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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gates harps on about Australia and and New Zealand being to blame for weak judiciary

The interim government's chief justice, Anthony Gates, is whingeing again about New Zealand and Australia hampering the junta's efforts to restore Fiji's judiciary to full strength.

Gates told those gathered at the launch of the Consumer Council report on the Small Claims Tribunal, in Suva yesterday, that the interference is unparalleled.

He said: "In the world, this assault on, and interference with, a neighbouring state's judiciary is unprecedented."

Gates was referring to vacancies within the judiciary after a report from the Consumer Council's The Small Claims Tribunal: An Effectiveness Study, criticised the vacancies of referees for the tribunal.

He says the same criticism could have been applied to the High Court and to the staffing of the High Court in Lautoka, in particular. 

Gates said despite the vacancies, Fiji had done well to restore staffing levels and would continue its efforts.

The judiciary was sacked in April last year by the regime when it abrogated the Constitution.  The abrogation followed the appeal court ruling that the military-led government of Voreqe Bainimarama was illegal.

Choosing to ignore the fact the decision to get rid of the  constitution was in itself illegal and unpopular with the people of Fiji, Gates yesterday said the process of restoring the Fiji Judiciary to full strength continues, despite Australia and New Zealand's interference in Fiji's internal affairs.
He said it will take time, but they will not let outside interference hinder the process.
Gate also acknowledged the support from AusAid and NZaid in various sectors of society but again played the victim by saying the aid should not have conditions attached to it if they are to be genuine in their efforts to assist Fiji.

Gates' has a warped sense of reality if he can't see why Fiji's neighbours refuse to endorse the military regime. He expects the rest of the world to turn a blind eye to the wrongs of the Bainimarama government, including the way it came to power and the way it cheated the people to maintain its control.

And, so like the rest of this self-appointed regime, Gates is miffed the rest of the world treats them as the thieves they are. He needs a new pair of glasses; the one's he's got now don't show him the world as it really is.-Original source for quotes The Fiji Times and Fiji Village.


Anonymous said...

It would be hilarious if it was not stupid. Aust & NZ are merely exercising their rights to rcognise or otherwise a biased and puppeteer judiciary. Interfering his ass.

Anonymous said...

Crawl into your hole gates - we're coming to get you!

Sairusi Nabogibogi said...

This gates guy should just really crawl back where he came from......vorecekes pants.

Anonymous said...

Ignore CJ ballerina twirling about in his gates-arena, refusing to acknowledge the results of his own mischief-making. He's oblivious to the fact that the whole world sees his LAMBASSA!!

Anonymous said...

As one prominent legal identity once put it. Gates and co are living a 'giant legal fiction'.