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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flights of fancy or good game plan?

One meeting does not make an agreement as New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, has found.

McCully flew to Suva this week to meet with the junta's Inoke Kubuabola but has admitted that while it was part of an ongoing dialogue, it did not yield any immediate results.

"It doesn't suggest that we're making any particular breakthroughs at the moment, just it's a work in progress,” he told interested media this week.

New Zealand's concern about Fiji is noted but McCully's visit  raises again the question of "Is it better to engage with the self-appointed regime or to isolate it so it breaks?"

New Zealand seems to be wavering from its original stance of bans and sanctions, thanks to it wanting to be seen as a fair player.

McCully said: "They (Fiji) would argue that the international community hasn't taken sufficient notice of their strategic framework for change process. I've tried to listen to that discussion and to make sure that the international community, and particularly New Zealand's concerns, are understood."
Other do-gooders are also testing their new-found power with the recently-elected Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Danny Philip, saying that isolating Fiji from the Pacific Islands leaders forum was a mistake.

Philip likes to remind us that the South Pacific Forum was initiated by Fiji's former leaders, and that as long as the junta is committed to returning to democratic rule, the question of timing should not be of too much concern.

But that's exactly the sort of naivety that continues to fuel the narcssistic nature of this one-eyed junta. Think of Sharon Smith-Johns this week trying to make out News Ltd was engaging in hostile war with the regime because some recent stories failed to show the junta in a good light. 

This regime has been systematically bullying the Fiji media and is now trying to beat the outside media with the same stick.

Forget not, too, the same crap that came out of the mouth of Anthony Gates about New Zealand and Australia interfering at an "unprecedented" level in Fiji's judiciary and internal matters.

It's a distortion of reality and truth as we know it and hopefully, it's something those trying to broker deals with Fiji can separate from flights of fancy.


mark manning said...

You can't negotiate with terrorists, ever !

Anonymous said...

Will never appease dictators either.

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