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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Murdoch to sell off Fiji Times according to UK columnist

A columnist for The Guardian newspaper in Britain says Murdoch must sell off Fiji Times as a result of the new media decree.

Roy Greenlsade says Rupert Murdoch's Australian-based media outfit, News Ltd, is now undertaking the forced sale (or closure) of the country's main newspaper, the Fiji Times, in order to comply with a decree restricting foreign media ownership.

He's sourced the information to the Australian.

It's also been suggested to Coupfourpointfive that Fiji Times Editor, Netani Rika, has secured a job with News Corp in Australia.


Anonymous said...

Very sad day for Fiji, that a foreign owned company that has been operating in Fiji for many many years is forced to sell.

What stops them from making decrees like this one to other foreign owned companies in Fiji.

For Mr Murdoch and News Ltd - this is a blessing in disguise.

sara'ssista said...

who on earth would ever cobnsidering buying anewspaper or any media for that matter in Fiji where the so-called government run by a military junta holds the balls of the media and squeezes every time they are placed under any sort of scrutiny, they are happy to take political decisions and settiong themselves up for much promised 2014 elections but don't want to be held accountable to anyone that has above a form 3 education. Antyone owning media if fiji thse days has to rol over and print verbatim any rubbish this regimes comes out with or have to go with 'potholes' or 'happy family' stories, lest they upset the very vain military leader.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that Murdoch would be forced to sell Fiji Times. The military regime is in for the long haul and a newspaper that believes in free speech has no place in Frank's happy new world. It will, however, be interesting to see a) who will be buying and controlling FT and b) what the reactions of Murdoch's media empire will be. Perhaps Frank has underestimated the influence a free press has in Australia and other parts of the world.

collapsing state of Fiji said...

Fiji is certainly not a place to invest in any more. It is spiralling downwards under this military coup and its brain dead perpetrators who are behaving like chooks with their heads cut off.
Sugar is finished and regardless of the spin, tourism is on the skids.
The closure of the Fiji Times will have devastating impacts on Fiji which which will continue to down the zimbabwe path until this useless squealing dictator and his quartet of shrieking mynah bird supporters are eliminated.

Air Pacific next to go? said...

Air Pacific is the next to collapse under this military junta. Its announced loss is unsustainable. The failed coup is having a devastating effect on tourism and Air Pacific business. The safety and maintenance of its ailing aircraft is another factor to be closely watched?

Anonymous said...

Don't, for a moment, believe Murdoch is quietly selling the Fiji Times at a loss. His legal team is likely already preparing to seize Fiji's overseas assets for compensation

nayacakalou said...

It is sad to look for another invester,when we have one of the longest serving and loyal invester,which employs all levels of life,even to the poorest,our street kids.Why are we looking for investers at the same time kicking the best invester out?Who the hell had the money in Fiji to buy the Fiji Times?Someone had to be given the loan from the FNPF again?

Anonymous said...


If a weeks a long time in politics 3months is an eternity - let see what happens?

Anonymous said...