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Friday, July 23, 2010

Strict bail conditions imposed on Chaudhry

By Roneel Lal and Vijay Narayan for Fiji Village
(Posted 5.07pm)

The former Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has been charged with 12 counts of alleged money laundering, tax evasion and not declaring foreign currency and appeared in the Suva Magistrates court in the last hour.

Chaudhry (pictured above) appeared in a packed court room and was represented by his son, lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry.

Looking at the charges laid against Chaudhry.

Count one deals with Chaudhry allegedly failing to surrender foreign currency involving $1.5 million Australian dollars between 1st November 2000 to 23rd July this year.

Count two also deals with Chaudhry allegedly failing to declare foreign currency by not following the proper channels and failing to follow proper procedure as required by the Reserve Bank of Fiji and allegedly investing in certain institutions without confirming with the Reserve Bank of Fiji and without following proper procedures.

Chaudhry is also charged with a few counts of alleged money laundering.

According to the DPP Aca Rawaya this is an unlawful act and the charges relate to events dating back to 21st February 2001 amount involving $400,000 Australian dollars where it is alleged that Chaudhry kept in an account at the Commonwealth Bank in Australia.

A number of bank account numbers where Chaudhry is alleged to have kept this money in various bank was also revealed in court this afternoon and the amounts involved $400,000 and $378,000.

One of these charges involves $50,000 Australian dollars in relation to where Chaudhry is alleged to have given a gift to his daughter who lives in Australia and allegedly not following proper procedures under the Reserve Bank of Fiji and Fiji laws and a number of alleged false statements made by Chaudhry and failing to declare certain amounts.
The 12 charges were read to Chaudhry and he said he understood the charges however no plea was taken.

Chaudhry handed in his passport and has been released on strict bail conditions which include that he is to report to the Suva Point Police station every Thursday, he was to pay $1000 assurity and was ordered not to interfere with any of the witnesses.

Mahendra Chaudhry will now appear in the Suva High court next Friday, July 30th.


Anonymous said...

Now at least I can sleep easy, knowing that Chodary got what he desrve for supporting a coup after being a victim himself.

Anonymous said...

So that great sleuth of yours, Victor Lal, was correct all the time, who had exposed Chaudhry's millions in secret bank accounts in Australia and New Zealand. If VL's story was correct, why did Frank, Chaudhry and others deny it, and even FIRCA investigation cleared Mahend. We know because of Victor Lal's disclosure, the illegal regime had even deported Russell Hunter out of Fiji over that $2million story - now it becomes more important to lift press censorship, for Victor Lal to tell the people of Fiji what others had done to the National Bank of Fiji and those running Yatu Lau. From now onwards I will prefer to believe Victor Lal than the Fiji regime. I salute your columnist Lal - What a waste that such great talent as that possessed by Victor Lal is lost to Fiji because of media censorship but keep up the good work C4/5.

Anonymous said...

finaly chodury got nailed down. One have see that Victor Lal was correct in exposing Chodury. But how come he was cleared by banini and his team. Whatever he is been charged Victor Lal revealed. I agree with above ,again baini has showed he cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Makes a change from all the bad news emanating from Viti recently -does however beg the question - why did it take so long?

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary will destroy Voreqe, his military and Khaiyum once and for all as he is a man with guts. He and his supporters will stand up to the Military as indegenous Fijians have their tails between their legs and can do nothing while Khaiyum is taking over their identity, their land, their souls and minds with Voreqe's guns.

Chaudhary you are the MAN and indegenous Fijian Chiefs and their people should learn from you about guts and courage.

Chaudhary we salute you.

Anonymous said...

This is a pay back by the Frank and Co. Mahend has been the only real leader who has been highlighting the flaws of the military regime. He has not been deterred by the threats. These allegations are nothing but a repackaged load of ribbish by RBF's Sada Reddy. One must not forget that Mahend was charged immediately after he publically pointed out serious flaws and the lies in RBF's last communication.

Mahend will get through this as there's no substance in the allegations. We stand behind this man - A man of honour, courage and diginity.