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Monday, July 19, 2010

FLP tells Bainimarama personal egos must give way to national interest

From the Fiji Labour Party website
Posted 14 July 2010,1600

So, elections may be deferred beyond 2014 just because Commodore Bainimarama is not happy with “constant interference in Fiji’s affairs by neighbours Australia and New Zealand”. 

Strangely, Bainimarama is reported to have told Radio Tarana, a Hindi language radio station in Auckland, that …“ I’m all of a sudden thinking that we might not really be ready come 2014 for elections if we don’t get assistance from Australia and New Zealand… 
“If we move to 2014 and we’re not ready because of constant interfering – we are not going to give up government to a political party that is not ready,” he said. 

Is the Commodore playing games with the people of Fiji? Elections will be held at his whim. The people of Fiji are to be held to ransom while Commodore Bainimarama plays tit for tat with Australia and New Zealand. 

The right of our people to choose a government of their choice, of course, does not come into the scheme of things.
Moreover, isn’t there an element of confusion here? On the one hand, he condemns interference from Australia and New Zealand and expels their diplomatic representatives, on the other he talks of wanting their assistance. 

A similar contrariness was observed at the time of the Pacific Island Forum Ministerial Contact Group meeting in Auckland a couple of months back. An invitation was issued by Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola to the Group to visit Fiji, but was rescinded the minute they expressed reservations about Fiji. At that time, too, Commodore Bainimarama had threatened to defer elections. 

So where do we stand in terms of the next general elections and returning Fiji to democratic rule? First, we were told that elections will be held in March 2009 as per agreement with the EU. Then a month later, it was announced that elections will be deferred to 2014. 

Now we are told that because of interference by Australia and New Zealand even the 2014 deadline is not a certainty. We run the risk of having elections deferred each time Australia and New Zealand annoy the Commodore.

There is a serious credibility gap here. It makes one wonder whether the goal post will keep changing for ever!
The point is, Fiji does not have the time to play such games. There is growing concern about the deteriorating state of our economy and government finances. 

Commodore Bainimarama keeps harping about reforms – “We will continue the path that we are on as we need reforms,” he says. Heaven forbid! 

Almost four years down the line, there’s little evidence of any significant reforms. The State treasury is as depleted as it was at the time of the takeover in December 2006. Our debt situation keeps ballooning as the administration desperately goes around the globe seeking funds to carry out its activities. 

Poverty levels have escalated to 45% of the population; our dollar has had to be devalued; inflation runs near double-digits and unemployment continues to climb. 

Fiji cannot go on in this manner much longer. Surely our country and the welfare of its people must rank ahead of any other consideration. It can no longer be a question of satisfying personal egos. The national interest has to take first priority. 

At this point in time, national interest demands that we make a positive move towards engaging in inclusive political dialogue aimed at moving the nation speedily towards general elections and democratic and constitutional rule.-Source: Fiji Labour Party website


Joe said...

Personal egos my foot!!!! lol Chaudhary is a class act and a master of personal egos. Look who is talking. Bloody losers.

Radiolucas said...

Who are they kidding?

Reform? What reform? He promises anything in the cause fo the big lies: for the nation, for the people, for good government, for anti-corruption, for the dispossessed, for the poor, for indians, for fijians, for the minorities, for the majority.

He lied, he continues to lie.

Call a duck, a duck - he is a dictator and the FLP's apathy, reflected in their half-arsed reference to "the State treasury is as depleted as it was at the time of the takeover in December 2006".

Where is the justification for this statement? Perhaps it is merely an attempt to rewrite their own history and involvement?

They enabled Frank to do this to Fiji and they bear responsibility - when all the other parties were in uproar over the coup, when the newspapers (could) complain about the PER, where were the FLP?

Well, they were in the room with Frank, seeing what they could get from him to get the FLP in power through Chaudry.

They not only betrayed their own constiuents, and the people of Fiji, they betrayed their own ethos - they were meant to be a political party, not a roving gang of avaricious thugs. They should be mortified at seeing what has happened and the monster they helped take shape.

Ironically, in spite of all the above, I would still vote for the FLP to get in Power. Just so long as it gets rid of Frank.

Anonymous said...

the state tresury was not so depleted at time of military take over in 2006 you morons.

when will you guys put politics and your own egos aside and join the partisan campaign fro democracy.

It is you who have played a big part in this wholse sorry mess. yes the FLP. Does the name chaudary, anthony, Urai, Vayeshnoi and Ricketts ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are crickets