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Friday, August 20, 2010

Kubuabola tries to butter up the Aussies and the Bharanians

The interim government is continuing to do the big suck-up to stay in with the international community.

The Herald Sun is reporting that the junta has praised a pledge by Australia's Opposition that, if elected, it would open negotiations with Frank Bainimarama.

The papers says that at last week's foreign policy debate in Canberra, Coalition Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Julie Bishop, promised to open negotiations with Bainimarama for electoral reform as a way of easing tensions between Australia and Fiji.

Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuaboa is reported as saying  this was a "positive indicator" and that Fiji wants to engage with nations interested in backing its  reforms in the lead up to elections there in 2014.

"Fiji has been sincere, transparent and open about what it has set out to achieve in its roadmap to return to parliamentary democracy and we are fully determined to see this through."

Kubuabola has been equally busy in the Arab states.

He revealed today the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf has agreed to establish formal diplomatic relations with Fiji.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says Kubuabola has received formal communication from Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Peter Thomson, of Bahrain’s wishes to formalize formal recognitions with Fiji.

FBC quotes Kubuabola as saying it is a significant exhibition of trust and respect between the two countries to acknowledge and enhance bilateral relations.
Elenoa Osborne's story says the signing of the Joint Communiqué will be held at the margins of the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September.


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