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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fiji Labour Party questions awarding of $½m Rewa Dairy contract

Posted FLP website 5 August 2010, 1530

The authorities must investigate the awarding of a Rewa Dairy contract for $500,000 to a Suva accounting firm with very close connections to the Minister for Commerce, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The contract for a restructure of the dairy company was awarded by the Ministry of Commerce to BDO Aliz, according to a report in The Fiji Times today. The Minister’s aunt, Dr. Nur Bano Ali is managing partner of the firm.

We are reliably informed that tenders were not called for the contract. If the contract was awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, then government rules and guidelines apply. Expressions of interest should have been invited for the project, and the Major Tenders board should have handled the entire matter.

Principles of transparency and accountability become even more compelling in a case where the contract is being given to close relations of the Minister.

Rewa Dairy chairman Josefa Serulagilagi (pictured above) said the contract was given to BDO “because they already had the paperwork for the reform”. This, by any standards, is a flimsy reason for awarding such a big contract,

One must also question how the contract sum of $500,000 was determined and by who? It is a huge sum for a contract of this nature, and the size of the company.

The entire reform programme is likely to cost about $1m according to the chairman.


Joe said...

So what is the difference, and who can we trust? FLP is mute on MC's millions$ intended for the displaced farmers, Aiyaz is filling the pockets of his Taliban tribe, and we all pointed a finger at Qarase.

Remove the corrupt junta said...

The corruption of this junta has no boundaries. Together with the human rights abuse and murder of Fijians this evil regime is a blight on the nation. And this is the behaviour so openly supported by coup apologists Crosbie walsh and the disgraceful so called priest Father Barr. Such people will be remembered by history for their disrespect to Fiji and its suppressed people under this terrible military.

Anonymous said...

Iam just dumfounded that the reason for the coup was to eradicate corruption and here we are witnessing it at its best......so much for the clean up....or fuck up, shut up and do as I/we do.......all these people are losers at their very best.......so much for idiot Joe Serulagilagi.....for letting this happen....KAICOLO's comments comes to mind and I quote...."for my criminal friends anything......the rest its the law...." unquote. I wonder what else is there that we've been lied to about....this is the same company that pays their slaries....can somebody print out their pay so that we know.

Tadu said...

What laws?

There is no law.

Just Aiyarsi's laws when & where he feels like it.

Anonymous said...

This is no difference to Khaiyum appointing his mate John Prasad and in turn JP awarding water contracts to his mates

Radiolucas said...

@ Tadu

Yep. Everytime they come across a problem: new decree.

What a brilliant lawyer the guy must have been.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of junta corruption which is becoming a daily occurrence. Could you imagine how lord haw haw and his quartet of shrieking mynah birds would be carrying on if this was PM Qarase? Pack of two faced slum dwelling parasites!!

Joe said...

We will soon have "Shariya" laws. That is exactly the way it is going, so be prepared to wear "burkhas" if you are a woman.

Tadu said...

Areh Joe ... tonoka 'omu burka

Anonymous said...

why Vore doesnt see anything here is that everything is ochastrated by Aiyaz Khaiyum & Vore's wife.

Aiyaz comes from Nadroga & speaks the lingo fluently & also Vore's wife Mary is from Nadroga too. So whatever if story i heard is correct then Aiyaz gets evrything he cannot solve to Mary & Mary will do her duties to nag & twist Vores mind.

This is the big vesu mona we are seeing.

What came out on Foreign Correspondent resembles the same interview given to another despot Idi Amin showing off his family drinking champagne whilst poor ppl suffer.

Yadra Viti!!

Anonymous said...

Free airfares, free hotels,free salary, free enterouge at the expense of Fiji's taxpayers.

Not bad when one considers Voreqe's big lasulasu back in 2006 that not one military person will gain from the coup...bastard!!!

Hardworking Fijian said...

Is this the same Dr Ali who is also paying the illegal admin and its useless thieves and the same woman who said that Fiji has a large lazy population. Get rid of these thieves already!

Anonymous said...

And these idiots in the military still think the coup was all about getting rid of corruption.While Bainimarama and Sayed and o stash it overseas the fools at QEB can't see what is happening to them. Teleni,Leweni and Langman all blind supporters and now history as terrorists take control of our beloved nation. At least Khaiyum is putting hus university thesis in practice using the same dumb military who have take part in other coups, including 2000 where some wet their pants and pulled out at the last minute. You all know who you area or do you want Savua to name you all on this site.

Freedom Fighter said...

Is this the same company owned by that taliban minister's aunty??? that pays the illegal military....wow so miuch for a clean up more like take all you want. On a more serious note this is the very thing that will create that racial divide and when it reaches boiling point there is going to be a bloodbath that the pacific has never seen or witnessed. vore the pig will be the first to go followed his terrorist sidekick. (Edited)-C4