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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fiji to stay out of Pacer talks

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that Fiji will stay out of trade of talks on the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations, also known as PACER Plus, despite efforts by the Pacific Islands Forum to re-engage them in trade negotiations.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama however says he will discuss the issue further with Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials when he returns from China.

“The reason why they’re saying Fiji should be now included in the PACER-Plus talks is because trade talks in the Pacific would be meaningless without Fiji…we had decided earlier on that we will refrain from any talks on PACER-Plus. We will see how things go, when I return I will be talking to our Foreign Affairs officials and see how things go. But we had decided to stay away from PACER Plus discussions."

On Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola welcomed NZ Prime Minister John Key’s call to re-engage Fiji in PACER talks.

However Ratu Inoke says PACER is no longer a promising instrument for development as it has been corrupted by regional politics.

He says Fiji had been illegally excluded from talks, and its entry back to PACER would be on its own terms.

The Minister further clarified that PACER Plus was not an immediate priority for Fiji as it is now concentrating on building its trade and economic ties with Asia and with the countries of the Non-Allied Movement.
- By Stanley Simpson; Radio Tarana


mark manning said...

G8, now all the poor quality products will be dumped on Fiji and it's unsuspecting population !
Poisonous paints in the blinds and children's toys etc.
second rate products which will break after one weeks use.
Then there are the polluting factories which will be built in fiji as the chinese start buying up the Regime's unused and stolen land while polluting at the same time.
then there's is the local fijian population getting paid a pittance, if at all, for a weeks labour @ 20 cents an hour.
Frank Bainimarama, taking Fiji forward !

Anonymous said...

All so new but the IDIOT factor still remains.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Fiji does not need PACER or whatever Oz & NZ have their hands in. The Chinese and the Non Alied Countries will do. Vina du Vore, may be Kiuva can become a part of China...just like Taiwan.

Who f....g cares! said...

Good. And don't come back.

TheMax said...

There are some very frustrated people commenting on this article. What happened? The anti-Frank anti-anything movement is not getting the desired results of your campaign?

@ Mark Manning

With the implementation of laws and policies with regards to quality of goods, your concern for poor quality goods won't really matter. As someone working and living in Fiji, the various government agencies such as the Consumer Council are on top of your concern on quality.

Let us in Fiji worry about ourselves and you worry about your own self up or down there in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

True Colours.

Who cares about mundane stuff such as trade when you have a gun - what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12.
Incorrect - not from Kiuva - Gau.

Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer in NZ I am actually quite relieved. We can use our money in better ways than funding a bunch of idiots in uniforms. Let Frank deal with the Chinese. But next time around when a hurricane strikes or some other disaster happens, let him go begging to the Chinese too.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Watching these video clips is torture. How can this be the leader of our beloved country. He clearly is a baboon. Check out baboonbuster at worldpress!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing at The Vore's interview (on the left)...maaaaan what a royal idiot.His responses reveal a lot about da Marama Bai.

mark manning said...

Are you pregnant :-

I've posted a few good videos from youtube onto matavuvale today as well.

Anonymous said...

When he talked about the proverbial camel, he was really talking about himself!!

Happy as a PIG and his proverbial smelly stuff... LOL...

Anonymous said...

Anot at 9.12pm....No,no get your facts right. Taiwan is not parent of China, they are a Republic on their own.Voreqe was a failure in school and now in politics. Yet his arrogance is so evident.(Edited)-C4.