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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bainimarama reads about Australia's foreign policy 'in the newspapers'

Source: The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told an Australian media interview that he reads about Australia’s foreign policy ‘in the newspapers’.

Bainimarama was responding to questions by Australian journalist Graham Davis on why he expelled Australia’s Acting High Commissioner to Fiji, Sarah Roberts.

Bainimarama says he has never met or spoke to Ms. Roberts and she never ever visited his office, but claims she was interfering in Fiji’s sovereign affairs.

Here’s how the exchange went:

Davis: Did you give Sarah Roberts any warning?
Bainimarama: Yes she was given warnings. Twice I understand.
Davis: What was said to her, do you know?
Bainimarama:I don’t know…Foreign Affairs spoke to her
Davis: You’re saying she took no notice
Bainimarama: Obviously not
Davis: Did you ever have Sarah Roberts in your office talking to you
Bainimarama: No, she has never been to my office
Davis: So you had the Australian High Commissioner here but she never spoke to you Bainimarama: She has never been to my office
Davis: Have you spoken to her
Bainimarama: No
Davis: Never?
Bainimarama: Never
Davis: So whatever you hear about Australian and NZ policy…
Bainimarama: I read in the newspapers

Bainimarama however says that he speaks regularly to the Indian High Commissioner, the Chinese ambassador, the French ambassador and all other diplomatic representatives except those from Australia and NZ.


Anonymous said...

The Fiji Sun is indeed a very good resource which helps our genius leader to understand Australian policy. Go Frank Go!

Fiji's Bokassa said...

Great news. When did Fiji's moron bokassa learn how to read?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether anon at 2:43pm is serious - but I like the reference to our "genius leader"!


Radiolucas said...

I am confused.

If the media is not allowed to publish anything bad about the government - and we accept that what the Australian and NZ govts think about Frank is "bad" by the censors standards: which newspaper is Frank reading?

Doesnt he read any of his censored newspapers?

Or perhaps he accepts that it is all drivel because his censorship has reduced the papers to publishing stories about enormous dalo plants and petty crime.

What a cretin.

Anonymous said...

Frank would be over the moon if he's been reading Murdoch's AUS flagship The Australian.
Most say very strange approach for a corporation on the verge of losing a $100 mil + asset?

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