in the event Khaiyum had his way, 'Dog eat dog':

In his appearance before the Fiji Court of Appeal on Wednesday 8 April the lawyer Gerard McCoy, QC, representing Commodore Frank Bainimarama, stressed to the three judges that there was nothing between them and the Fiji Human Rights Commission.
Mr McCoy said that while they were impressed with some of the submissions of the FHRC regarding the prerogative powers of the President, he would like to remind the Court that they have nothing between them as the FHRC is just a friend of the court.
FHRC chairperson and ombudsman Dr Shaista Shameem submitted to the Court of Appeal that the President has reserved or prerogative powers to act in the best interest of the nation, and he has these powers at all times and can exercise them when necessary, not only during emergencies.

Despite Mr McCoy’s denial, an e-mail exchanged between myself and Dr Shaista Shameem of the FHRC suggests that in the previous appeal before the Fiji High Court there might have been connection between Dr Shameem and Bainimarama’s legal team in September 2007.
In her e-mail sent to me in September 2007, Dr Shameem writes as follows: “This is about intellectual property theft by the white boys in the AG's office. FHRC came to our conclusions on the December 5th events (which you know as the report Part II), brought it to the attention of the Solicitor General because they did not have a clue how they should go about this case. We then made an arrangement with them that we would intervene on the prerogative issue; he took that and went to Aiyaz and Gerard McCoy, who took our plan and without telling me made a separate application in an interlocutory matter on how the PM did not keep the President informed under section 104; and then when I cried foul, they decided to object to our intervention! This is how it goes here with the white boys and the AG's office. I have of course declared war. You are free to use this information any way you like. The problem is that Tony Gates is a friend (close and personal) of Gerard McCoy and probably wants to make his name in the international constitutional circuit. This is how bad it is here now. Dog eat dog. I am certainly not assisting in the Fatiaki trial- let the cards fall where they shall. My job is the public interest and I did not write my reports for the state. The military council is fully briefed and I don't have any worries.
Best – Shaista.”

Anonymous said...

Isa, one big kerekere levu to the learned law professor to please please please! not ever teach her law students to use, think or even utter WIKIPEDIA as a source or reference point in the courtroom - tis not some Ally Mcbeal tv show... or is it?

Anonymous said...

An image to the beast. Viti is gone forever.

University of Fools said...

What's next? Bainimarama as professor of peace studies? The so called University of Fiji must be made an example of for this terrible lack of judgement.
Who is running this school of terrorism????

Anonymous said...

Quote from a widely respected Fijian legal identity.

"Her appointment at USP is a travesty given the part she played in trashing the rule of law".

Croz the censor said...

Dear 4.5,

Perhaps you'll publish this. You certainly won't see it on Crosbie Walsh's website.
Croz, after many months of regular contributions, several recent comments I submitted haven't got past the gatekeeper - you. I thought you'd introduced screening to counter cyber terrorism and perhaps offensive and defamatory statements. But you've also clearly used this as a means to filter out postings you don't agree with. By doing doing so, you are now no better than websites like Solivakasama and have strayed from sympathy for the regime to blind advocacy. If you wonder why you have zero comments on more and more of your offerings, it's because we've given up on you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:40 PM.

Good call - pretty well summed it up.

Destroyed governance both local and international - overseas investor confidence - trashed judiciary - now academia - wonder who or what's next?

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh is a classic example
of someone clearly underestimating the collective intelligence of his intended audience. Apart from that his website is far to complicated -information overload is not good.

Dribbling Driti's mum said...

My little boy Pita would like an academic position as well please. Perhaps in the areas of human rights or international diplomacy.
Pita...what are you doing? Oh he spilt the milk again and he is crying over it....he hasn't been the same since he was rejected by the UN as a human rights abusing cowardly thug.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Interesting little known fact is that USP harbours another well known regime supporter - Emeritus Prof Crosbie Walsh. (maybe he could write her copy?).

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how someone with a PHD in sociology and has lectured on sociology all her life go gets an LLB and an LLM has three hours of court time and five hours of legal research all of a sudden becomes an associate professor of law.

The University of Fiji should be forced to change its name because it is heading towards painting us all in its brush of stupidity and cheap degrees often associated with some backwater Indian university where you can get a degree if you father can put together enough rupees.

Anonymous said...

A professor in Satan's false education system. Their masters and law degrees with shelves full of holes and bullshit. The TRUE LAW is understood by everyone educated or illiterate. Only contains 10 COMMANDMENTS on half a page

Cheap Degrees said...

Best of luck at your new position! I'm certain you'll make a whole new academic turnover.