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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Khaiyum's crony John Prasad plans to flee to NZ after milking Fiji's economy

More cracks are appearing within the ranks of the illegal regime - John Prasad is now no longer the Permanent Secretary of Finance. 
He was replaced today by David Kolitagane, with a statement from the junta saying the appointment takes place "immediately" and that Prasad "reverts" back to his previous position as Consultant Special Projects.

Coupfourpointfive has been reliably informed, though, that Prasad, a former Rew Dairy technician turned bogus financial expert, is now planning to flee back to New Zealand as the Miliatry Council closes in on the illegal Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and his corrupt deals running into millions.

Thanks to his buddy Khaiyum who had earlier made him chair of the Fiji Water Authority and the Fiji Development Bank, Prasad raked in thousands in consultancy dollars.
Those around Khaiyum are also being pencilled in to be taken to the Queen Elizabeth army barracks for questioning. Those Indo-Fijians holding New Zealand and Australian passports are now packing their bags and fleeing Fiji - the country they claimed they had come back to help save with the military dictator.
John Prasad is the first of many who are booking plane tickets back to their adopted countries, leaving Khaiyum to book a ticket to Naboro!


The Maxi said...

Yeah the cracks are certainly appearing...how long can they keep up with the patch work is anyone's guess.

I guess The Max will state that...No Way the Council of Morons are on top the game plan.

mark manning said...

I challenge anyone in the Regime or military council to have the balls and stop these criminals leaving Fiji.
If they can do it for honest reporters and other Fijian citizens, then there is absolutely no reason why they can't do it for these buggers.

Crush the junta said...

It is all about to collapse like a pack of cards. They are either running or finding holes to hidse in.
The Ceasuscu solution is the answer, isn't it Mary?

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

I agree with the "see the suspicious cue" up to fall solution.
What is going to happen now with the costly criminal and media decrees??? Certainly, not going to protect ASK nor his greedy goons.
ASK and his networks have created more instability to our beloved nation Fiji and her peoples.
Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni, legally elected SDL member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

kaicolo said...

Behold my poor people! the third wave of democratisation is upon you! praise be the Lord, Alleluia

kaicolo said...

What an apt name..Kolitagane! se Koliyalewa!its all unsalvageable without Democracy! the whole country has gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Military especially the Military Council and the high ranking officers are a bunch of dickheads.

Khaiyum, John Prasad and countless others including Voreqe have filled their pockets with millions while the dickheads have had a few dollars increases in ration, training and field allowances.

Khaiyum is running Fiji and the Military Council & Voreqe are the thickheads who follow all his orders.

You must give it to Khaiyum for getting a once proud and powerful Military to bow down to him and obey all his orders - Revenge for 1987.

Anonymous said...

Can the military put all these sacked foreigners on stop departure? the must account for the corrupt dealings first and spend some time in naboro before allowe out of fiji.

The Max said...

@ coup 4.5 and all anti-Fiji propagandist on this blog

Keep dreaming guys. The only crack appearing is that your motives are too transparent and lacks credibility.

Changes happen all the time in any government in order that it is run well.

The Maxi said...

There goes The Max, right on cue. I was waiting for it...man this guy is a royal idiot.

The government is not running well, its breaking up and dragging the whole country down.

NadroKid said...

The Max!

You sound very much like Saddam's information minister. He was denying that the Americans had arrived in Baghdad while you could hear tank rounds and firefights in the background. Please learn from his experience and stop defending lying, corrupt, illegal and lawless idiots.

Da Maxi said...

There goes The Max: gusu busi, you keep harping about the same thing. Ulu lala, got noting else to say rather defending morons like you.

Anonymous said...

@ max 9;02......baku sese levu macawa. Tamata sega ni o lomana na kai nomu. De o kubuti aicici sayedsona kainomuyum. Sa rui levu na mataboko, kulina.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

@ the max, what is so anti fiji about coup 4.5....when all he does is print out the facts of what is actually being swept under the carpet. E mosi vei iko ni tukuni se tabaki na dina......gonei sa vinaka saraga mo lai saint giles for a check up. Goodness after all that has been in print and proved otherwise you still come out here and say all this nonsense about c4.5 as anti fiji.
I think that what you are trying to say is for c 4.5 not to stir the pot or your name will also come up as one of those who have been on the take....aha, I see where you're coming from.....so prove c4.5 otherwise and say so huh.

Anonymous said...

military council take notes - don't let John Prasad escape Fiji now! now they get axed they want to jump ship let alone country - let them stay in Fiji and suffer the consequences of ripping our country off - JP you bloody bogus con artist - you live by the sword you will die by the sword!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian PM Out Of Tune
Frank is in the US trying to sign an exclusive deal with Gibson Guitars. Frank may not of been aware that Gibson Guitars have been recently raided by Federal Agents for supposingly importing "illegal" timber.
The Lacey Act banns commerce in illegal timber and Frank being the illegal PM may cause Gibson to get into further hot water with the Feds.
So it will be interesting to hear Franks explanation when he returns with his tail between his legs