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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bainimarama interviews draw more fire

The deranged dictator should deport his illegal A-G to Pakistan and China should lock him up in a zoo!
Frank Bainimarama claims he is not a dictator. We say he is not only a dictator but a deranged and disgraceful Fiji Islander, who needs to be locked up in a zoo in China, where he will feel at 'home'. I am seriously beginning to doubt if this man is mentally stable, for not a day passes when he makes a major gaffe to the local or international media.

He was recently quoted as saying that he did not want to be part of the Pacific Islands Forum because it was subject to infighting, and Australia and New Zealand were dominating it.

"They crept in slowly like the proverbial camel, you know, with their head in, and then the front legs, and then the back legs, and all of a sudden the owners of the tent were out and they were inside the tent," he said.
He also claimed that Australia and New Zealand were not Pacific Islanders. Firstly, it was not Australia and New Zealand, but Bainimarama, Teleni, the Maras and other shadowy figures who crept up from behind in the "Parliamentary Tent" and stole SDL-FLP government by the gun.
Secondly, if Australia and New Zealand are not Pacific Islanders, what are the Indo-Fijians - Indians and Pakistanis, for after all, like their counterparts in Australia and New Zealand, these Indo-Fijians came to Fiji as indentured labourers and as merchants and traders to the Pacific Islands.
Instead of launching and lunging at Australia and New Zealand, the dictator should deport his illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz, Sayed Khaiyum, to Pakistan, and all other Indo-Fijians to India. For if we are to accept the dictator's reasoning, these people dont belong to Fiji.
As for the dictator, he should remain in China. God Help Fiji.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering what Bainimarama's senior officers think when this rabid dog barks his uncensored nonsense. May be one day he gets what rabid dogs deserve. Mentally ill is really too polite to describe this embarrassment for the Fiji nation.

Anonymous said...

11/10 for that rant Mr Lal
you rock

Anonymous said...


Did you support the Qarase government in its leniency of 2000 coup convicts ?

Or its votes for Agriculture scam?

Anonymous said...

Equally, the Chinese have no business to be in Fiji of the Pacific, for they are not Pacific Islanders

Anonymous said...

I have never seen an eloquent leader in my life. The whole world take a bow to the man himself da one and only Vore Baini.

where's my banana said...

Bainimarama and the useless Fiji military are being laughed at all over hte world. Monkeys with guns!!

Anonymous said...

All those supporting Frank and his 2006 coup should get one thing in their warped heads at
least we had free press and the power to change government, bring people to court etc / at least George Speight and others are serving time / it makes no differenve if one coup was carried out in the name of i taukei and the other / bogus one for a non racial fiji

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the real reason this idiot carried out the coup.....
1. He was upset in 2003 that the government did want to extend his term as commander, ref colonel Tuatoko's letter to this idiot.
2. Ref colonel Tarakinikini's
resignation letter to this idiot of a commander.
3. The only reason that former commander Rt Epeli chose his side kick so that we will never know the abuse of public funds....ref the Regimental Fund not beign audited
4. This idiots investigated by the police for his part in the deaths of the crw soldiers in 2000, civilians in 2006 etc....and
5. He is not qualified to be a commander....no operational experience....ref the coup 2000....ref col Tarkinikini's letter and his 100 meter dash down the cassava patch.
6. He is corrupt to the bone, never passed his jssc staff college in Aust.....
7. Was sent back from sinai for beign ineffective as a leader...all he did was to get drunk.....the fucken useless piece of shit and last but not the least
He doesn't have the balls to face the courts.....but one day in the not too distant future he will.

Anonymous said...

hear hear...to the above..let the truth be known...God save Fiji!
they will all be judged, if not in this life...God will..(which will be the worst..!