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Monday, August 9, 2010

Has Chaudhry lost faith in Resident Fiji Judges?

Chaudhry wants new judge to preside over case

Fijivillage News: 06/08/2010 [16:50]

Former Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry appeared in the Suva High Court this morning charged with 12 counts of alleged money laundering, tax evasion and not declaring foreign currency.

DPP lawyer Aca Rayawa informed High Court Judge Justice Daniel Gounder that Chaudhry's lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry had filed an application of recusal for the case to be presided by a non-resident judge.

Judge Gounder asked Rayawa how long it will take for him to reply, Rayawa stated that they needed one week to reply to the application.

The case has been adjourned to the 20th August where Judge Gounder will hear the application before making a decision.

It is alleged that Chaudhry between 1st November 2000 to 23rd July this year failed to follow procedures when investing in certain institutions overseas, also not declaring that he had Australian currency with him and also allegedly giving false statement in his tax return forms.

The amount alleged in the case is $1.5 million Australian.-Tokasa Rainima and Ana Naisoro


Anonymous said...

I think he should be given a military judge. Ana Rokomokuta could do nicely.

Joe said...

Is it easier to bribe foreign judges from the stash of cash overseas? MC should contact Ballu to get ideas on ways to avoid prosecution by way of a permanent stay on law suits.

Anonymous said...

Oh so now he, mr choro wants a overseas judge to preside over his case.....hmmmmmm, so whats the problem with the local judges.....now you are sounding like your ex wife who doesn't trust the people. Hahahaha LOL boy that saying...one day mafatu has finally caught up with you huh, I hope this idiot rots in jail along with his ex wife who is going to join him later.......the one and only IDIOT PM EVER TO SURFACE IN THE PACIFIC......MORESO IN FIJI.

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