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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Small quake rattles Fiji but far bigger issues are at play

The illegal government of Fiji must be thanking Mother Nature  the 4.7 magnitude earthquake that occured today did not trigger a tsunami.

Imagine the furore that would've caused.

Voreqe Bainimarama tried to squash the 'predictions' of the Nadi pastor, Rev Laione Vacevamaca, who said an earthquake and tsunami would hit Fiji today, at half past two.

There was no major earthquake but the Mineral Resources Department confirms a small quake at 10.16am but said it was too deep to generate a tsunami.

The quake was centered between Fiji and Tonga and was not felt in Suva.

Many dismissed Nacevamava's predictions as drivel but there were willing ears. Reports say on Raabi Island, preparations were made for emergency shelters with people moving to higher grounds.

Funerals in other parts of Fiji were cancelled while in Suva there were reports of some workers leaving their jobs and heading home at noon.

The military regime pretended today's earthquake didn't happen and the media went along with it. Only the Fiji Times reported that a quake had struck but there was no tsunami.

Nacevamaca is tonight in police custody, along with the head of Fiji's Rugby Union, Bill Gavoka, as police investigate who else spread the pastor's original email. 

The pastor's warnings and today's quake could've been a coincidence. After all, there have been plenty of quakes in the Pacific region, of late.

Many Fijians have, of course, turned to God as they search for a way back to democracy. With the nation's prediliction for superstition and Christianity, Nacevamaca had a ready made congregation.

It remains to be seen how vengeful those with feet of clay will be, as they seek to put the dissidents in their place.

Photo: Bill Gavoka - in police custody since Sunday.


Anonymous said...

It is wrong to blame Bill Gavoka for allegedly forcing tourists to flee from their hotel rooms and trying to ruin the economy and tourism - he was one of many who believed the Pastor - for the earthquake did strike - anyway, what about all those tourists who fled the country when the Dictator was running around Suva with his military goons threatening to carry out the coup - he claimed he was memrely exercising - it is the dictator who has ruined our economy and Fiji. Bless the Pastor - it just shows that the Pastor has more cloud than the thug with guns

Anonymous said...

Now this guys will face a bigger quake from Vore's military goons

Anonymous said...

Who knows if this is the truth? Looks like the amateur work of the military propaganda machine.Seems like they created the whole story and sent false emails and then reported a fake earth quake in an effort to arrest Gavoka and the talatala.

The green goons have fabricated events in the past by planting fake bombs and making bomb threats to justify their Emergency Decrees.

After all, these two men cannot protest their innocence because of Bai's "zero critics" decrees that restrict free speech.