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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bainimarama makes two more Fijians jobless by expelling Roberts

The following story in the Fiji Times is not only heart-breaking but it just reveals the human cost on innocent citizens who have been making their living through the sheer dint of hard work, unlike Bainimarama, Aiyaz, Inoke Kubuabola and others, who have forced themselves into jobs without a reference or interview. By expelling the acting Australian High Commissioner Sarah Roberts, the criminals now running Fiji have added two more to the list of unemployed since the 2006 coup. We hope these two nannies will not be accused of being ‘spies’ for Australia by the Pariah of the South Pacific – Frank Bainimarama!

Nannies miss diplomat's kids
Timoci Vula
Thursday, July 15, 2010
TWO years of being a part of Australia's diplomatic "family" in Fiji came to an abrupt end for the two nannies of acting High Commissioner Sarah Roberts' children on Tuesday morning.
Nannies Ilisapeci Bakunivalu and Keresi Atelala broke down in tears when Ms Roberts' husband Alex Swan conveyed the news that they had to leave Fiji on Wednesday following a decision by the State.

"We were shocked and surprised because we did not expect this to happen," Ms Bakunivalu said.
"We cried because we knew we will part with the family who had become a part of ours," she said.

She said they were more saddened when they played with Romy, 5, and three-year-old Harry on Tuesday knowing they had less than a day together.

"We really miss them," an emotional Ms Bakunivalu said.
"For two years, we looked after them and they had developed an attachment to us because they were with us more than they were with their parents," she said.

Ms Bakunivalu said Romy and Harry were two "sweet" kids who, despite the privileges they enjoyed in love and wealth, were walking epitomes of humility and obedience.
"Yesterday (Tuesday), while we were playing, Romy turned to me and said, 'Ili, when we go back, I'll go and send you some shoes'," she said.

"I then I asked her whose idea was it and she said it was her idea. I replied, Romy, since when did you become the boss and she replied, you do not want shoes?" Ms Bakunivalu said cracking a laugh.

Ms Bakunivalu said Harry did not talk much apart from repeating how he was going to miss them (nannies).
"Atelala and I will really miss them because they were like family to us, they were a part of our families," Ms Bakunivalu said.

She said they would also miss their jobs and expressed concerns as to their next move for a new job citing difficulty in securing professional nanny jobs like their latter.

Ms Roberts, the second senior Australian diplomat to be expelled from Fiji in less than a year after high commissioner James Batley, was declared persona non-grata on Tuesday and was given 24 hours to leave the country.
Ms Roberts and her family left the high commission for the final time at noon yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama the thief is not interested in the welfare of ordinary citizens.He takes away their voices in parliament,he takes away their judiciary and potential for equal justice,he takes away their economic prosperity,he takes away their basic freedoms of speech and expressions,he takes away their jobs and ability to feed their families,he takes away their dignity,he takes away their good relationships with neighboring countries,he takes away social harmony between citizens,he takes away the future for their next generations.

What good reforms are this stupid and greedy dictator and sidekicks talking about? Are these reforms the type that line their own pockets illegally?

Furthermore,what has Catholic church supremos,Mataca and Barr got to say now...not to mention those stupid rascals like Chaudary,Jokapeci Koroi,Poseci Bune, Ah Koy and all those other self serving failed politicians and corrupt businessmen who contributed to creating this false and criminal regime?

Keep up the good work MSG,Australia,New Zealand,USA and all other decent countries. These countries are providing an invaluable humanitarian and moral assistance by taking up the fight for all ordinary Fiji citizens who just want to be free Bainimarama's corrupt military desperadoes.

Anonymous said...

Fiji magistrates' dismissal sparks concerns

Reports of the recent dismissal of five Fijian magistrates without notice has the New Zealand Law Society gravely concerned that the country's military rulers are undermining the independence of the judiciary.

Law Society president Jonathan Temm said it had been advised of the dismissals which included one magistrate who questioned the propriety of a prosecution by the Fijian government agency Independent Commission against Corruption.

Mr Temm says the prosecution was against a human rights lawyer and her husband and involved charges alleging breaches of the law related to Suva City Council misdemeanours, along with a charge of fraud.

"It appears that a government agency - which was purportedly established to fight corruption - is being used in a manner inconsistent with its statutory purpose. The effective dismissal of judicial officers attacks the independence of the judiciary," he said.

"Of most concern is those judicial officers apparently dismissed for rejecting prosecution cases brought by the military government or its agencies."

Mr Temm said a Law and Justice report issued by the Citizens Constitutional Forum organisation found that 40 judicial officers were dismissed in the year to April 2010, in addition to the five recently dismissed magistrates.

"The Fiji Law Society has bravely condemned the dismissal of Fijian magistrates and public prosecutors, and says that Fiji's judiciary is effectively no longer independent," he said.

The rule of law was under attack in Fiji and this should be a significant concern to the people and Government of New Zealand, Mr Temm said.

Last week Fiji expelled Australian envoy Sarah Roberts for what it said was meddling in the country's internal affairs after Australia had lobbied for a Melanesian summit in Fiji to be postponed. The summit was cancelled by organisers who cited concerns about democracy and "good governance" since the 2006 military coup.

Roberts is the second senior Australian diplomat to be expelled from Fiji in less than a year after the high commissioner and his New Zealand counterpart were removed last November over alleged interference in Fiji's judiciary.

- NZPA, 18 July,2010