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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Continuing the debate over i taukei: Fijian Mana

By Jone Baledrokadroka

Are there deep traditional implications of the name change for indigenous Fijians to i taukei as decreed by the interim regime in Fiji? With many traditional societies, a given name has mana similar to the belief in baptized Christian names.

As in other Polynesian languages 'mana refers to power or efficacy inherent in persons or things'. (Turner, 1987:215) The name, Fiji, derived from Viti, has come to embody the mana of the indigenous Fijian or Kai Viti race and his land Viti.

Fijian Ministry now I Taukei Ministry
The word i taukei (owner) on its own does not encapsulate the mana of the indigenous race or the land. It has to be used in conjunction with, or to another word, to form a whole meaning. For in traditional Fijian i taukei is a word that amplifies an owner of some chiefly title, land or thing.

For instance: Taukei ni Waluvu, Taukei Vidilo, Taukei ni Qele, Taukei ni Koro. In the  Fijian language, the word i taukei  in itself is not a whole name. The word in an English language sense is an adjective and not a noun. The word i taukei in the baun Fijian sense amplifies the noun ie Waluvu, Vidilo, Qele, Koro. In fact, the prefix i often used with taukei  proves the word is an adjective that amplifies a noun i.e.  i taukei ni qele. (the owner of the land)

More study as to the word i taukei should have been done before decreeing kai Viti’s after an adjective with no mana.

Jone Baledrokadroka is a PhD in politics candidate at ANU Canberra and former member of the Great Council of Chiefs.


  1. This is a very shallow interpretation of the word i-Taukei. Isn't this the rightful interpretation for owners of the land by indigenous Fijians? I'm an indigenous Fijian myself and really there is nothing wrong with the name change.

    I don't understand the animosity with the name change from Fijian to i-Taukei by these sellout indigenous Fijians like Sai Lealea who decided to leave Fiji long before Bainimarama took over government. Their argument is really nothing but a distraction.

  2. May be we should begin with the military to be called the Mataivalu i Taukei ni Ceke with the the Commander's title Komai na Ceke.

  3. Sairusi NabogibogiAugust 25, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    @ anon 1251pm.....kaila, LOL oh my goodness you made my day. Couldn't stop laughing....my sides were so sore......good one. Rauti koya vinaka nai tutu ni komai ni cekelevu. O ului me komai ni soresorelevu, o drika(driti) me komai ni tatukulevu......LOL.

  4. Sairusi NabogibogiAugust 26, 2010 at 3:44 AM

    @ Max......o tukuna tiko ni o kai viti dina, ia biuta mai na yacamu me da kila ni o sega ni mai lasu taki keimami tiko.
    Na cava sara e mai milamila kina vei iko nona sa biu vanua kina o Sai Lealea, kei na nona vakaraitaka tiko na lomana. What has that got to do with the topic at hand. Looks like you have something perssonel against Sai, take chill pill and relax, Sai is expressing his constitutional right to say what he thinks is right, period. Looks like you too live in a glass house.

  5. @ Sairusi Nabogibogi

    O Nabogibogi sa mate makawa. Seo Nabogibogi cava tale qo?

    Sa mate o nomu yava ena levu ni vesu mona a cakava wavoki ena gauna se bula kina. Ena gauna qo, se vesuki tu ga o ira nona tisaipeli ena nonai vunau. Kena i vakaraitaki ga ni se qaravi tiko ga okoya me vaka e dua na kalou me kenai vakananumi mai vei ira nona tisaipeli era se vo tiko qori mai Bua.

    Keo via kila eso tale nai tukutuku kei nomu yaca, o koya a vuli talega ena koronivuli au vuli mai kina oya mai Matavatucou.

  6. Jone get outah there - airconditioning in DFAT no good.

  7. The removal of the word Fijian to denote the indigenous race of Fiji is identity fraud of the first order.The sanctity of their sovereignty in their native land has effectively been torpedoed by komai na cekelevu and associates.

  8. Since this is Baledrokadroka's opinion, he does have a point in the word needing to be researched a bit more to avoid confusion and conflict of interest over it.

    But this is typical Bhaiyum, doing decrees without proper consultations like the undereducated nut that he is.


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