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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bainimarama: Fiji not rushing back to Pacific Forum

By Elenoa Osborne
The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Fiji will not rush to get back into the Pacific Islands Forum says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

The comment comes as New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says he does not believe Forum countries will change their position on Fiji’s suspension from the Forum.

Bainimarama says Fiji’s participation at the Forum can only be decided by the Forum leaders themselves but Fiji is better off without it.

“We didn’t kick ourselves out of the Forum, somebody else did and we are not going to force ourselves back into the Forum. We are comfortable where we are. What is important is that we have bilateral with the rest of the Pacific Island nations now that we are out of the Forum and we started that last week in our meeting.”

10 of the 14 Pacific Island countries that make up the Pacific Islands Forum were represented at the “Engaging with the Pacific Leader’s Meeting in Natadola last week.

The leaders all endorsed Fiji’s Roadmap to Democracy.


Dummy spit dictator said...

Good. And don't rush back into the Commonwealth either! You and your junta are not wanted. So go and play in the traffic up north and stop dribbling down your chin!!

Anonymous said...

Who needs the endorsement of those stupid leaders? They don't live in Fiji nor do they suffer under the Baini dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Here you go, finally we can agree with Frank, the man who likes to award himself little metals and has multiple academic titles such as PSC (Public Service Commission) and GMcs (Gold Medal in Cassava Sprinting). We all appreciate you not being amongst civilized people at the Forum, so don't rush anything. And please, please Frank free yourself from the shackles of aid from EU, OZ and NZ. We as taxpayers welcome this move as it is our hard earned money that is squandered to prop up your very unsavory dictatorship. And while we are at it, don't allow any more Fijians to migrate to Oz and Nz. Impose a travel ban on everyone. We will continue to fully support your looking North policy, guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he really did award himself the GMcs?

I really want a tshirt with that written on it.

Radiolucas said...

Has anyone wondered about Frank's "looking North" policy?

Which direction is his North? Is it North Korea or just somewhere out in the ocean above Rotuma?

Maybe it is Rotuma!?!

I think as our illegal unelected representatives, we deserve to know in which direction the buffoons in power are looking at all time.

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