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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fijilive back online with junta saying it was not behind the closure

By Stanley Simpson for the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

The closure of the Fiji Live website was not due to any interference from the Ministry of Information or the Fiji Police, according to the Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns. 
Smith John says a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation saying the government had closed the website down was another example of journalists reporting without getting the facts.
She says no government agency, including the Fiji Police, were responsible for the closure of the Fiji Live website.

Smith-Johns says Fiji Live has clarified that they themselves took down the website.

Fiji Live sources FBC News spoke to say they missed the deadline to register under the new Media Decree and registered one day late.

They say they took the website down while their application was processed and were notified that their registration was approved over the weekend.

Government says Fiji Live lodged its registration with the Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji on Thursday the 29th of July.

Their name was not mentioned on Friday by the Attorney General when he announced the names of Media organizations that had registered.

Smith-Johns says Fiji Live has freely admitted that they took down the Fiji Live website on their own accord.


Radiolucas said...

Doesn't Sharon and friends appreciate that the whole point of the media is to report the news?

If they then say, "another example of journalists reporting without getting the facts" what is their answer?

Right - to get rid of the pesky media altogether - to make everyone listen to their version of reality.

Seriously, who would everyone trust more?

The Australian ABC, which is an internationally credited media body, or the censors in Suva?

Anonymous said...

That is a load of buulshit

Anonymous said...

Is that egg on her face?

Anonymous said...

Who is this palagi with egg on her face trying to tell Fijians how to live? Go back to where you came from parasite!

Anonymous said...

Attention DFAT!
Again repeat - why isn't this woman (& others like her) subject to travel restrictions?