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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hard questions asked about the Fiji Sun

Who are behind the dictator Frank Bainimarama and his egoist poodle Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's coup propagandist outlet, The Fiji Sun?

A Coupfourpointfive Investigation

The illegal Attorney-General (illegal because the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled so), Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, returned to his pet project – the destruction of media freedom in Fiji – by reminding media outlets of his obnoxious Media Decree – reportedly drafted in Hong Kong and sent in a noodle lunch box to his chambers, which he is illegally occupying. 

He has reminded the media it must submit to his chambers affidavits sworn and signed by the proprietor and in the case of print media, by the proprietor or the persons intended to be the printer and the publisher of the newspaper. The affidavit must contain full disclosure of all ownership interests held by any person or in the case of a company, a list of its shareholders.

We wonder if the illegal occupant of the Attorney-General’s chambers will make the list of affidavits public. Of course, he will not. Instead, we might again find him on the front page of The Fiji Sun, sky diving as our beautiful Fiji below is burning from the oppressive boot of the dictator and the long and suppressive arm of the law in coup coup land. 

This illegal lawman has featured more times on the front page of the Sun (the smiling dictator is only just slightly ahead in number count), than Miss Hibiscus. 

Now, he is back, reminding everyone of the illegal Media Development Decree, overseen by a former victim of 1987 coups, who has parachuted into the country from Australia to ensurethe industry abide the obnoxious decree. 

Any media organization that is not registered in accordance with the decree, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or both and in the case of a company to a fine not exceeding $100,000. 

Khaiyum said since “the 30 days come to an end tomorrow, all those providing media services in the country should ensure that they have followed the procedures under the decree”. 

We wonder when democracy returns to Fiji, whether he will display the same zeal, bravado and courage and hand himself to the jailors at Naboro Prison, along with the dictator, and countless others, on charges of treason and attempting to destroy the i-taukei as a race (crimes against humanity). 

Will Khaiyum respond to the call of the free people: “We gave you thirty days to surrender yourself for crimes against humanity, and now it is coming to an end, so surrender yourself at the gates of Naboro Prison”. 

The Fiji SUN: Behind the Scene Movers and Shakers
On 30 March 1999, at a duly constituted meeting of Linkage (Fiji) Ltd, the company resolved to change its name to SUN (Fiji) News Ltd. On 7 May 1999, the following were registered as directors of Linkage (Fiji) Ltd: Manoj Kumar f/n Chandar Kumar, general manager, resigned 30/3/99; Karan Prasad f/n Shiu Prasad, manager, resigned 30/3/99; Sundip Patel f/n Jayantilal Patel, company director and Jayantilal Patel f/n Chotabhai Patel, company director.

On 1 June, at an extraordinary general meeting of SUN (Fiji) News Ltd, it was resolved as follows: ‘That the share capital of the company be increased to the amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) by the creation of additional share capital to the amount of Nine Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Dollars ($99,000) divided into 997,000 ordinary shares of $1 each and ranking Pari Passu (one series of equity will have the same rights and privileges as another series of equity) to the existing ordinary capital in all other respects. 

The share capital of the company “shall be $1,000,000 (One Million) Dollars divided into One Million (1,000,000) ordinary shares of $1each”. 

The allottee was named as Sunbury Ltd, P. O. Box 165, Suva, with 349,998 ordinary shares. On 11 June 2009, SUN (Fiji) News had a mortgage with the Westpac Banking Corporation of Twenty Million and Sixty Nine Thousand Dollars ($20,069,000.00). The Directors were listed as follows: Sundip Patel, Sitiveni Weleilakeba and Pravin Patel. The Secretaries were the Sri Lankan and present chairman of the FNPF, Ajith Kodagoda and Sanjaya Peiris.

The Annual Return of the SUN (Fiji) News Ltd for 2008 reveals the following past and present members: Jayanti Patel, Sundip Patel, Ba Provincial Holding Ltd (5,000 Preference shares), Fijian Holdings Ltd, 500,000 Preference Shares, C J Patel and Co ltd 2,340,88 (Preference) and 200,775 (Ordinary Shares); Vinod Patel & Co Ltd 159,110 (Preference Shares) and Sunbury Ltd. Total: 3,004,998 (Preference) and 200,777 Ordinary shares.

Fijian Holdings Ltd betrays dictator’s multi-racial claims
In recent months, the Fiji Sun editorials have unashamedly championed the dictator’s purported vision of a race free Fiji. And yet all one has to do is to examine the Fijian Holdings Ltd, which holds 500,000 Preference shares in News (Fiji) Ltd, with the dictator and his pugnacious side-kick and destroyer of the Fijian race boasting that it is 100 per cent locally owned. 

The Fiji SUN, in particular, has broken the time honoured practice in the media world to not to attack its rival, in this case, the Fiji Times. Not a day passes when the Fiji Sun does not hesitate to point out that the Fiji Times is foreign-owned.

What about the Fijian Holdings Ltd? As an institution it is grossly racist in its membership, if we are to measure it against the dictator’s yardstick. According to the FHL website, founded in 1984 as a response by the Fijian chiefs and people to accelerate Fijian participation in the economy, “Fijian Holdings today is a successful and profitable Fijian Enterprise which has become a major player in Fiji's corporate sector. Its shareholders include Provincial Councils, the Native Land Trust Board, the Fijian Affairs Board, Tikina and village groups, Fijian co-operatives, individual Fijians and family companies”.

Its investments give Fijians significant shareholding in major companies thus helping to achieve the national objective of bringing indigenous Fijians fully into the mainstream of the country's economic life. Fijian Holdings has also broadened the scope of its training programme wherein young Fijians are prepared and groomed for businesses utilising the resources of its associates and subsidiary companies.   

Investing in FHL
Who Qualifies?
“Investing in FHL, the listed company is only open to indigenous Fijians. But the Fijian Holdings Unit Trust is open to all other races including non-residents.”  

“You need to bring your I Vola ni Kawa Bula extract which can be obtained from the Native Lands Commission’s office located at the Bose Levu Vakaturaga Complex, 84 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Nasese, Suva, Fiji.” 

It was only recently that Bainimarama stressed tthe Fiji government has just one shot to ensure all the reforms are carried out to have a united Fiji with equal opportunities for all irrespective of race or religion. If so, why non-Fijians not registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula are not given ‘a shot’ to become shareholders in Fijian Holdings. 

Moreover, if everyone is now to be referred to as Fijian, why is the FHL allowed to trade exclusively for the benefit of Fijians. We notice that one of the directors of FHL is Michael Makasiale of Yatu Lau Company Ltd. Again, why Makasiale has not been ordered to stop being director of different companies; for after all the burning issue in the Media Decree is cross-media ownership.

Also, what is Mohammed Aziz doing as one of the directors of FHL, when he is also running the dictator’s army? While boasting of its 100 per cent share in Sun Fiji Ltd, FHL writes on its website:  “Sun Fiji Ltd publishes the Fiji Sun newspaper. 
In recent times the newspaper has developed a reputation for breaking news stories of national significance and has won the leading news and photographic awards in the national print category at the Fiji Media Council annual presentation.”

We presume the FHL was boasting about the Fiji Media Council Award for Outstanding Journalism to Russell Hunter and Victor Lal, the two very persons they came down ruthlessly hard on when they revealed Bainimarama’s Finance Minister Chaudhry’s $2million in the Australian bank account.

In the Shadow of an African Dictator
Also, Bainimarama claimed that he was offered 500 million Euros to have elections within months. He said he will not reveal who made the offer but he stressed that Fiji is not like a failed African state which will just take the handout and give in.

Bainimarama said some so-called international analysts have described him as Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. He said this just shows that these analysts do not understand Fiji and what is happening in the country.

Both Bainimarama and his side-kick Khaiyum should be grateful (at least for the time being) that they are not running an African country, for if they were in Africa, another army officer would have stepped forward by now and put  a boot into their backsides – for trying to destroy the i-taukei and everything the race stands for.  

We hope we don’t have to wait for long for that patriotic soldier to save our beautiful Fiji.

The FHL Chairman and Directors
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Isoa Kaloumaira
Occupation:  CEO - Fijian Trust Fund Appointed: 1998 - 2006,

- Your browser may not support display of this image.

Brigadier General  Aziz Mohammed,  Appointed 2008
Deputy Chairman Occupation: Chief of  Staff - RFMF
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Sereana Qoro, Appointed 2008
Occupation: Managing Director
Fijian Holdings Group of
Appointed: 2008

 Your browser may not support display of this image.
Saimoni Lutu
Director ,Occupation: Businessman,  Appointed: 2008

Your browser may not support display of this image.
Iowane Naiveli
Director, Occupation: Chartered  Accountant, Appointed:2008

 Your browser may not support display of this image.
Ulaiasi Baya
Director, Occupation: Consultant, Appointed: 2008

 Your browser may not support display of this image.
Michael Makasiale
Director, Occupation: CEO Yatu Lau, Company Limited, Appointed: 2008

 Your browser may not support display of this image.
Padam Lala
Director, Occupation: Businessman, Appointed: 2008


Anonymous said...

The Fiji Sun is a good example of unbiased and fair reporting of news that please both iArse and Frank. I wished we had similarly unbiased media in NZ and Oz, it would allow us to enjoy the news without the need for thinking. Long live unbiased media reporting Fiji style.

Anonymous said...

Gee! Wonder who'd benefit most from a one paper monopoly?

Memo Fiji Sun - Frank won't always be around.

Anonymous said...

When you do not know what you are talking aboutjust shut up.I know many of those who are supporting Bainimarama are talking because they are getting some benefit of what Bainimarama had done but how many>? only a handful.Majority of people in Fiji know the truth and are silent because they do not have to justify the truth.I have read in news paper that Bainimarama in his campaign that some politicians and former heads heads of Govt.Departments are going arround spreading lies about his illegal govt. and his evil draft constitution.Who is the lier here ?Come on Bainimarama come straight. Why did you take over the peoples elected government.Is it brcause your contract was expiring and the government was not willing to extend it due to your lack of leadership skill which causes the 2000 coup and secondly you were scared of the police investigations into the CRW murder case and several other police investigations which were zeroing on you and thirdly your were surcharged by the then government for over spending the miltary budget.For those of you whio are blindly supporting Bainimarama those issues are personal for Bainimarama and he used the whole military institution to solve his own problem now the whole country suffers and the opportunist like Kaiyum,Nazarhat sisters.Nailatikau and many others jump into the weagon and create all these chaos.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Kaiyum with all those who plot the 2006 coup be informed that all of you are known including,Rt Epelei,Nailatikau. Ganilau,Pita Kewa Nacuva, Nazhart and Seister Shameem.Ahman, Richard Evanason even Mahendra Chudary, Anthony Gate your days are numbered .Every dog has its day.Bainimarama and Kaiyum your Draft constitution will be nullified even if it is approvesd through cheating and cunning deception of yours if will be challenged in the court of law and the 1997 constitution will be back case refrence Chandrika Prasad vs Bainimarama.Doctrine of necessity does not apply and you can not hide behind it, Alkl those dwecrees that you have published are all illegal because you existance is illegal

Kavita Sharma said...

Honestly Anon who ever you are, you need a good kick on your 'Tashreef" (bum)or at the frontage between your legs,
You have your own nightmares.

You want to be the prosecutor, a Judge and all out of all the assessors.

Keep on dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Kavita Sharama you talking sheet. you do not know what you are talking about.Do not poke your nose to what you have no knmowledge of. It is not a dream its the truth the reality.It is the people like you who are complicating the problem because you do not the truth behind Bainimaramas coup.

Anonymous said...

To our soldiers and the RFMF as a whole,have you ever thought of what is going on in Fiji currently ?.Do you people ever realised what has actually transpired ? The Military is no longer part of the Bainimarama/
Kaiyum regime.Bainimarama when he speaks he is saying " my government" and when Kaiyum speaks he will say " the Bainimarama government " Where does the military stand? As far as I know the coup was successful because of the military support and not because of Bainimarama nor Kaiyum.Now military officers are getting out of the so called Bainimarama government not the military government.It is high time you Ethenic Fijian soldiers come to your senses. Bainimarama was just using the military to achieve his own personal agendas with the support and advice from the elite muslim group known to everybody who also have their hidden agendas and in retun giving pennut pay rise to our soldiers.Look at what Bainimarama and Kaiyum are getting as their salary.My fellow soldiers please think our of our future generations. Open your eyes and see the reality. You are blind foleded and taken for a ride.Remenber our identity our culture and tradition.Our race
to be saved from extinction.Why did Bainimarama accepted the UN call for deployment in the Golan Height? He just want money. He does not care for the life of our soldiers and their family.As matter of fact, some of you will not be returning home alive as history has proven.Why does the Bainimarama government want to sent our soldiers away when the situation at home is not certain?Bainimarama once said that he knew that the opposition to his government will come from within the military so he is frighten of the military himself.My fellow soldiers if there is a time that we are to stand up for own people it is now or never. If we can sacrifice our lives for Lebanese,Egyptans and now Syrians why cant we do it for our own flesh and blood at home.That is the challenge to you fellow soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Anon. July 01.It does not matter what reasons they carry out the coup.The fact is what they did is an offence punishable to life in prison.so both Rabuka and Bainimarama should be taken to task and they should face the conseguence of their unlawfull act together with their collaborators

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun! you suppose to be serving the people and not to be biase.It seems that you are leaning towards the illegal government. Remember this illegal regime will not be there for good. Their days are numbered and when they are gone I hope you are gone too because you are coward

Anonymous said...

Kavita Sharma You comment on me to be kicked really make me angry because I prefer to meet you personally so that you can kick me.I have never been kicked in my life but I have kicked so many bum after giving them blooded nose, swollen eyes and broken teeth.If you are a man come and I will show you.as you are an idiot and a parasite wasting time.