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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aussie wannabe misinformer says Khaiyum and co going nowhere

Fiji's interim Permanent Secretary for Information is trying to scotch rumors concerning the dismissal or resignation of the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, and the Solicitor General, Christopher Pryde.

Sharon Smith-Johns says the rumours are unfounded and should be disregarded.

“The fact of the matter is that the Attorney-General and the Solicitor General have been at the forefront of moving Government reforms. They are performing well above expectations and have the utmost confidence of the Prime Minister and other cabinet members," she told the Fiji Sun.
Smith-Johns added: “It’s obvious these rumours are being spread by individuals and disgruntled ex-politicians whose only interest is to undermine the economy and investor confidence.

“My advice is to keep focused on moving the country forward, to enjoy the Vodafone Hibiscus festivities, and to ignore these malicious rumors.”

Talk of Khaiyum being dismissed came on the heels of the resignation on Wednesday of Esala Teleni as Police Commissioner.

Teleni called it quits on Tuesday afternoon saying he had made a significant contribution to the Fiji Police Force but it was time to consider further career opportunities.

Michael Field reported for Stuff.co.nz that the resignation came amidst censored reports of unrest and turmoil in the police saying several senior officers have been fired and are facing mutiny charges.

Earlier this month the editor of FijiLive was detained by police for 24 hours for reporting Teleni had resigned.

Teleni, who was deputy to Bainimarama in the Fiji Military Forces, played a key role in the December 2006 coup.

While Bainimarama was out of the country, Teleni mobilised forces at a time when they believed Australian forces may be about to land in Suva.

Smith-Johns insists it was a personal decision but talk about turmoil in the top ranks is not going away.

Radio Australia's Sean Dorney's report, which included a snippet from Fiji TV, recalled the police crusades the former commander imposed on officers:

DORNEY: Soon after the military deposed the government, Commodore Teleni was appointed police commissioner. He made no secret that he was a committed Christian and ordered the mainly Indo-Fijian police force to support his Christian anti-crime crusade.

FIJI ONE TV NEWS: Good evening. Police Commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni, has again warned his officers if they don't follow his lead they will be sacked. He made these comments at a Police Crusade at the Valelevu Police Station last last night.

TELENI: I am here to uplift my Jesus. If people say I am crazy then so be it.

DORNEY: Commissioner Teleni's resignation was announced on the government web site which quoted him as saying it was now time for him to consider further career opportunities. Less than a month ago, a journalist in Fiji was taken in for questioning when he reported that Teleni was about to be suspended. The regime - which is forcing Rupert Murdoch's News Limited to sell or close the Fiji Times before the end of next month - is now accusing the company of conducting a hostile campaign internationally aimed at harming Fiji.


mark manning said...

Taliban Teleni has a warped sense of what being a Christian is !

Anonymous said...

About time ruling military council
saw whats going on (pitfalls and dangers of cult leadership).

Anonymous said...

resigning for further careers.....WHERE? he cannot find anyother career apart from being a military police as he he is known for.