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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bailed Nadi prophecy pastor and tourism boss to appear again in court

The Nadi pastor behind the Wednesday disaster prophecy has been granted bail by the Suva Magistrate Court.

So, too, has the tourism boss and the head of the Fiji Rugby Union, accused of forwarding the controversial email to stakeholders.

Both Rev Laione Nacevamaca and Bill Gavoka have to appear again in court tomorrow. 

Nacevamaca and Gavoka are charged with one count each of malicious act under Section 15 of the Public Order Act.

The Nadi pastor prophesised in an email there would be an earthquake and a tsunami at half past two yesterday. 

A 4.7 magnitude quake was recorded at 10.16am yesterday morning between Fiji and Tonga but there was no tsunami.

A number of people were reported to have believed the natural disaster warning, including Rabi Island where locals took to higher ground.

Workers in Suva also left their jobs to go home because of the pending disaster.

The Public Service Commission permanent secretary, Parmesh Chand, says civil servants who deliberately missed work because of the prophecy will be disciplined. 

He told the Fiji Times the Commission is collecting data from ministry heads on the absentees. 

"I can't reveal information on the absentees but we are collecting data," he said.

Photo: Nacevamaca and Gavoka's supporters at court.-Source FBC


Anonymous said...

Hang this lowlife mongrel along with his sidekick.

nayacakalou said...

False profecy,another one like Bainimara.The only difference is,Bai is well paid for it.

Anonymous said...

A prophecy is a prophecy and it tells us of things to come. This prophecy has been said and has been communicated via different mediums all over Fiji and world over to everyone that has Fiji at heart. People will respond to this by talking and saying this and that but at the end of the day, everyone will be praying for Fiji and it's people. You know what? ...God will listen to these prayers because his word says that when men listens to His word, humble their hearts and turn from their wicked ways,He will heal their land. So here we can say that thru the power of prayer, things change. (Prayer changes things). Man can change the situation once you get intimate with God (His Holy Spirit). The 2 accussed should not be dealt with by the law. Here the govt is dealing with God so beware......

Anonymous said...

Why do you expect God to hear your prayer when you are desecrating His Sabbath and transgressing His Law? The whole truth is in His Law. No Law , No prophesy. So where does that leave your so called man of God?

Awakin said...

We should not be too quick to judge this man a False Prophet, for a 'False' Prophet is one who tries to deceive by leading people away from the messiah Jesus, which this man of God, is not attempting to do here.
How is one to know that the people's prayers did not halt a potential disaster??
I feel we maybe making a mistake by attempting to prosecute this servant of God...and yet...somehow I believe...that this is all meant to happen....as HE will soon step in....to do what must be done!!