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Monday, August 23, 2010

Khaiyum's thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: Bainimarama’s impotent military prolonged plight of George Speight’s hostages in the 2000 coup for 56 days

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is the golden boy of Frank Bainimarama, the robotic, punch drunk and possibly deranged self-styled military strongman ... a coward whose bodyguards claim he not only hid from Speight’s rebel soldiers in a cassava patch but seized with fear, had wet himself from the live bullets whizzing around him at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Wrapped in a women’s sarong and a wig, Bainimarama was smuggled out of the barracks and rushed to the Suva hospital with a 'pulsating heart beat'. He later claimed he'd gone to visit his ‘loyal soldiers’.

On the other side of the world, a barely unknown and insignificant Indo-Fijian of any repute, overfed on Chinese noodles, was trying to make ‘chop suey’ of the Fiji military, and indirectly, its commander, Voreqe Bainimarama, in his Master of Art thesis at the University of Hong Kong.

In the thesis that would later impress Bainimarama, Khaiyum wrote as follows: “Mahendra Chaudhry’s reign as Prime Minister lasted only a year. He and members of his Cabinet were taken hostage by a George Speight and seven armed ‘gunmen’ on 19 May 2000. One would have thought given the few number of kidnappers, a rescue of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in particular by the Fiji Military Forces, which prides itself in its military prowess, was relatively easy task.

"However, this was not to be. The ineptitude, inertia and reluctance displayed by the military and other law enforcement in the first weeks of the crisis allowed the kidnappers a free hand in mustering support at the parliamentary grounds, for their ‘cause’, holding the Prime Minister in captivity for 56 days. The cause apparently was the re-assertion of indigenous Fijian paramountcy vis a vis indigenous rights.”

Khaiyum continued: “While the maneuverings and clientalism of the establishment clique is intriguing, invariably epitomizing machiavellanism and at best of times moral impairment – illustrating the nuances of the real politik, Fijian style – the fact remains the mantra of indigenous Fijian paramountcy and the necessity of maintaining the ‘sanctity’ of separate indigenous Fijian administration were, and to continue to be, very potent ideas demonstrating different notions of group and citizen loyalty and identity."

As we have seen previously, he suggested everything Fijian should be smashed with his so-called Sunset Clause, especially in regard to cultural autonomy, and that everyone should be called Fijian.

For years he also, privately, maintained that the present commander of the land forces, Pita Driti, should have been transported to Nukulau Island, along with George Speight, because he suspected Driti colluded with Speight’s gunmen.

In order to fulfil his long cherished dream of putting into practice the contents of his 20,000 word thesis, Khaiyum had to win over Bainimarama, who of course had his own agenda against the SDL government and the Fijian chiefs.

Now, both are making ‘chop suey’ of the i-taukei race by cutting private deals with the Chinese, with the Military Council looking again as it did in 2000, impotent bystanders.

Power, the Chinese leader Mao, once stated, flows from the barrel of a gun. Driti (Hallelujah!) still has the guns to redeem himself and save the i-taukei race from Bainimarama and Khaiyum, the self-appointed baron robbers of the nation.
The Mara-Ganilau dynasty, of course, have provided them with the shield to reduce and ruin Fiji and its original owners, the i-taukei Fijians.

Another who has steered Fiji to the road of ruin is Brigadier Mohammed Aziz, who is merely feeding on the back of Kaiyum and Bainimarama until a new election is called, and who will leave the military to run a private hospital with his wife. By then, the i-taukei would have been confined to their sick beds, with no one to turn to, with the Chinese long gone.

The sun would have finally sat on the i-taukei race, with the originator of the ‘Sunset Clause’, presumably heading back to Hong Kong to cook up another dodgy thesis. That's unless he is sent to prison, as widely expected, by Pita Driti.

But before that happens, we need to be told how many millions Khaiyum has signed off for his Hong Kong legislators and Kiwi lawyers to draft the military decrees, not to mention the anti-i-Taukei one. 

Like the Biblical Peter, Pita Driti must also not continue to surround himself with the enemies of the Fijian race. History will otherwise judge him harshly, not to mention the ancestral spirits and the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Interesting way to put things!!

Anonymous said...

This means the so called clean up will eventually become very dirty even dirtier then before by the new beginning!!!

Sa lutu na sucu.

The Max said...

It's all too obvious this campaign to get rid of Mr Khaiyum as AG of Fiji. This is the same strategy the Australia government did to get rid of Julian Moti as AG of the Solomon Islands.

The motive is clear and the strategy is the same - destroy the character of the man with the brain in order to create discord and distrust amongst the rulers.

I'm sorry this strategy won't work this time because your motive can be flipped inside out by those who holds the power in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11.33 Sa sucu na lutu lol

Coup 4.5 said...

The Max: No need to send several copies of the same comments. They have all arrived and I have printed two of them. PS Mr Khaiyum is a big boy and can look after himself.-C4 Ed

Coup 4.5 said...

The Max: Take a chill pill - your longer comment is approved on the item you posted it on - Restless natives and elephants etc etc.-C4ed

Navosavakadua said...

Sayed-Khaiyum is correct when he claims that the RFMF could have easily put an end to the Speight coup. The real question is why didn't they take concerted action?

There are two possibilities. One is that they were led by a row boat captain who'd never held a real military operational command position in his life. That's a very plausible reason.

The other possibility is that Bainimarama was involved from the outset. He knew that the coup was supposed to be led by the military man heading the police, Isikia Savua, but he was going to be out of town (in Norway) to ensure that his name wouldn't be linked to the conspiracy. Savua failed to show up to claim leadership and his police force was as leaderless as the military. Savua has never been targeted by Bainimarama for his role. Instead, Bainimarama wanted to give him a place in his regime but was prevented from doing it by fear of a backlash from victims of the Speight coup.

The Max said...

@ Navosavakadua

I don't understand how after all these years when things have been said and done, you are still so uninformed. You are wrong on all assumptions. How I know? Read on.

You have to pay attention to developments and events happening leading up to election 1999. Those events have a direct link to the 2000 coup. I'll give you some key directions.

First developments was the promulgation of the 1997 Constitution spearheaded by the very person who conducted coup 1987 based on an ideology of indigenous Fijian supremacy. The 1997 Constitution was something like a sellout to that very ideology. To prove this, right after it was promulgated, some members of the SVT party and other extreme indigenous party started a campaign of fear by distorting parts of the 1997 Constitution.

Second development was Rt Epeli Ganilau nominating Bainimarama to be the next Commander RFMF. There was some animosity by some senior military officers about this and they were backed by those extremist politicians. Bainimarama was an outsider to these politicians and they couldn't get to trust him to support their plan to destabilise the country should FLP win the next election. So there was a campaign to undermine Bainimarama's leadership long before the events of coup 2000.

Third was FLP emerging as still a potent political force likely to win election 1999. This was the reason why all of a sudden, extremist politicians and individuals became prominent in the news leading up to election 1999 and afterwards.

A combination of these factors I have highlighted above led to the instabilities of 1999 and the ensuing coup 2000.

Who was supposed to lead coup 2000? This was already revealed by many people. Savenaca Draunidalo was waiting at Holiday Inn when the marches were happening. He was the person Speight was calling from Parliament and when he didn't turn up, Speight himself became the leader of that coup.

The difficulty Bainimarama had in neutralising the situation at hand was being compounded by the fact that some of the senior military officers who helped engineer the instability were part of the military council at that time. They had inside information of everything that was developing in Parliament and the plans of the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, the Max has spoken and he is speaking from the inner temple.

On the first count: Yes the Constitution was a complete turn around from the sentiments that catpulted Rambo into the limelight. But after years at the helm, it finaly dawned on him that the position was untenable. But the party was spoiled by Chaudary who labelled Reddy as selling out the Indians. The result is history-the NFP failed to secure a single seat. It was the Indian people and not the Fijians who decided the outcome of that election.

Count two: When Epeli Ganilau recommended Voreqe, it had nothing to do with the politicians. It was merely and outgoing incompetant commander looking after his friend. They are the same, limited education, no proven operational quality and did not deserve the rank/post they held. Naturally the senior, more experienced, educated and capable officers felt hard done by. Some left and others were kicked out because Vore himself could not dominate them with his idea of taking over the reigns of government (see Col Tuatoko's statement) While this was happening the two Epeli's who were unemployed began rallying behind Vore. Vore on his part campaigned for Ganilau's party using the military-unprecedented in the annals of western democracy. The two Epelis were after all with Vore when they advised Mara to step down as President. They are now reaping the rewards of their support, in particular Ganilau for recommending Vore to be Commander.

Who benefitted from the 2000 coup? Remember it was Vore himself who asked Qarase to be PM. The same old parasites however emerged and continued to enjoy the perks of power. Vore however knew his time was up, both as commander and as a free man because he was about to be charged. Bingo the coup of 2006 and guess who emerged, the same old parasites jumping on Vore's bandwagon. The only difference this time is that the coup was a personal agenda to save his own sorry ass.

The rest I leave it to the Max, for whoever was supposed to lead the 2000 coup is now water under the so called bridge.

Adios Max

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, more nonsense from the persecuted-who have become-persecutors! Another piece of the same cloth.

The Max said...

@ Anonymous August 24, 2010 11:28 PM

Another uninformed bitter person. Every time I come around to read what's going on, I see these uninformed people making wild guesses and innuendos about all and sundry.

What I have been writing here have all been said, printed, etc, etc in the media and elsewhere.

The reason why Mr Bainimarama was nominated to become the next Commander has been explained before by Rt Epeli sometime ago during an interview on FijiTV.

It was felt that during the years after coup 1987, most of the top military officers were entangled in the web of indigenous extremism brought about by that coup. For example, the group that Rabuka used to storm parliament had some officers who later became highly ranked after Rt Epeli Nailatikau and Jim Sanday were removed from their positions by Rabuka.

When Rt Epeli took over the reign as Commander RFMF, he tried to disengage these officers from the claws of corrupt extremist politicians who were clearly playing the race card to mask their real motives. But he couldn't do this so the only option was to bring in an outsider, someone who was not part of the clique of military officers giving unspoken support to the extremist elements lurking in the public arena. Bainimarama was the best candidate as he was not tainted by the corrupt network going around creating an atmosphere of fear mongering amongst the various ethnic groups in Fiji.

Sensing that Bainimarama was going to become the next Commander, the corrupt network started a campaign to undermine both Rt Epeli and Bainimarama's capabilities and qualifications for the position. Some people were just plain jealous. I remember clearly this campaign being waged in the media and around the tanoa in various indigenous communities around the country.

Moving on to coup 2000 and the subsequent selection of Qarase as interim PM, Bainimarama and Dr Jona Senilagakali both talked about it. Dr Jona suggested Qarase's name to Bainimarama. While he was a bit reluctant at first, Bainimarama agreed on the condition that Qarase begin the process of bringing Fiji out of the doldrums of racial extremism that the corrupt politicians used to destabilise the country leading to the removal of the FLP from power.

BTW, nothing I mentioned here was not told or revealed before. People just need to follow the news through the years to know what's happening, why certain decisions were made, etc, etc. The problem we have with these anti-Bainimarama group is that they lack information. All their anti stance are based on a lack of information and some just plain stupid bitterness and hatred.

I'm not in the military but have been following the political developments in Fiji ever since I became politically conscious after coup 1987. If people had paid attention to events, they wouldn't be so uninformed like we have today.

Anonymous said...

Max I don't need to follow the news I was there.

Epeli Ganilau was appointed against the recommended nominee.

In turn Epeli was able to push Vore's nomination through because the appointing authority was the same. Mara who recommended Epeli against the nominee Konrote to Ganilau Snr to confirm his son. In Vore's case it was easy because Epeli's dad in law was in the white castle.

When Knorote went to command unfil he was selected ahead of Epeli. UNFIL looked at both their cv and the best man was appointed.

A lot of the news you refer to are selective release of information...spin doctors if you will.

Nailatukau for example after retiring as a civil servant lived in government quarters when his wife a Principla Admin Officer was not entitled to quarters. Why? Coz dad was in the castle. They remained in the quarters until they became parlimentarians one elected (Koila) one by lolomas to be speaker.

There is more than meets the eye and Max be asured I am not bitter but sad for the people of Fiji. Misinformed duh in your dreams.

Anonymous said...

Follow the news? How naive to believe every piece of infor on the news as gospel and stand on it as the truth. How ignorant still are Fijians today if this is the calibre of intellect you claim to have.