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Monday, July 12, 2010

I Taukei Ministry underway

The FijiVillage is reporting the name of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs has been changed to I Taukei Ministry.

The name change was gazetted by the President of Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau earlier this month.

The Ministry's Deputy Permanent Secretary, Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, says his office and Ministry officials have been advised to get used to the name change.

The name change was used last year but must now be used all the time.

Under the Fijian Affairs (Amendment) Decree 2010, all written laws, including any Act, promulgation, decrees and the titles of any written law are amended by deleting the word "Fijian" whenever it appears and wherever it currently refers to indigenous Fijians, and replacing it with "I Taukei".-Tokasa Rainima


Anonymous said...

Other iTaukei matters.

Self proclaimed iTaukei saviours week off to bad start - wiser MSG heads in other places pulled plug on Franks gig (audition) for regional lead role. This coupled with bollocking received in Daejeon - rest assured - this is only the start.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Breaking news

from ABC

Fiji expels Australian diplomat
Posted 5 minutes ago

Australia's Acting High Commissioner to Fiji, Sarah Roberts, is being expelled from the country.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has been told the decision relates to comments he made about Fiji chairing the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Ms Roberts will be leaving the country tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I taukei is not a name but more or less a pronoun!!!
I taukei ni cava, se mai vei?? There is i taukei ni Aussie,i taukei ni NZ, i Taukei ni Dia. It means "owner of" but not aboriginal or indigeneous to. Imagine going around calling each other "owner of".

Sa kilai that we are i taukei ni vanua ko Viti.But would it not be apt if they call us "Kai Viti" or better still "Fijian".

O Kurusiga cannot say much because he is just a puppy being told what to do by his master in pyjama.The "Colonel" should aptly be titled the "kennel"