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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New media decree chairman to do the dirty on paper that helped promote his work

Will Satendra Nandan make a ‘mango chutney’ of Fiji media?

Coup Four Point And A Half says: ‘Leave Fiji Times Alone’

The appointment of Satendra Nandan as the new chairman of the Media Development Authority following the promulgation of the obnoxious media decree comes as no great surprise, for he is merely following in the long line of Indo-Fijians who had or have sold their twisted karmic souls to the gorging devils running our emerald isle of Fiji. 

The irony of ironies is that the first paper which will take a direct illegal punch in the face will be the Fiji Times, the very paper which had introduced Nandan to the people of Fiji in the late 1980s when it published in full his address to the National Federation Party conference.

It also only recently provided him the outlet to publish his most recent work: ‘The days of the Girmit era in Fiji’; story from Nandan’s forthcoming collection, Seashells on the Seashore.

The collection titled ‘Mangoes’ reads as follows: ‘The sharpening of the knife was unmistakable. It had acquired a deadly rhythm. And the cold, shining edge of the dark steel had a dreadful reputation: a murder weapon for slitting throats and chopping off goats' heads. The old man was used to it: he heard it every morning during the cane harvesting season. The grating sound had become a song to his old but sharpened ears’.

Like the old man in Nandan’s ‘Mangoes’, since the 2006 coup, we have heard nothing but filth pouring out of the mouth of Nandan’s overlord, that pugnacious finger-jabbing treasonist Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (caught on mobile phone cameras by the dictator’s own military bodyguards going in and out of Berkeley Crescent (the dictator’s home) before the 2006 coup, presumably begging him to appoint him as Fiji’s A-G after the coup) against the Fiji Times.

Khaiyum and his New Zealander Solicitor-General had been sharpening their knives against the Fiji media, scheming behind the scenes on how best to settle scores with the un-obliging media (especially the Fiji Times) until they came up with the provisional media decree, and now the Hitlerian diktat (The Media Industry Development Decree) from Khaiyum to the Fiji Times, that the paper must comply in the next three months:
“Under the Decree, all the directors and at least 90 per cent of beneficial shareholders of any media organisation must be Fijian citizens permanently residing in Fiji.

“The residency requirement has been relaxed, and permanently residing now means any person residing in Fiji for three out of the seven years prior to registration and thereafter residing in Fiji for at least six out of 12 months of a year.

“All media organisations have three months from today, to ensure that their directors and 90 per cent of the beneficial shareholders of the media organisation are Fiji citizens permanently residing in Fiji.

“I wish to make it clear that any media organisation which fails to comply with this requirement shall cease to operate as a media organisation, and shall also be liable for an offence under the Decree. At this stage, Fiji Times is the media organisation that needs to comply with the ownership requirements.”

We hope the ‘Devil’s Devil’, as he is known in the media world, will introduce another decree, stating that only Fijian citizens can become Solicitor-General of Fiji – for under the present decree, with Nandan on the Committee will sit the New Zealander, Christopher Pryde – i.e. the Solicitor-General or his nominee.

At least, the Fiji Times, Nai Lalakai and Shanti Dutt (despite belonging to the Murdoch Empire) are providing jobs to hundreds of Fijian citizens, directly or indirectly; what has Pryde done for Fiji; nothing but living off the proceeds, blood, toil and tears of the 2006 coup victims.

As for Nandan, we hope he will not, on the instruction of his masters, make  ‘mango chutney’ of the Fiji media, smashing it, like a crushed mango, into oblivion.

And retort later to us: ‘It’s lesser of the two evils” – like his famous words that Bainimarama’s 2006 coup was ‘the lesser of two evils”.

Those of us who value press freedom, and have first-hand experience of the operations of the media world; we must take our conch shells and scream aloud into Nandan’s ear and into the ear of his overlord, Khaiyum, that pugnacious Goebbels of Fiji:

‘Leave Fiji Times, ALONE!’

Nandan, hopefully, still remembers the word KARMA! He is, after his retirement from the safety of Canberra, now back in Fiji as Director, Transparency International, Fiji; Director, Gandhi-Tappoo Ashram for Peace & Ethics, Writing & Dialogue at the University of Fiji.

We wonder if he told his masters to advertise his job as the chairman of the new Media Development Authority.

His appointment is neither Gandhian nor Transparent. He has been imposed or volunteered to become the illegal regime’s media policeman.


Anonymous said...

Press Freedom?

Interesting that NewsLtd www Australian flagship The Australian
won't publish any comments critical of Murdoch & Hartigans appalling handling if this situation.

Both were constantly warned that unless they acted positively they would eventually find themselves where they are now.

Real losers of course won't be above executives or shareholders -
one's who'll suffer most will be the countless loyal NewsLtd employee's who'll no doubt lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

The dirty monkey, he should be hanged by da balls

Discombobulated Bubu said...

What is it with double banger overseas residents like Satendra Nandan, Nair, Prasad, Aiyas Khyworm and Pryde etc etc, ruling us the indigenous natives and our country by decree ?

And telling us , via their puppet Baini-stupidO and his goons, how we should run our lives .. it makes me so ill.

Anonymous said...

"he is merely following in the long line of Indo-Fijians who had or have sold their twisted karmic souls..."
Such statements appearing on this website gives it a very racial twist. I thought the aim of the website was to celebrate a vibrant democracy in Fiji that treated everyone as equal. If the son of an African born in the US can raise up to be the president and be called American surely the fourth generation Indians born on these beautiful islands can be called Fijians!

Anonymous said...

Crucial oversight by the regime regarding ownership of the Fiji Times is that it is not Australian but US owned.(NewsCorp).

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 12:36: Oilei! How is it even logically possible that Obama and Satendra Nandan et al could EVER be compared? This is akin to comparing Guava's & Banana's???

No one can be a Fijian under totalitarian military tyranny!

And yes there can be a time when an Indo-Fijian can rule the land but only when she/he can share the hearts, minds and aspirations of the MAJORITY of the population.