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Monday, June 21, 2010

Retrial over dead police officers deferred

The re-trial of three men alleged to have shot dead two Police officers during the 2000 upheaval has been moved to the 12th of July as one of the accused is still at large.

Leone Lautabui, Semesa Roko, and Jonasa Tonowai are charged with the murder of Policemen Raj Kumar and Joela Weleilakeba in Sawani in 2000.

The office of the Director of Prosecution had applied for an application to carry on with the case but this was objected to by Legal Aid.

Judge Justice Daniel Goundar denied the application, saying that the DPP should file a proper application.

Judge Goundar also told the court that the case could not proceed without one of the defendants present in court.

Semesa Roko did not turn up to Court today. -Fiji Broadcasting Corporation