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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Judge says charges against human rights lawyer Jalal and husband abuse of process

The Suva High court has put a permanent stay on six charges laid against former AFL CEO, Sakiasi Tuisolia, and his wife, Imrana Jalal, for allegedly operating a restaurant without a license.

However, Judge Justice Priyantha Fernando has ruled that the office of the Director of the Public Prosecution can proceed with two other charges laid against the two.

On the 12th March this year, the DPP's office filed information against Tuisolia and Jalal.

Originally, FICAC instituted actions separately against the two and later the case was transferred to DPP's office.

Judge Fernando said the 6 charges are doomed to fail and constitutes an abuse of process.

The six charges, which were put on stay, includes operating a restaurant without a restaurant licence, two counts of failing to display regulations and restaurant licence in a prominent place, two counts of disobedience of lawful orders and operating a food establishment without a licence.

The other two charges which will proceed against Tuisolia and Jalal are operating a restaurant without a restaurant licence and one count of giving false information to a public officer against Jalal.

The case is expected to be called at a later date.


Anonymous said...

What horrific crimes? These crimes could cost Fiji over FJ$12 Billion in the post-coup decade!

The judge should throw the book at these villains. Maybe he is already intending to, just like Madigan did the hatchet job on the alleged "assassination" plotters. Threw out a few stupid charges first to give an impression of fairness in the lead-up to his verdict.

Then whammo - conspiracy stitch-up job against 9 innocent people in a shameless travesty and conspiracy! What a joke!

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