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Friday, July 23, 2010

Chaudhry taken in for questioning

Coupfourpointfive has been reliably informed from inside the police headquarters that Frank Bainimarama's former Finance Minister, Mahendra Chauhdry, was taken in by the CID for questioning over alleged money laundering. 

Chaudhry was being investigated for the past week but police sources had asked Coupfourpointfive to keep it under wraps.

If anything comes out of the investigation, the former Prime Minister and leader of the Fiji Labour Party could well end up being charged and taken to court. 

Neither the FLP nor Chaudhry could be reached for comment.

It's alleged Chaudhry, with the help of the Government of India, channeled more than $700,000 into his private bank account in Australia in 2002.

Two million dollars was involved between 2000 and 2002.

The money had been collected by political sympathisers in India.


Anonymous said...

Frank must feel quite comfortable to bring his former friend in. A bit late as it became public knowledge in 2007 that Chaudary had stolen vast amounts of money from his own people. Now what are we seeing here? A move to destroy labour I'd say. At present labour is the only political force which could stage some form of structured resistance against the dictator and his guns. But may be Frank is taking a gamble here where the outcome is uncertain. Like Chodo or not he is not stupid and he is not as easily intimidated as a handful of grog drunken Fijian chiefs who go and drink home brew when told so by Frank. Interesting times indeed.

Fiji land of chaos said...

Fiji is becoming a land of total chaos under the incompetent military junta. The indo Fijians, especially the inncoent poor, will be by far the biggest losers when this pack of cards collapses.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Land of chaos , I would feel Indians are the biggest supporter of baini.Aiase/Banini will rescue Indians, don't worry

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