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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Return to Sender, Address Unknown: The Famous Harbhajan Lal’s Letter Returned to Victor Lal

We may recall that Mahendra Pal Chaudhry had informed FIRCA in 2004 that the millions in his secret Australian Bank Account were sent to him to relocate with his family to Australia following the failed 2000 Speight coup. 

He supported his claim by producing a letter from one Harbhajan Lal (no relation of Victor Lal) to FIRCA.

The letter purportedly signed by Harbhajan Lal contained his address as Main Chowk, Assandh, Dist, Karnal, Haryana – 132029.

In April 2008 Victor Lal wrote to Harbhajan Lal on the same address with a list of questions but the letter was returned to Lal with a note scribbled on the back: ‘Incomplete Address’.

Coupfourpointfive wants to know from FIRCA and the illegal Attorney-General whether FIRCA’s investigating officers had made every effort to trace Harbhajan Lal and the address he gave on that letter dated 9 September 2004.
In Chaudhry’s 148 page tax file, there is no copy of Chaudhry’s letter to Harbhajan Lal.

Was the Haryana Letter a forgery?

If not, did the Three-Member Inquiry Team which cleared Chaudhry, who was then dictator’s Finance Minister, enquire into the authenticity of the letter or the identity of Harbhajan Lal.

For the letter forms the crucial component of the $2million in the Australian Bank Account.

Victor Lal had written to Harbhajan Lal in 2008 as follows:
Respected Harbhajan Saheb,
Greetings from Oxford. I am writing to ask you if you could enlighten me more on the following attached letter that you had written on behalf of Mr Mahendra Chaudhry in 2004:

 Did Mr Chaudhry tell you what he wanted the letter for, or to which person or authority he was going to send it to in Fiji etc?
 When did Mr Chaudhry write to you?

 In your letter you talk about a “Committee” – Was it the Indo-Fijian Friendship Society that Chautala Saheb had formed when Mr Chaudhry went up to Haryana in 2000?

 Why was the money transferred through the Indian Consulate-General in Sydney?
 Did the Government of India give the whole $2million to Mr Chaudhry?
I look forward to hearing from you. Signed Victor Lal, 28 April 2008.

The Indian High Commission in Fiji 

Coupfourpointfive wants to know from the dictator Bainimarama and the illegal Khaiyum why the illegal regime is demonstrating the same revulsion against the Indian Government, as it is displaying against the Australian and New Zealand governments? 

Why the Indian High Commissioner, like to Aussie and Kiwi counterparts, is not being booted out of Fiji?

Has it lodged diplomatic protest with the Indian Government, presumably not, for the dictator needs to travel to India regularly to replace his heart pacemaker!

Who is Harbhajan Lal? Khaiyum has a lot to answer. The charges against Chaudhry, which are politically motivated, is lifted out the documents as revealed by Victor Lal in the Fiji SUN which had led to the kidnap and deportation of the newspaper’s publisher and editor-in-chief Russell Hunter to Australia.


Joe said...

Ha ha, it is getting more and more interesting now isn't it? Harbhajan Lal probably does not exist. Seems a forgery to cover up the fact that the money was raised for the poor displaced farmers. Why would Indians raise that amount of money to relocate MC, who was safe in his own country. I am sure old Johnny Howard would have given him political assylum w/o the $2M if MC's life was under any sort of threat. The man who held a gun on MC's head, Navakasuasua, now lives in Sydney,and I dont think he had $2M on him, then why not MC? What a load of BS people expect us to believe.

Joe said...

The maximum I have ever forked out of my own pocket to help families and friends is $2500 donation to date. For someone to raise $2M for relocation of a person not under a reasonable threat of life, with a covering letter in Hindi, unauthenticated is a joke. If there is such a person known as Harbhajan Lal, I am sure MC knows him for the $2M gift.

In cricket terms we can say:
MC out for 2,000,000. Bowled Harbhajan, caught Russell Hunter, but it has been referred to the Sri Lankan video umpire. In the last test, Chaudhary was dropped by Aiyaz, the "SLIP" fieldsman, and 2 Australian umpires had to adjudicate, "NOT OUT" , was the verdict, but MC retired "HURT" after another ton, dedicating half a ton to his daughter in Aust.

Please stay tuned for more. This is Harbhajan Lal from Radio Haryana signing off for now.

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