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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foreign Correspondent profile on Fiji's junta leader

Frank Bainimarama wears a party hat
By Phillipa McDonald
Uncensored: Frank Bainimarama talks to Foreign Correspondent (ABC News)
On the eve of the Pacific Islands Forum, Fiji's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama says there is no place at the table for Australia and New Zealand.

In recent weeks Fiji's military dictator has been making it known he is no fan of the Australian Government. 
He has expelled a second senior diplomat from Suva and even threatened to shut down the Australian High Commission in Suva.

At the same time though, Commodore Bainimarama has invited the ABC's Foreign Correspondent into his home to show he is not just a military dictator.

The military strongman of Fiji rarely speaks to foreign journalists, but at his grandson's fifth birthday party Commodore Bainimarama was showing he is a relaxed family man.

"We are shown in TV, in the papers everyday as dictators, dictators in the sense that [we are] going around abusing the power that we have. That doesn't happen here," he said.
"I am a military man but what does dictator mean to you?"

It is more than three-and-a-half years since Commodore Bainimarama took control of Fiji in a military coup.
Last year he scrapped the constitution. 

Now he is ruling Fiji by a series of decrees and he has largely managed to silence his critics in the Methodist Church and The Great Council of Chiefs.

"I keep harping about bringing the changes and we can't bring about changes if there are people that are still talking about bringing in instability," he said. 

"Because if we do that, I can tell you we open this to the public, we'll never have election in 2014. I tell you that. That I can guarantee you. "I don't trust the people." 

Yet Commodore Bainimarama still wants to been seen as a man of the people.
Fiji's media is censored, but he has allowed Foreign Correspondent in to film the censors at work in one of Fiji's major daily newspapers. His recent ban on foreign ownership of the media means the News Limited-owned Fiji Times is set to close within two months, but Commodore Bainimarama is unapologetic.

"I'll be glad that people like the Fiji Times will no longer be here," he said. "We'll have our ownership of the papers, so we'll have at least some support for what we're trying to do."

But as Pacific leaders meet in Vanuatu this week, Commodore Bainimarama will not be there. Fiji has been suspended from the forum. And if he had his way, Australia and New Zealand would not be represented either.

"You are metropolitan powers. When you vote in the UN, you vote for different issues altogether," he said. "When you take us to go and talk about climate change, you're fighting on a different base, you're fighting for something else, not us."

Meanwhile Australia continues to urge Fiji to return to democracy and Commodore Bainimarama is not ruling out running for prime minister, come his promised elections in 2014.


Ceausescu solution said...

Ceausescu and bainimarama have a lot in common apart from both being cowardly dictators. Both believe the people wanted them and they only heard what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.
Even as the evil Ceausescus were being dragged out for the courageous Romanian military to bullet them his idiot wife still believed she was the mother of the nation! To this day the demise of this dictator is still by a free and democratic Romania.

Anonymous said...

The photo speaks volume of the man, he looks like a toad. What is a dictator? Good question. What do you call someone who took over a government by force?Stupid question? The toad does not trust the people. How on earth are the people supposed to trust him?

Australia and NZ are on the brink of economic collapse and are begging Fiji to engage them in talks and provide them with much needed aid. Nah the Toad said, there is no place for the stupid buggers.

Who needs who? Stupid question.
Isn't ruling by decree and curtailing freedom of speech dictatorial? Irrelevant question.

The only relevant issue in Viti is the perpetual rule of the Toad.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of asking this clown anything?

He has no expertise or even common sense on any of the issues Phillipa put to him.

He didn't explain anything at all. All he did was just prove how foolish he is.

Anonymous said...

The Commodore is right not to trust us, 'the people' and his view not to ask every Tom, Dick and Harry is consistent with the stance of a 'military man'. Now where are we going from here? Further downhill, that is certain. How can we tolerate to be represented by a baboon? Fiji has become the laughing stock of the region and while we seem to be rushing down the tube, the Cooks, Vauatu and Samoa see strong economic growth based on tourism. The balance in the region has shifted already and certainly not in Fiji's favor. Perhaps we should look for better governance and better leadership.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

And exactly WHO is he who makes these pronouncements?

This was no military man at all, but a mean-looking ex-naval troglodyte squatting in a space he has usurped via odious means.

If he was hoping to show rounded sides, any appeals to his manners/skills/benevolence were certainly shown up to be meretricious.

We saw the tired old catch phrases, exaggerations, lies and excuses being trotted out..... ("reforms"/"changes"/"abuse of power"/"saving Fiji").. etc...

Certainly what is loud and clear is that in his 4 years practicing as a dictator, artifice has become his asset.


What of our country, as it surfs its way to cultural genocide, bankcruptcy, economic, social and political isolation ?

No, he is not concerned about that. Indeed, one can see he is totally out of his depth there.

No, all he is concerned about is the boast that he has treated the the church and the chiefs with contumely and has silenced them;- and that it really really bothers him that the Fiji Times never addressed him as Prime Minister, and thats why HE is glad they are going.

And finally, did anyone else notice that whatever this man said to the photo jounalist was always panegyric to himself ?

Anonymous said...

Another Sharon Smith-Johns production.

Why the Australian media keeps throwing up these PR excercises never ceases too amaze?

When are they going too show his other (dark)side?
Could start with the CRW soldiers torturd and murdered in custody?
(obviously no mention of international warrants currently out for him).

No mention of course how he and his cronies are robbing the country blind? Or of the $180K back pay he paid himself - or how he pardoned his murderous brother in law?

One positive however that no amount of Smith-Johns spin could overcome was that he came across as the arrogant mean spirited no school dickhead he really is.

Anonymous said...

Excuse moi! Would you guys pls not compare the pig with a toad! Toads are actually clean creatures, have you seen how they'll take any opportunity to frolic in little pools of water? The pig, true to his dirty nature, likes to roll in mud!

Anonymous said...

He, voreqauri is all the definition of a pathological liar.....yeah he says it like a liar...that he doesn't trust the people, so what the fuck is he doing talking on behalf of the very people he doesn't trust.
How can the we the people of Fiji continue to believe this son of a pathological liar is beyond me.
Sa rauta me promote taki tu ga vakavanua na sonalevu qo baleta na nodrau veikilai o tamana kei comdr brown.....